• Team-Based Wizard FPS Grimoire Promises Co-Op Zappy Time

    Even though Harry Potter wants us to think that wizards mainly cast spells that make you vomit slugs, indie studio Omniconnection isn't buying it. The team's upcoming first person shooter Grimoire is all about what happens when mages get together. Hint: fewer slugs, more spel...

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  • Free to Play March of War Features Co-Op Combat

    It's time to take over the world. Again! March of War from ISOTX is an episodic turn-based strategy game released on Steam rooted in realistic (but still fictional) settings and scenarios. The goal is, as always, to conquer the continents and become the supreme powerhouse of ...

    Co-Optimus - March of War -
  • Rob Zombie Made An Assassins Creed Unity Cartoon

    Has it been long enough since your last Western Civ class that you've forgotten the nature of the French Revolution? Well, Assassin's Creed Unity is due out October 28th, and ignorance breeds a whole lot of sloppy assassins. Instead of breaking into a chateau with no idea why...

    Co-Optimus - Assassin -
  • Grab a Free Copy of Payday: The Heist This October

    An opportunity to try out the fantastic 4-player co-op, bank robbery shooter, PAYDAY: The Heist, for free will be coming this fall. This is all due to the stellar community backing up the developer on Steam. Due to Overkill reaching a milestone of over 1.05 million people ...

    Co-Optimus - Payday -
  • Behind the Scenes of Far Cry 4: Creating Kyrat

    Ubisoft Quebec began designing Kyrat, the fictional region in Far Cry 4, but needed more inspiration to make the game and setting as authentic as possible. Online research can only go so far, but to really get the feeling for a place, sometimes you need to go there.  In th...

    Co-Optimus - Far Cry 4 - Scene It? -
  • Free to Play Shooter Firefall Launches Today

    Our first article for Firefall was written in September of 2010 - almost a full four years ago. At that point the game had already been well into development and we were seeing the fruits of the team's labor. Now the game is ready to finally be called "done," at least terms o...

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