• Frozen Endzone Updated, Renamed ‘Frozen Cortex’

      Mode7′s sports based strategy game gets and update and a rebranding. An update has been released today for Mode7′s forthcoming turn-based strategy game, Frozen Endzone. Arguably the biggest change is that the game has been rebranded as ‘Frozen Cortex’. The reasons were, according to the developers: - “1.) The original name was a bit rubbish and we got bored of it 2.

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    • E3 2014: No Final Fantasy XV At E3

      I’m sure I’m not the only person out there more than a little disappointed that Shinji Hashimoto announced this week that Square Enix will not be making any FFXV announcements. Awesome battle scenes are promised in the latest of the Final Fantasy Franchise. Nine years in the making and a year since its original release announcement, and yet no release date, why? Is it that the g ...

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    • Faulty Ad Reveals The Last Of Us: Remastered’s True Release Date?

      An Ad posted on the Eurogamer site is said to reveal the true release date of TLOU:Remastered. The ad has now in fact been removed. Now normally you will get people screaming it’s fake!! But considering the release date has been shrouded in mystery, could this in fact be a marketing cock up, releasing prime info before it’s announced during SONY’s E3 conference.

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    7STRING is an on-going series of graphic novels created by comic book artist and illustrator Nich Angell. 7STRING brings readers an action packed and colourful all-ages adventure; along with characters and designs that are modern, unique, fresh, funky, and are street art inspired.When a terrible tragedy befalls the hero Zach, he heads out with his guitar sword into a world of music for revenge.

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  • Video game worlds and the people who (want to) live in them

    So this week we at BG were throwing around the notion of actually living in the worlds and universes in some of our favorite games and what that might be like. As with most things, we figured we’d share with you, our loyal readers. The Mushroom Kingdom might be a nice place to live, just watch out for Koopas. Video game worlds aren’t the most… practical of places.

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  • Toys R Us kicks off Holiday shopping with Amiibo, game, and Xbox One deals

    If you’re looking to stock up on some Amiibo, Nintendo’s new figure series, then you might want to check out the world’s biggest toy store. TRU is also offering deals on the Xbox One and their full stock of Nintendo games this weekend. Kicking things off, Toys R Us is offering a few pretty solid deals on the toys-to-life figures today and through the weekend.

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  • Sierra adds some bonus content to Geometry Wars 3

    Depending on whether or not you pre-order the game, and what system you get it one, you’re in for some extra levels for Sierra’s Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. So everyone who’s buying a copy of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, which should be the majority of you out there, is going to get something on the house and courtesy of publisher Sierra (which is a name that still feels strange to type out).

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  • Toys R Us unveils first exclusive Amiibo with Lucario

    The Pokemon Lucario is the first Nintendo Amiibo exclusive to Toys R Us stores. First appearing in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, as well as making appearances in Black and White, and X and Y, Lucario has become a fan favorite character in the long running series from Nintendo. Now he’s a fighter in Super Smash Bros as well and set to make an ...

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  • Worlds are colliding! It’s the Persona Q launch trailer

    Atlus’ introduction of the Persona franchise to Nintendo 3DS audiences is almost upon us. Arriving this coming week on the Nintendo 3DS, Persona Q is the first game on the series to land on Nintendo’s portable. It’s also bringing a pair of pretty nice editions along with it that should make fans ...

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  • Dark Horse Presents hits issue #200

    Dark Horse Comics’ anthology series is about to smash through the 200 issue plateau, not something that you see everyday in the current marketplace. With Marvel and DC starting and ending books on a yearly basis, it sure feels like the 200 issue plus runs of comics are int he past. There are very few high-numbered books left around after all, but Dark Horse is very happy to ...

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  • Divinity: Original Sin arrives on the Mac App store

    One of the biggest RPG’s the year and the next title in the Divinity series is finally here for Mac owners. Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin has been available on the PC for a while now, and has been on the receiving end of quiet a bit of positivity. So if you’re an old schools cRPG fan, who’s into a good turn-based battle or two, this is where you want to be looking.

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    Cookbooks have a collection of yummy recipes that can be made and shared with loved ones. With colourful modernized archie- style visuals, and fun characters, Elisabeth Brizzi brings us a new and exciting way to experience the joy of cooking in her book The Art Of Cooking: With Michelle, Chloe, and Mia. It is a cookbook and comic book all in one, containing 30 recipes.

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  • PS4 open beta announced for Ubisoft’s The Crew

    The Crew’s open world racing comes to the PS4 with an open beta. Not all that far away from hitting at retail and download services, Ubisoft’s racing epic The Crew is set to start the engine on an open beta exclusively for PS4 gamers. The beta allows for exploration of the entire in-game US map, including challenges in two of those five, the Midwest and the East Coast.

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