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  • Koopa Kast #50 at 8:30PM EDT

    Well here we are about to enter our 50th Koopa Kast. All the big names are here: Justin Sharp, James Higginbotham, Trevor Gould, Tristan Meiman, and Matt Paxton. Since it is a special occasion, we are going to be a bit more relaxed this time around, and talk about PNM’s history, how we got into games journalism, and share any cool stories we have about working in this industry.

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  • PN Featured Artist: Thomas Jones

    This weeks PN Featured Artist is our very own Thomas Jones (@thomasjones_89)! He’s a writer and contributor for PNM and PureNintendo.com. He has been involved in many projects for “Twitter Collaborations” creating pieces based on video games such as Earthbound and Street Fighter, but his true love Is the Legend of Zelda.

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  • Surprise! Fire Emblem (GBA) Coming to European eShop Tomorrow

    Nintendo has just announced via Twitter a late entry for tomorrow’s European eShop releases. The surprise game is a GBA Virtual Console title, a little something known as Fire Emblem. The good news keeps coming, as the game will be priced at a discount initially, going for just £4.40 / €4.89 in its first week, before reverting to the standard pricetag of £6.29 / €6.99.

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  • Wii Street U’s Challenge to find Mysterious Travelers

    A lot of Wii U owners have downloaded Wii Street U, yet some of us may have forgotten all about it, despite having a lot of fun with it at first. Brought to you by Google, the app is pretty amazing, showing you a window into the world through your GamePad.

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  • Typoman Concept Trailer (Wii U eShop)

    Here’s an interesting game concept from developer Headup Games. Typoman is a game that puts your grammatical prowess to the test by using letters to solve your way through puzzle environments.

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  • Pure Nintendo Exclusive – First details on U Host

    Pure Nintendo is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of U Host, a Nintendo Web Framework game from Bear Box Media. We have an exclusive early look at the game, and information you wont find elsewhere. Nintendo gamers may know Bear Box Media from their Wii U debut, Internal Invasion, or StarDueler, a teased game not due out for some time.

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  • Wii U System Update (5.1.2) Available Now

    Nintendo has just released its latest system update for the Wii U. This update is version 5.1.2, and is now available in both Europe and North America. Another round of stability will be delivered to your system via this update.

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  • PN Review: Soon Shine

    Soon Shine is a new action puzzler built around racking up high scores. It was made by the indie team at Dahku Creations. Soon Shine has several improvements over their Wii U debut Chubbins, making for a better and more satisfying eShop game. Quick tapping is the order of the day in Soon Shine. You control an icon with the appearance of the sun or moon depending on the side displayed.

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  • New Pokémon Project To Be Announced August 26th

    A new Pokémon Project is to be announced on August 26th! There are no details given on the Pokémon Company’s website that posted news about the announcement but it did reveal some information about who will be appearing on the stream. Below is a NeoGAF translation of the message posted on the Pokémon Company website. Surprising new Pokemon Project to be announced in coordination with Famitsu.

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  • Nintendo Download – August 21 eShop Releases (Europe)

    Monday brings with it the promise of what’s to come for your Nintendo systems, and this week is no different, with some great Virtual Console releases, and more discounts to tempt you back to the titles you may have previously missed. Check out the full list below and let us know which games you look forward to downloading from this Thursday. Wii U Virtual Console Adventures of Lolo (Nintendo, €4.

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  • A Tribute Fit For The Comedic King, Robin Williams

    An artist on Tumblr by the name of Oscar Joyo (warning: some of the other images are NSFW) has posted a drawing of Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule. Not only is the sketch amazing but it is a tribute fit for someone who was a king, the King of Comedy. The world will miss you and your talents ...

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  • Video: Wii U To Wii U System Transfer

    With a recent Wii U system update Nintendo gave Wii U owners the capability to perform a system transfer between Wii U hardware. Nintendomination gives us a look at the process in this short video below. This transfer between Wii U hardware units is a little different from the Wii to Wii U system transfer.

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