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  • Tips For Playing Far Cry 4

    Newcomers to Far Cry 4: greetings! I hope you're enjoying your time in Kyrat so far. It's a pretty dangerous place though, isn't it? Here are some of the things I've discovered that help me stay alive. Before I get into the nitty gritty details (and there are a lot of those in a game like this), I should make something clear: I'm currently focusing on beginner-level tips for ...

    Yannick Lejacq/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • Destiny for $40, Indiana Jones, More Pre-Black Friday Deals

    Destiny has gotten a bunch of much-needed updates, and today you can get it for just $40. .gif via here Grab a $50 Walmart gift card with your choice of Playstation 4 today. Pick up the whole Indiana Jones saga for just $35 on blu-ray today only, but hurry up, there's a boulder rolling toward you.

    Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • I Spent $100 In Assassin's Creed Unity So You Wouldn't Have To

    Ten hours into Assassin's Creed: Unity, I'm having difficulty finishing up memory sequence 6. That's just about the middle chapter of the game. I think my character is too weak. His armor isn't strong enough. Neither are his weapons. I could stop working on this memory, instead grinding on side missions and locating chests until I have enough Livres to buy more powerful gear.

    Kotaku- 4 readers -
  • In The Brilliant New Hunger Games Film, Katniss Can't Escape The Arena

    The third movie in the Hunger Games series is supposed to be the one where the frame pulls back and reveals a bigger world than the teen arena of the first two. Instead, Mockingjay Part 1 does something more daring: it shows how all of the dystopian land of Panem is just the Arena writ large. Minor spoilers ahead...

    Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • World of Warcraft, Then And Now

    It's happening! World of Warcraft is about to turn 10. If you logged in today, you've already seen an achievement pop up. Although the game came out on November 23, 2004 in the US, the in-game celebration begins today. To do our bit, we made a gallery showing how much the game changed in ten years.

    Gergo Vas/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • The Nostalgia Nerds Who Rescue Old Games From Oblivion

    Do you remember the first computer game you played? What about the first program you downloaded? Unless you've just emerged Brendan-Fraser-in-Encino Man-style from the earth, wholly unaware of computers (in which case, I have several questions for you), your early digital distractions are probably years, if not decades old by now. That doesn't mean they're lost.

    Kotaku- 1 readers -
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Nintendo DS!

    Remember the Nintendo DS? That was the system with Mario Kart and Zelda and a Super Mario Bros. side-scroller and, actually, a ton of great games—sequels and originals alike. Here are ...

    Stephen Totilo/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • Walmart's Pre-Black Friday Sale Includes a 40" TV for $115, and More

    Not content to wait around for Thanksgiving, Walmart has kicked off several of their best Black Friday deals early today. Our picks are below, but I suspect a lot of the best stuff will sell out early, so head over to their site to see the up-to-date list. 40" HDTV ($115) | Walmart PlayStation 4 ($400) | Walmart | Plus $50 Gift Card Select Xbox One/PS4 Games ($30) | Walmar ...

    Kotaku- 12 readers -
  • Captain Toad Is a Story of Murder, Robbery, Addiction and Greed

    Recently released in Japan, Captain Toad is a cute little Super Mario 3D World spin-off about collecting coins, gems, and stars while on your way to defeat a giant bird. ...Either that or it's a tale of greed, robbery, and mass murder on a grand scale. [Note: This article is a tongue-in-cheek look at the game and not a serious examination] Like many Mario-related games, Cap ...

    Richard Eisenbeis/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • Block'n'Load Mixes Minecraft with Team Fortress 2

    Remember Ace of Spades, the colourful free-to-play FPS that had two teams tunnelling through blocks to infiltrate each others' bases? Well, developer Jagex (which took over Ace of Spades' development in 2012) is giving the concept another go with Block'n'Load. This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

    Kotaku- 3 readers -
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