• Hohokum: New Trailer, Out 8/12 on PS4, PS3, Vita

    Published at PlayStation.Blog

    Hello! Well, we have finished making Hohokum. I still can’t quite believe it. I feel tired and emotional. In a good way though. Working on Hohokum has been fun right up until the end, and we are very happy with the finished game. I hope you will be too. Hohokum will be re...

  • Eden Industries on how Atlus helped save Citizens of Earth

    Published at Nintendo Everything

    If Atlus hadn’t stepped in to help out with Citizens of Earth, the game probably wouldn’t have seen the day of light. Originally, Eden Industries hoped to fund its title through Kickstarter. But after the campaign failed to meet its goal, Atlus assisted the studio with fundin...

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  • Agnes Returns For Bravely Second

    Published at My Nintendo News

    New Bravely Second scan, looks like Agnès is back. (via @Cheesemeister3k @kazu4821) http://t.co/iITLCISBI4— Lite Agent (@lite_agent) July 23, 2014 Square Enix has confirmed in Japanese publication Jump that Agnes Oblige will be making a trium...

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  • NHL 15 flaunts its alliteration with the Superstar Skill Stick

    Published at destructoid

    Slapshots from the point, cheeky tip-ins, and wristers through traffic are all perfectly fine, but when you play an NHL game, you want to embarrass your opponent. You want them going to get their jock out of the rafters while you plug your ears with your Stanley Cup rings....

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  • Skullgirls Encore On Its Way To PS4 and PS Vita

    Just when you thought 2D fighters were so yesterday, more and more quality ones keep popping up. One that recently burst on the scene was Skullgirls and it was announced that the indie game will be redone for PS4 and PS Vita brawl-lovers! Instantly loved by die hard fight...

    Gaming Precision - EnCore -
  • The Awesome Weapons of Destiny

    The world of Destiny is a dangerous one, full of numerous races and species that want you super-dead. Luckily, it’s also full of badass guns that allow you to shoot up every alien that picks a fight. Check out the weapon classes and the awesome guns that you can use in Destin...

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