• The Saturday Evening Stream: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

    Steve Bowling, writer of our TAY community's review, was embarrassed to play ninja girl brawler and outrageous breast simulation Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus for the Vita. Imagine how I feel streaming it live. Remember, Twitch autoplays! With an in-game lingerie shop and characters who lose clothes as they lose fights, this is not a game one would want to be seen playing in ...

    Mike Fahey - Kotaku - Senran Kagura -
  • Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Needs More Kevin Spacey: The Winners!

    Last week I asked our image manipulation to rectify the egregious lack of actor Kevin Spacey in games other than the new Call of Duty. Now we have too much Kevin Spacey. See for yourself. This week's big winner is the ever-amazing Ganonthegreat1. His entry is incredibly subtle, and I should probably explain it.

    Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Japan Crate Monthly Snack Delivery Service: The Snacktaku Review

    Japan Crate is one of a growing number of services that, for a monthly subscription fee, deliver a box filled with Japanese snacks and candy to your front door. This is pretty much everything anyone needs. When Japan Crate approached me back in September to try out a box from their service, I thought it was a great idea.

    1 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Google Has Much More To Tell Us About Video Games Now

    You know that neat little box that pops up on the right when you search Google for movies or books and such? Now it does that for video games as well, thanks to an update to Google's Knowledge Graph. As you can see in the image above, no video game is safe from Google's database. With a simple search we can see Aquaman's Metacritic score.

    Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Flying Mounts, Dark Knights And More Fresh FFXIV Expansion Info

    Last week in Las Vegas, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the first expansion for the magically reanimated MMO. At this weekend's Fan Festival in London, producer Naoki Yoshida showed off new flying mounts, a pair of new beast tribes and an eagerly awaited addition to the game's class roster.

    2 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • The Most Striking Piece Of Halo Art I've Seen In Ages

    I was going to call "Master Chief and Arbiter (Gods Among)" by Sita Navas fan art, but the "fan" label feels cheap when applied to this Maya-style masterpiece. This is just art. Posted over on Reddit by her husband to tremendous response, the piece portrays Bun ...

    3 readers - Mike Fahey - Kotaku -
  • Top 10 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Evil

    "Evil" is a complex thing. Sometimes evil is justified, other times knowing evil is just the best way to fight it. Here are 10 things that clearly fall under the banner of "evil," but are worth knowing how to do. Sometimes disobedience is necessary and good when rules fail us, and it's at the core of why…Read moreRead on Everyone has a dark side, but that's not a bad thing–yo ...

    Kotaku -
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  • This Week In The Business: End Of The Line

    QUOTE | "I think linear story games are really going to suffer in the modern marketplace." - Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson, talking about why he thinks open-world and emergent games will be the most popular games going forward. Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

    2 readers - Kotaku -
  • I'm Worried We May Never Get A Good Avatar Video Game

    Yesterday I posted my review of the Legend of Korra video game. While it had some high points, I mostly wasn't a fan. And now, with the Korra cartoon and entire Avatar universe winding down, I can't help but worry that we might never see a video game truly do the series justice. The Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe is tailor-made for a good video game.

    2 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku -
  • Felicia Day And Gamergate: This Is What Happens Now

    Earlier this week, Felicia Day wrote a blog post. In it, the well-known actor eloquently expressed something that a great number of people in the video game scene have been feeling lately: She said she was afraid. Shortly after publishing, some people posting in her comments section, one under the name "Gaimerg8," doxxed her, sharing what they claimed was her home address.

    2 readers - Kirk Hamilton - Kotaku -
  • How You'll Share Your PS4 Games With Friends Who Don't Own Them

    Starting on October 28th, you'll be able to share your games with friends—even if they don't own them. We'd heard about a feature called 'Share Play' before, but now you get a chance to see it in action. What's so cool about Share Play is that it lets your friends watch you as you play, if not straight up take control of the action on the screen, without actually having to o ...

    2 readers - Patricia Hernandez - Kotaku - & Friends -

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