• Frozen Endzone Updated, Renamed ‘Frozen Cortex’

      Mode7′s sports based strategy game gets and update and a rebranding. An update has been released today for Mode7′s forthcoming turn-based strategy game, Frozen Endzone. Arguably the biggest change is that the game has been rebranded as ‘Frozen Cortex’. The reasons were, according to the developers: - “1.) The original name was a bit rubbish and we got bored of it 2.

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    • E3 2014: No Final Fantasy XV At E3

      I’m sure I’m not the only person out there more than a little disappointed that Shinji Hashimoto announced this week that Square Enix will not be making any FFXV announcements. Awesome battle scenes are promised in the latest of the Final Fantasy Franchise. Nine years in the making and a year since its original release announcement, and yet no release date, why? Is it that the g ...

      Kiri Leatherland/ Brutal Gamer- 1 readers -
    • Faulty Ad Reveals The Last Of Us: Remastered’s True Release Date?

      An Ad posted on the Eurogamer site is said to reveal the true release date of TLOU:Remastered. The ad has now in fact been removed. Now normally you will get people screaming it’s fake!! But considering the release date has been shrouded in mystery, could this in fact be a marketing cock up, releasing prime info before it’s announced during SONY’s E3 conference.

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  • Play a little Dying Light before you can play Dying Light

    The newest trailer for Techland’s Dying Light is more than a video, it’s an interactive experience that’s actually really neat and should give you a good taste of what’s to come. So what choices did you make? Did you save the survivor? Investigate the red smoke? Tackle the mob, or take to the rooftops? I made it all the way through on my first try and did a bunch of really c ...

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  • Meet Ciri, the second playable character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    CD Project Red intro’s a second playable character for it’s upcoming 2015 blockbuster, the other being Geralt of course. You knew that right? Ciri is not only a playable character in The Witcher 3, but she’s also a pretty darn neat one. Chased by the Wild Hunt, who are the title baddies, Ciri is also on the run from the Empire of Nilfgaard and is a decedent of the long-lost ...

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  • See more on the story and get a behind the scenes look at Grey Goo

    Petroglyph’s new RTS Grey Goo is shaping up to be suitably epic. In the first Grey Goo video shared by the developers at Petroglyph this week, we finally get a better look at one of the narratives that’ll be running through the campaign mode. As you might know already, there will be three playable factions in the final version of the real-time strategy title, so this is just ...

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  • The Final Walk Into Middle Earth. The Brutal Gamer Verdict.

    “Join Bilbo and his Company as they regain the Lonely Mountain From. Doing this Triggers a deadly force, which threatens to destroy Middle Earth” The movie opens following the events of Desolation of Smaug, with Smaug Laying waste to Lake town and its residents. This scene plays out well and you truly get to feel the plight of the lake town residents and the utter devastati ...

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  • Exclusive Pulp Fiction Minimate set hitting Hastings stores now

    DST has a special four-pack of Pulp Fiction Minimates in Hastings stows and on the shop’s website that should make film fans hungry to pick one up. Aside from being an exclusive Pulp Fiction collectible, the set is devoted to the classic scene in the movie that pit hitmen Jules and Vince (Samuel L.

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  • NetherRealm grappling with WWE mobile game

    A wrestling game from the fight-masters who preside over the Mortal Kombat franchise? Now that could be interesting. Don’t look for in-depth anything on this one yet, as there really are no details, but NetherRealm is indeed working on a game that will take advantage of the WWE universe, called WWE Immortals, for iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Marvel’s Secret Wars Activity Book reemerges in 2015

    Not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary story… Marvel’s Secret Wars Activity Book is returning in 2015 for all the sticker collecting, connect-the-dotting fun you remember from the 80s version. And basically, that’s because it’s a collection of the same books that saw release in the 1980s to coincide with the original Secret Wars crossover, which was itself basically a way to sell toys.

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  • Steam loses some hatred, game pulled by Valve

    The game that lets players off regular everyday folks gets the yank from Steam’s severs by Valve. You may not have heard a ton about developer Destructive Creations’ Hatred, and there’s a reason. The game is controversial to be sure, very controversial, and it’s all because the game allows you to basically go on an insane rampage, killing those that you normally would be cas ...

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  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series (Xbox One Review)

    Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series (Xbox One Review) Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode One starts strong at the Red Wedding, but falls a little flat. Before I begin I would like to say that saying I had high expectations for TTGOT (as I am going to call it for the rest of the review because I can) would be a vast understatement.

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  • Brutal Gamer’s Holiday Season Gift Guide- 2014 edition

    Ho, ho, ho! It’s time to give (and get) the very best once again and we’ve got a full selection of the greatest games, toys, books and more for you to tear into on whatever day of giving you and yours celebrate around December time. Giving gifts can be a little tricky sometimes. Sure you want to give something that’s awesome and your ‘target’ is going to love once the wrappin ...

    Brutal Gamer- 3 readers -
  • Is the Wii U in higher demand than the PS4 this Holiday?

    We already know that the Xbox One is doing quite well for itself this Holiday Season, but it actually looks like the Nintendo Wii U is putting up Holiday as well. According to BuyVia, a website and app that in-store and online shopping across “multiple platforms”, the Wii U is indeed outpacing the PS4 in terms of what buyers are shopping for this Holiday Season.

    Brutal Gamer- 2 readers -
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