• Five Best Battery Chargers

    Your nominations are fully charged and now it's time to find a winner. Check out the contenders and then head for poll. Last week, and in a landslide vote, you awarded Eneloops the honor of best rechargeable battery.…Read moreRead on La Crosse BC-700. It's not terribly expensive, gives you a wide range of options as far as charging (trickle, varying currents, conditioning, etc).

    Kotaku -
  • Bungie (Sorta) Explains Why Some Of Destiny's DLC Is On The Disc

    For weeks now, Destiny players have been glitching into walls and finding secrets that they weren't meant to see. Buried in the game's files are all sorts of hidden zones that you can't access normally, some of which will be used for Destiny's upcoming downloadable content. That's right—Destiny has committed one of gaming's cardinal sins: On-Disc DLC.

    Jason Schreier - Kotaku -
  • You'll Be Getting a Very Different Kind of War Game in Two Weeks

    Embodying a soldier has been a staple of video games for a while now. But, on November 14th, players will control the kind of ordinary citizen who the machines of war usually roll right over. Here's what This War of Mine will look like when you play. This trailer for 11-bit's upcoming wartime survival title shows a few slices of gameplay, with a focus on s ...

    Evan Narcisse - Kotaku -
  • The Perfect Lineup of Tabletop Horror Games for a Scary Game Night

    Halloween is a great excuse to get together with friends and do some gaming. These horror-themed board and card games are perfect for playing in a single crisp autumn evening, and you might even prevent (or cause) the apocalypse. Zombies!!! A true classic from Twilight Creations, Zombies!!! has countless expansions and variations.

    5 readers - Kotaku - NiGHTS -
  • Bioshock Infinite's Season Pass, Wolfenstein, and More Deals

    Seeing as how Bioshock Infinite is one of the most popular games we've ever listed deals on, a few of you will probably want to grab the season pass for 10 bucks and get through that DLC. [Infinite Season Pass] Wolfenstein: The New Order ($24) | Green Man Gaming | Use code SPOOKY-TREATS-GMG20 Whatever you think of Capcom now, their rich history is immortalized in this hardc ...

    Kotaku - Wolfenstein -
  • Guy Pretends To Be Serial Killer, Terrorizes GTA Online Players

    If you start hearing a little kid singing disturbing renditions of nursery songs in your Grand Theft Auto Online sessions, you better start running. Someone who goes by the name of MrKreepyKoala has spent the last few months appearing in the multiplayer version of Los Santos and tormenting other would-be criminals by stalking ...

    4 readers - Evan Narcisse - Kotaku -
  • Someone's Finally Making A Gaming Laptop With A Mechanical Keyboard

    There are a few key things that keep PC gamers tethered to their desks, one of them being the awesomeness of having the "click clack" of a quality mechanical keyboard punctuate their gameplay. Impressive as they may be, laptops haven't been able to replicate that experience...yet. MSI to the rescue! Today the hardware developer unveiled its latest in a long, long line of spi ...

    Yannick Lejacq - Kotaku -
  • Deadspin Madison Bumgarner's World Series MVP Presentation Got Super Awkward | Gizmodo Tim Cook: I’m

    Deadspin Madison Bumgarner's World Series MVP Presentation Got Super Awkward | Gizmodo Tim Cook: I’m Proud To Be Gay | Jezebel Mama June's Dated Sex Offenders Before, Sugar Bear Doesn't Want Custody | Lifehacker What to Do When You Have Nowhere to Sleep While Traveling Chevrolet executive Rikk Wilde was tasked with awarding Madison Bumgarner the World Series MVP award, and it was a struggle.

    1 readers - Kotaku - World Series -

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