• A Game Where You're A...Slice Of Bread. Because Sure, Why Not.

    Bossa Studios, they of Surgeon Simulator fame, are working on another game with a hilarious/frustrating control scheme. Only this time, instead of controlling a surgeon's wonky hands, you're controlling a slice of bread. Yup. Bossa Studios never intended for Surgeon Simulator 2013 to become a part of a Half-Life 3…Read moreRead on Sounds...

    2 readers - Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -
  • PlayStation TV: The Kotaku Review

    "What do you want the PlayStation TV to do for you?" That's an important question when considering purchasing Sony's new microconsole. A more important question might be "Do you know what the PlayStation TV is?" I ask because over the course of the past six days with the PlayStation TV, I've run into several people who had absolutely no idea.

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Fall Of Gods, A Norse Mythology Picture Book, Looks Terrific

    Fall of Gods is an "illustrated book" that tells the story of a Norse warrior who, having lost his wife, sets out on an epic journey to get her back. By fighting a ton of monsters. It's not a comic or graphic novel; the book is a collection of large illustrations done by professional concept artists, with a script accompanying them that ties it all together.

    2 readers - Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -
  • The Week In Games: The Journey Lengthens

    It's a week for celebration, as music, dancing and singing games line up to welcome the continuation of beloved adventure saga The Longest Journey. And what a perfect week for Red Thread Games to release the first chapter in the continuing saga. In the midst of fall release madness, this week is a relatively quiet one, a perfect moment of adventure gaming calm before November ar ...

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • It Took Two Videos To Cover Everything Wrong With Age Of Extinction

    I avoided seeing Transformers: Age of Extinction in theaters or on Blu-ray specifically so my first taste of the film would be CinemaSins' "Everything Wrong With" take. I am not disappointed. I've been mercilessly riding Yannick LeJacq about this movie ever since he posted an article titled "Leave Michael Bay Alone, Transformers Is Awesome.

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • The Real World Could Use More 2D Video Games

    We know Filipe Costa of Pipoca VFX from his work on transforming Pokemon and the original Tomb Raider into first-person games. Now he's working on transforming the largest first-person game of them all into 2D classics. I've seen plenty of 2D sprites Photoshopped into real-world locations, but I've rarely seen them in motion like this.

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Think You Know The Solution To This Classic Riddle? Think Again.

    Today's puzzle will be posed in two halves. The first half is a classic riddle – in fact, I suspect many of you will have heard it before. The second half, however, is an extension of the riddle that reveals its most common solution be be insufficient. Sunday Puzzle #3: The Bear Hunter (Part 1) The classic riddle goes as follows: A hunter walks a mile due south, turns and walks ...

    57 readers - Kotaku -
  • Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Needs More Kevin Spacey

    If there's one thing I've learned from the regular Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailers we've been getting over the past few months, is that there needs to be more Kevin Spacey in video games. Let's fix that. Why are we limiting one of America's finest actors to a single virtual stage? Not everyone enjoys playing Call of Duty, and as a denizen of the internet I feel it is my ...

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Watch The Final Round Of The 2014 League Of Legends Worlds Right Here

    With a million dollars and the Summoner's Cup on the line, it all came down to this final match-up. Did Star Horn Royal Club rectify last year's loss, or has Samsung Galaxy White come out on top? A season of fierce competition culminated earlier today in a final battle between China's Star Horn Royal Club and South Korea's own Samsung Galaxy White, who managed to beat sister tea ...

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • This Discounted Receiver Is Your Home Theater's Ticket to the Future

    Home theater receivers aren't cheap, so when you buy one, you want to be sure it's future-proof. That's certainly the case with this Yamaha RX-A830, and today you can get it for just over half its usual price. This unit has consistently sold for $850, but today only, Amazon's Gold Box deal has discounted it to just $450. That's an insane price for the features you get: 7.

    4 readers - Kotaku -
  • Sunday Comics: It's A Conspiracy

    Welcome to Kotaku's Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon. Nerf NOW!! by Josué Pereira. Published October 17. Read more of Nerf NOW!! Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich. Published October 13. Read more of Awkward Zombie Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Published October 13.

    3 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • This Year, Doctor Who is Built Around A Character Arc, And That's Major

    Tonight's episode clinches it: Doctor Who is doing a much more ambitious character arc than it's done in years, even as the show's "mystery" storytelling is drastically scaled back. Even with a few stumbles here and there, this is really major. You have to applaud the ambition, and a lot of the execution. Spoilers ahead… In previous years, under both Russell T.

    4 readers - Kotaku - Doctor Who -
  • Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Sexy Video Game Halloween Returns: The Winners?

    Oh God, what have I done? Oh that's right, I asked the wrong people to create an alternative line of sexy video game Halloween costumes. I brought this on myself, and now I'm bringing it to you. Talk about a close race. Also talk about massive amounts of guilt, copious amounts of laughter, and some serious confusion followed by real talk of if my wife-creature can cobble togethe ...

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -

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