• Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Co-Op FAQ

      How many players can play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel locally (couch co-op)? How many players can play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel via system link or LAN? How many players can play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel online? How many players are supported in combo co-op? Is a Gold Membership required for the second player in combo co-op on the 360? What direction is the screen split in couch.

      Nick Puleo/ Co-Optimus- 395 readers -
    • How to Play Far Cry 4's Co-Op Mode Without Owning the Game

      Those who are interested Far Cry 4 in the future might want to take a minute to know just how the co-op portions of the game will work, even if you don't plan on owning the game yourselves. Just to be clear, this is a PS4 exclusive feature. Owners of the console who don't own Far Cry 4 will first need to download an app that provides a way to be invited into another player's online game.

      Christopher Metz/ Co-Optimus- 16 readers -
    • Destiny Co-Op Review

      Destiny is here, and now we can see what Bungie, unshackled from being a Halo factory, has in store for us. Perhaps unsurprisingly, despite it being an entirely online game, it feels an awful lot like Halo, except it stars space wizards. Bungie won't call Destiny an MMO, but it sure has a lot of the trappings of one.

      Co-Optimusin Reviews- 8 readers -
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Co-Op Review

    I have to wonder what EA's obsession is with implementing co-op gameplay into the third installment of single player games. Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3, and Star Wars: The Old Republic (I mean, if we're calling it part of the KoTOR franchise), all tacked on multiplayer at game three, so now it's Dragon Age's turn.

    Taylor Killian/ Co-Optimusin Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Amazon's Black Friday Video Game Sale Has Over 1000 Games

    Amazon's Black Friday deals are live for video games, and this year there are over 1200 items on sales including games for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and many more. You'll also find lots of peripherals on sale for your console of choice or PC. Here are a few highlights we saw in terms of co-op games on sales.

    Nick Puleo/ Co-Optimus- 2 readers -
  • Xbox Gets in the Black Friday Spirit with Latest Deals with Gold

    Those wacky Xbox guys have some big things planned for this year's Black Friday. They're kicking things off a bit early, though, with the latest Deals with Gold. Nearly 100 games and add-ons are on sale from now through December 1st covering both Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. There's even a few co-op games in the mix! Since you're a busy human and all, we thought we'd pull out ...

    John Bardinelli/ Co-Optimus -
  • Microsoft's Black Friday Deals Are Live

    Microsoft's deals are now live and there's lots of goodies to have. Tons of games are on sale and there are some great deals on Xbox One bundles that include multiple free games. Hit the links below to check them out! We spy plenty of goodies like Sunset Overdrive, Assassin ...

    Nick Puleo/ Co-Optimus- 2 readers -
  • Dive into The Dark Below In Destiny's New Trailer

    So you've already conquered the Vault of Glass and you've roughed up Atheon so many times he's practically given you an entirely new wardrobe. What is left for a Guardian and his robot pal to do? Luckily, Destiny's first expansion, "The Dark Below" jump-jets onto consoles the 9th of December. Guardians of all ages can enjoy a fistful of new content ranging from story missions, ...

    Taylor Killian/ Co-Optimus- 2 readers -
  • Help Turtle Rock Name The Fourth Evolve Monster!

    I knew this day would come! Turtle Rock Studios, developers of Evolve, have finally seen the light and selected me, me, as the one to lend his creative juices to the development of the latest monster they're cooking up. I've finally hit the big time, suckers! No more typing away at the computer. From here on out, it's flashing bulbs, fancy soirees, and seedy after-parties! No. No...

    Co-Optimus- 3 readers -
  • Tales From Deep Space Offers Up Co-Op for Kindle Tablets

    Got yourself a Kindle Fire HDX tablet or better? Um, got a friend that has one too? If you answered yes to both questions, then you are qualified for a bona fide two player local co-op game from Amazon Game Studios! Tales From Deep Space follows the adventures of E and CASI as they attempt to escape from Big Moon.

    John Bardinelli/ Co-Optimus- 2 readers -
  • New Dying Light Video is a Trap

    Another day, another horde of undead trying to gnaw your face off. Techland's upcoming zombie shooter Dying Light hasn't pulled its punches when it comes to living-on-dead gore. Previous videos have shown off baseball bat weapons, drop kicks, exploding face guts and more. But now? Now we've got traps.

    John Bardinelli/ Co-Optimus- 2 readers -
  • Playstation Co-Op Games Sale Now Live

    Christmas has come early for us co-op gamers (at least for those of us on Sony platforms)! Playstation just announced a slick new deal focused entirely on co-op gaming, presumably to help calm your family's nerves after two hours of bickering about why your aunt brought her new boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner.

    Co-Optimus- 1 readers -
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