• Someone's Trying to Put DayZ in Doom

    His reason? "I had had it with Zombies walking through walls and figured that Doom is a far more suitable engine to use." Ouch. Still, this guy's made an admirable amount of progress, for a one-man project.

    1 readers - Kotaku - The Forest of Doom -
  • Marketing, Retailers Explain Those Stupid Pre-Order Offers

    It was a moment to bear witness to. This is how ludicrous the video game pre-order bonus had become. This is how low it had sunk. Look, I don't wanna tell people how to do their jobs, but if I had to choose one part of that…Read moreRead on Pre-order Assassin's Creed: Unity. Get an additional pair of pants that make you move faster. Pre-order pants. Pre-order pants.

    1 readers - Kotaku -
  • Screw Apple's Watch, Nintendo's Watches Were Way Cooler

    Hey everyone, Apple is making a watch. You might have heard. It's like a normal watch, in that it goes on your wrist and tells the time, but it also does some computer stuff. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Other companies have been doing it for years. Including Nintendo. Sort of. OK, so Nintendo's watches didn't ship with fancy straps. Or monitor your heartrate. Or pair with a mobile phone.

    1 readers - Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -
  • Getting Upset At Video Games Is Terrible For Your Health

    I tend to get angry at little things in video games. A lot. Sometimes really, really, really angry. I'm starting to think I should stop. Why? A recent study explained just how bad for us small yet frequent day-to-day stresses really are. The short version? Life-threatening.

    1 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku -
  • Improving One Of TV's Worst Opening Credits Sequences

    I love Boardwalk Empire. Can't get enough of it. But I, like most others, cannot stand the show's opening credits, which are neat the first 2-3 times you see them, but which have become unbearable now we're years into the show's run. Here, then, are two ways to fix this ...

    1 readers - Luke Plunkett - Kotaku -
  • How To Trick Destiny Into Helping You Farm Tons Of Loot

    Once you've made it past level 20 in Destiny, you can only gain more levels by scoring better gear. And if you want to do that, chances are you've tried your hand at farming. Any enemy can drop those shiny loot engrams, so you can go "farm" loot from enemies in just about any location in the game. That said, some locations are much more efficient than others.

    23 readers - Kirk Hamilton - Kotaku - Destiny -

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