• Frozen Endzone Updated, Renamed ‘Frozen Cortex’

      Mode7′s sports based strategy game gets and update and a rebranding. An update has been released today for Mode7′s forthcoming turn-based strategy game, Frozen Endzone. Arguably the biggest change is that the game has been rebranded as ‘Frozen Cortex’. The reasons were, according to the developers: - “1.) The original name was a bit rubbish and we got bored of it 2.

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    • E3 2014: No Final Fantasy XV At E3

      I’m sure I’m not the only person out there more than a little disappointed that Shinji Hashimoto announced this week that Square Enix will not be making any FFXV announcements. Awesome battle scenes are promised in the latest of the Final Fantasy Franchise. Nine years in the making and a year since its original release announcement, and yet no release date, why? Is it that the g ...

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    • Faulty Ad Reveals The Last Of Us: Remastered’s True Release Date?

      An Ad posted on the Eurogamer site is said to reveal the true release date of TLOU:Remastered. The ad has now in fact been removed. Now normally you will get people screaming it’s fake!! But considering the release date has been shrouded in mystery, could this in fact be a marketing cock up, releasing prime info before it’s announced during SONY’s E3 conference.

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  • Godzilla Millennium Series Boxset (DVD) Review

    Godzilla Millennium Series Boxset (DVD) Review © Toho Co., Ltd. Almost a month of viewing and it’s finally here. A history of almost 30 (real) films comes to a close with the Millennium Series boxset so where better to use as a starting point for the first of our four days of Godzilla special. Godzilla doesn’t really need an introduction but here’s all you need to know.

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    English Novelist Jane Austen captured the hearts of audiences with her well known novel Pride and Prejudice. The success of the novel led to many television and movie adaptations over the years, but there is another adaptation on the horizon, and it came from the heart of Erika Svanoe. Erika Svanoe is a musician, band conductor, and composer, and only started designing games ...

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    THE STORY SO FAR…. Ten years ago, a civil war tore apart the nation of Gataela. Even now the victims have yet to fully recover, and as the reconstruction of the country draws to a close the poor continue to rise in number. Zack, an orphan of the war, lives in a major trading city near the country’s border. Although in the same situation, he tries to help the victims as much as possible.

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  • More Ultron coming in 2015 to Marvel Comics

    Is there such a thing as ‘too much Ultron’? We’re gonna find out. Not only is there a major motion picture, not only is there an original graphic novel, not only does he (it?) figure into Secret Wars, but Ultron is getting another starring turn in Avengers: Ultron Forever in 2015. The book will actually be a series of three releases and brings together Avengers from the past ...

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  • Mezco Toyz unveils the first two figures in their Mortal Kombat X toy line

    Mortal Kombat is back in the toy aisles and looking pretty fantastic thanks to Mezco. Mezco is working up a pretty fantastic little catalog of licenses and lines, and Mortal Kombat might be the crown jewel. MK, of course, is not exactly new to the realm of action figures and has appeared in plastic multiple times in the 90s and 2000′s.

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  • Steam’s Fall Sale is live and ready to raid your wallet

    Get ready to spend PC/Mac gamers, Steam’s Expedition Sale is open for business. Always a big moment for PC and Mac gamers of every stripe, the Steam sales that take place over the course of the calendar year are like oasis’ of money saving joy. And yet, they’re also a double-edged sword of sorts since most gamers have a hard Drive full of games form these sales that they’ve ...

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  • December Xbox Live Games with Gold announced

    Get ready for exploding sheep, mysterious thieves and awesome tricks. Major Nelson has released details on December’s Xbox Live Games with Gold program. Xbox One owners will receive Worms Battleground. This title will be available on December 1. Xbox 360 owners will receive The Raven and SSX. The Raven will be available for download starting December 1 until 15.

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  • Deathtrap (PC) Preview

    An eccentric mix between Diablo’s hack and slash formula and the traditional tower defense genre; is it crazy enough to work? Deathtrap is NeoCoreGames’ newest offering and is quite a bit different than their Van Helsing series of action/RPGs, which plays mores like your traditional ‘Diablo’ type game, which I mentioned above.

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  • DST teams with GameStop and BioWare for new Mass Effect Minimates

    The crew of the N7 is back, in Minimate form and exclusively at your local GameStop. “The opportunity to work on a world as big as the world of Mass Effect is very exciting,” said Chuck Terceira, President of Diamond Select Toys. “Interpreting such a wide variety of human characters, alien races, armors and technology for the Minimates format inspires our designers and allows ...

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  • Black Mask’s Black Friday sale takes over TriForce

    High-end collectible company Project TriForce has a specially themed Black Friday sale going into effect this Friday. Well, Christmas shopping doesn’t really seem like Roman Sionis’ thing per se, but then again, maybe the Batman villain is feeling in a giving mood since his new Black Mask Arsenal piece is about to hit Triforce’s web store.

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  • EA preps for massive Origin Black Friday sale

    Steam isn’t going to be the only game in town this Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year invades EA’s Origin storefront. Almost 300 games overall will be on sale this weekend for the PC and Mac on EA’s game download shop, with some excellent titles (Bulletstorm, Mass Effect, Sim City 2000) coming in at under five bucks, some of them way under.

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  • DST reveals some can’t-miss Minimates and lots more for Summer 2015

    Summer 2015 is going to be a big one for fans of Diamond Select’s Minimates line, but the little figures are far from all that the company has in store. As you can see, the new series of Aliens Minimates is kind of awesome. Okay, it’s all kinds of awesome actually, and probably is already on a few fans wish lists for this coming Summer.

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