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  • EU PlayStation Plus Games For May Announced

    The games to come with your subscription next month have been announced. Sony have announced the games that will be coming to the PlayStation Plus service in the EU in May.  As usual, there is a selection of games for your PlayStation platform of choice, be it PS3, PS4 or PS Vita. The PS...

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  • The Armor Hunters take on Bloodshot and Harbinger in July

    Two more of Valiant Comics’ marquee books will be getting Armor Hunters mini-series all their own this July. Why just let X-O Manowar in on the Armor Hunter action? After all, there’s plenty of invading ET’s for all the big heroes of the Valiant U- including Bloodshot and the guys and gals...

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  • Season 2 of Mountain Monsters brings on the werewolves

    The Mountain Monsters team hunts the Webster Werewolf… and deals with a toothache the Appalachian way. In the next episode on Friday, April 25 at 10/9c, AIMS heads to central West Virginia to investigate the legendary Webster Werewolf. Born out of a 1770s massacre of local Shawnee Indians...

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  • The Masters of the Force come to Star Wars Pinball

    The final table in the Heroes of the Force pack caps off the Star Wars Pinball DLC at four tables instead of the usual three, all for the same price as always. Don’t expect to get a skimpy table for free though as Zen does’t do anything half way. The past two years of Star Wars Pinball de...

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  • Star Trek Medical Officers on the way from IDW

    Publisher IDW has even more Trek goodness on the way in the form of a Medical Officers Special titled Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone, which focuses on one of the most famous piece of Trek equipment of all time, the Tricorder. You don’t see a real life Tricorder all that often, but the XP...

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  • C2E2: Dark Horse makes their schedule for the show official

    From WonderCon, straight into C2E2, Dark Horse has another big lineup for fans with panels and signings aplenty. Dark Horse does Cons right and C2E2, coming up in Chicago this weekend, is no exception. Expect a full list of signings form your favorite creators, artists, and writers along w...

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  • WonderCon: The Venture Bros to get artistic with Dark Horse Comics

    Dark Horse will be publishing an art book based on the long-running Adult Swim show later this year. Quirky adventure cartoon The Venture Bros is a show that seems to just keep on keeping on, never really flagging in popularity with its legions of fans that tune in every week on the Cartoon ...

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  • Say ‘hi’ to Windy, Peggle 2′s newest fairy master

    The world of ultra-addictive puzzler Peggle 2 just got a little more glittery with the addition of Windy, the fairy master. Windy’s Master Pack, now available for download and adding onto your Xbox One copy of Peggle 2, adds in the title fairy as well as “fresh levels and trials, additiona...

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  • Six Million Dollar Man Complete Collection (DVD) Review

    In this 40 disc set we can rebuild him, we have the technology. We can make him better, stronger, faster. If you know these words then you know the TV icon The Six Million Dollar Man. NASA test pilot Col. Steve Austin (Lee Majors) suffers a disasterous accident leaving him barely alive. Ente...

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