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  • Nintendo eShop Commericial – Games Compilation Trailer

    Wondering what to do on a lazy summer’s Sunday? Check out the short and sharp commercial from Nintendo below, which highlights some of the recent releases on the eShop. The eShop has become home to some very enjoyable, challenging and original games lately, and whilst not a...

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  • PN Review: Monkey Pirates (WiiU Eshop)

    Monkey Pirates is a cute little game from the people at Henchmen Studio, where you are the captain of your own pirate ship. Sailing around various levels your goal is to blow up all of the enemy ships without getting hit so you can collect their booty (banana’s in this case) ...

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  • Project Cars Delayed for Wii U until 2015

    The Wii U version of upcoming racing title Project Cars has been delayed until 2015. Wii U owners who were expecting this game to launch in November alongside other consoles, will be disappointed to learn that Bandai Namco has announced a delay to an unspecified 2015 date. ...

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  • PN Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (or Guacamelee! as I’ll be referring to it throughout this review to be concise) is exactly that – a “deluxe” edition of the previously released Guacamelee! For those unfamiliar with the title’s initial incarnation, Guacamelee! is ...

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  • PN Featured Artist: Renee Bear

    This weeks PN Featured artist is Renee Bear. She creates a wide variety of different things. She has made custom ‘A Link Between Worlds’ zipper pouches,  ‘Animal Crossing’ stationary,  ‘Earthbound’ origami, Pokémon comics, original fan art pieces and much more. Whew, that’s t...

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