• Watch People Play Minecraft For The First Time

    Remember the first time you tried to step into Minecraft's vast, Lego-like world? You probably found yourself wondering: "What are these pigs doing here?" or, "Why can't I just shoot things?" or, "Uh...what am I supposed to be doing?" A BuzzFeed demonstrates, you're not alone.

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  • Old School Family Games Were Wonderfully Violent

    A ticking time bomb, a kid-friendly version of Russian roulette and a game about smashing a naked man's body apart with a hammer — and they say video games are too violent? The most recent episode of YouTube series TheyActuallyMadeThat takes a look at how families passed the time at night before cellphones, computers and video games.

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  • After Learning to Make Video Games, What Comes Next

    You're going to want to keep track of six video games coming from New York University's Game Center. One of them might be a spiritual successor to the hit PlayStation 3 game Journey and another one is on track to be a great multiplayer game that blends elements of starship game FTL with Star Control II.

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  • Boldly Build Bases In Star Trek: Alien Domain

    Coming soon to a web browser near you, Star Trek: Alien Domain is a multiplayer strategy game that gives fans of the beloved science fiction franchise a chance to stop all of that boldly going and put down some roots. Developed by SambaGames in partnership with CBS Interactive, Alien Domain doesn't immediately strike me as the sort of game that would fit in the Star Trek universe.

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  • Murasaki Baby: The Kotaku Review

    I have a three-year-old daughter. I probably shouldn't be playing Murasaki Baby, a game which is, in essence, about leading a toddler girl into and out of danger. But, like fatherhood, I volunteered for this responsibility. The dangers here are metaphorical and not physical, yet Murasaki Baby feels all the more disturbing for it.

    Kotaku - Murasaki Baby -
  • This Guy Just Won The Diablo III Lottery

    Finding cool items in Diablo III is one thing, but having the greatest luck at the perfect moment while trying to get the number one spot on the leaderboards is just a different level of luck. Watch the short segment from Moses2265's stream to see how lucky he was with his Wizard.

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