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  • Trailer for Wii U exclusive GravBlocks +

    Originally a match-three mobile release, Grav Blocks + is an upgraded version that’s nearing completion for the Nintendo Wii U. The game is made by the indie developers at From Nothing Game Studios (FNG Studios). Click to view slideshow. The game has a rebuilt engine, a new...

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  • Koopa Kast #48

    Hey Koopa Kast listeners.  It’s time for the 48th rendition of the Koopa Kast.  It’s been a slower couple of weeks than most, so we have less topics than usual, but more people!  This week will be filled with the musings of James Higginbotham, Justin Hinton, Matt Paxton, and...

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  • Just Say “Bring Me Smash” at San Diego Comic Con

    In keeping with Nintendo’s trend to be more involved with the community, the Kyoto-based company as started the campaign, “Bring Me Smash”.  A group of representatives from Nintendo will be traveling the show floor at this year’s San Diego Comic Con equipped with the 3DS vers...

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  • Smash Bros Update (7.23.14): Let’s All go to Wily’s

                  In keeping with the weekday tradition, Masahiro Sakurai has given us a bit more detail on the upcoming Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.   For comparison, here is a shot of Wily’s Stage in the Wii U version:   Wow, the differences r...

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  • PN Review: Glory of Generals

    This is a strategy game you might recognize from various mobile devices where you can play it for free.  On 3DS you have to pay $10 for the privilege.  This pricing discrepancy’s not uncommon when mobile titles get ported to 3DS, but though I’m growing accustomed to it doesn’...

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  • PN Featured Artist: Edgar Recinos

    This weeks PN Featured Artist is the multi-talented Edgar Recinos. He creates artwork inspired by things like Nintendo, ‘Marvel vs Capcom’, Pokémon, Final Fantasy and tons more. He recently did some voice acting for an Android App game called “Mother of Myth along with some ...

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  • PN Review: City Mysteries

    This is the latest hidden object game to release on the eShop.  It contains 3 types of puzzles – traditional hidden object, finding objects based on their silhouettes, and sliding tile puzzles.  The settings are famous cities (London, Moscow, New York, and Paris).  Despite so...

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