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  • Spend 20 mins raiding hell in new Hellraid Twitch feature

    Techland’s Hellraid has undergone some changes since you’ve seen it last. Most notably, it’s now running in the same engine that powers the developer’s Dying Light- Chrome Engine 6. If you’re an old-school Hexen/Heretic fan, there’s not too much there to dislike. Melee combat looks excellent with plenty of opportunities to parry and dodge, and tons of weapons to find and use.

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  • DST brings Plants vs Zombies Minimates and more to shelves this week

    A plethora of cool stuff hit comic and specialty stores this past week from Diamond Select, including the first round of those awesome-looking Plants vs Zombies Minimates. My picks of the week, and some of the coolest Minimates that the company has ever produced -bar none- are the PvZ ‘Mates, but they’re far from all that landed in stores this week from DST.

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  • Vertical Drop Heroes HD (PC) Review

    Vertical Drop Heroes HD (PC) Review Grind and die and grind and die and repeat. There are plenty of roguelikes around these days, and they are certainly popular. There’s also a lot of flash games that have been revamped and polished.

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  • DLC to bring 6 months of new content to Alien: Isolation

    Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation isn’t just one of the scariest-looking games you’re likely to find this Autumn, but it’s a spook-fest that’s set to last a good long time too with the just announced slate of DLC. So there’s a good deal of challenge to be had here then, well past the story missions.

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  • Assassin’s Creed: Unity gets co-operative in new trailer

    All for one and one for all. Plenty to like there if you’re an AC fan. And if you’re not a follower of Ubisoft’s (arguably) marquee series, or a lapsed one, there’s plenty to perhaps turn your skeptical eye back to the stage of history for another go at the Assassin/Templar war.

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  • Final Fantasy XV Demo To Be Released

    Game Informer have since removed there post, but revealed news that along side the Final Fantasy Type-O HD, a demo of Final Fantasy XV will be free to download. According to Game Informer’s post, which has since been pulled, Square Enix has named the demo Episode Duscae ...

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  • Glengarry Glen Ross (DVD) Review

    Glengarry Glen Ross (DVD) Review From 1992 we take a look at one of the greatest drama films of the era and play spot the star. In the world of real estate in Chicago if you’re not a closer your nothing. Taking place over just one day split in two parts we start the story one rainy night in the city.

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  • Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Book) Review

    Hoard of the Dragon Queen is the newly released adventure for the Tyranny of Dragons story arc, one of two that will be released. Featuring an action packed adventure for your play group, it’s a great way to introduce new players to the game – and a nice time saver for Dungeon Masters of all levels.

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  • Surprise- iPhone 6 breaks records for pre-orders

    Apple’s latest handset(s) has once again broken all pre-order records for the company. Chances are, that if you missed the initial 3am eastern time ordering window for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’re not getting one till October or November at the earliest. I ordered one at about 6 in the morning to replace my aging iPhone 5 and won’t see my new phone till October, so I know of what I speak here.

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