• Dragon Age: Inquisition's Sex Talk Sounds Hilarious

    BioWare, the veteran RPG studio today best known for making Mass Effect and Dragon Age, has long been the king of awkward video game sex scenes. As writer Tom Bissell put it back in 2012 after Mass Effect 3 came out: "BioWare's talented storytellers desperately need to rethink their curious devotion to the video-game sex scene, gay or otherwise, which, even at its best, rema ...

    2 readers - Jason Schreier - Kotaku - Dragon Age -
  • The Best Rechargeable Batteries

    Unsurprisingly, Eneloops dominated the best rechargeable battery voting, taking almost 80% of the vote as of this writing. The Eneloop line has an incredible reputation, and garnered huge numbers of positive anecdotes from our readers. In addition to the winning AAs, Eneloop offers AAAs, chargers, and C and D spacers.

    1 readers - Kotaku -
  • Let's Rank The Fallout Games, Best To Worst

    In the 17 years since the Fallout franchise was introduced to the world, all of the games have been met with praise—which means that ranking them isn't easy. That's especially true when you consider that the post-nuclear franchise underwent a genre change. Still, here we are. The Pecking Order god is not satisfied with our Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Halo rankings.

    1 readers - Patricia Hernandez - Kotaku - Fallout -
  • The 10 Most Expensive Flops In Television History

    Every time a TV show gets greenlit, it's a huge gamble. Networks stake millions of dollars on risky ideas, that need to bring back audiences week after week. Sometimes it pays off — Lost and Game of Thrones cost a lot of money — but sometimes it doesn't. Here are the 10 most expensive failed TV shows of all time.

    2 readers - Kotaku -
  • Last Chance to Save On Sunset Overdrive, Logitech G502, and More Deals

    Microsoft has been handing out a $10 gift card with your preorder of Sunset Overdrive for months, but you only have to preorder by tomorrow afternoon to get release day delivery. [Sunset Overdrive] With an arsenal of killer, overpowered weapons and a knack for traversing the city with hyper…Read moreRead on More $10 gift cards: The Logitech G502, which I'm using to write thi ...

    1 readers - Kotaku - Sunset Overdrive -
  • Shot-By-Shot Breakdown Of Avengers 2 Trailer Reveals Spoilery Details

    Holy crap, the Avengers 2 trailer is amazing. So amazing that we decided to pick it apart and look for character and plot clues, and what we found was pretty exciting. Spoilers! The trailer opens with a sweeping shot of (what I believe is) the Johannesburg's skyline, which is a location that Avengers 2 shot. But then things explode, which is a very bad sign for the Avengers.

    1 readers - Kotaku - The Avengers - Avengers -
  • In Defense of Button Mashing

    The first time I played Tekken 3, I was hilariously bad. I was used to 2D fighting games, where the buttons corresponded with attack strength, and tapping 'Up' meant 'Jump.' This new, 3D genre, where each button corresponded with an attacking limb and tapping 'Up' meant 'Sidestep' (pressing 'Up' still meant 'Jump'), was difficult to wrap my mind around. At first, I tried playing 'for real.

    1 readers - Kotaku -
  • The New Simpsons World App Has Some Issues

    If you're a cable subscriber, you can now stream and watch every single episode of The Simpsons on your computer, tablet, or Xbox, so long as your provider supports the FXX Now app. Every single episode! In theory, this is phenomenal. Unlimited digital access to the greatest television show ever made? A chance to watch and rewatch all the classic episodes you missed during t ...

    1 readers - Jason Schreier - Kotaku - The Simpsons -
  • Why Modern Warfare's 'All Ghillied Up' Is One Of Gaming's Best Levels

    Few people admit to buying modern military shooters for their campaigns, and it's not hard to see why. The Battlefields and Call of Dutys are derided for being simplistic shooting galleries that hold the player back. But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if some game had already done it right? I think one game actually did get it right, and that game is the one res ...

    1 readers - Kotaku -
  • Players Try To Cheese Destiny's Hardest Boss, Fail Miserably

    Hahaha oh boy. That didn't go over too well, did it? In Destiny's big, epic raid, there is a final boss named Atheon. And there used to be a method of "cheesing" him, as in killing him quickly and unethically (depending on who you ask). Players would be able to push Atheon off the level, thereby bringing the boss fight to its early end.

    1 readers - Tina Amini - Kotaku -
  • Gizmodo Why You Definitely Shouldn't Drink Your Own Pee | io9 You Probably Never Realized How Marble

    Gizmodo Why You Definitely Shouldn't Drink Your Own Pee | io9 You Probably Never Realized How Marble Is Harvested, But It's Beautiful | Jalopnik Kid With Free Porsche Makes Worst Attempt At Financial Independence | Jezebel This Vagina Was worth $25,000 For 10 Whole Minutes During his 127-hour ordeal under that boulder, backpacker Aaron Ralston resorted to consuming his own urine in order to s.

    2 readers - Kotaku -

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