• Wot I Think: Lego The Hobbit

    Lego The Hobbit could simply be called ‘There’ because there ain’t no ‘Back Again’. Lacking the narrative content that will form the final third of the swollen and gaseous film trilogy, this is a perfectly acceptable entry in Traveller’s Tales’ Lego franchise but the release co...

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  • Curses ‘N Chaos Revealed By Mercenary Kings Devs

    I’m struggling to think of things I could say about this Curses ‘N Chaos trailer that aren’t sarcastic. It’s an 8-bit-styled game where you seem to jump and stab monsters then sometimes a booby anime witch appears to say something encouraging. It’s a video game, I guess? But that’s unkind: m...

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  • Impressions: Broforce

    Broforce is a run-and-gun platformer which joyously spoofs the bellicose masculinity of action cinema. It’s available on Steam Early Access for £12/$15, but its featureset punches above its alpha status: singleplayer, online co-op, deathmatch, time trials, a level editor and more are already i...

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  • It’s Weird We Haven’t Posted About Hex Before

    Usually upon discovering a juicy slice of news, first stop is the monolithic RPS archives where I spend a lifetime reading manuscripts on the games in question. It’s a herculean task which is rewarded only by a dip into the fountain of youthtube, where I am renewed and can spend equal time scr...

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  • Second Screen Shotgun: Salvaged

    Despite how we, you or some ridiculous “they” may rant and rave about the legions of samey military shooters or other popular genre, games are the realm of the new and PC gaming most of all. Salvaged is right out there towards the edge of the new. It takes the tactical action of XCOM and place...

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  • More Like Wargame: Rad Dragon

    I’ll admit that I don’t often know what the hell is going on. This is a blanket statement that applies to many areas of my life – games, meals, showers – I’ve had confusion during all of them. But it’s not often that a trailer will leave me with quite the same pleasant non-understanding as fin...

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  • Tactical Terraforming: Imagine Earth

    Imagine Earth’s demo reminded me of Project Godus, which is a bit like having a face that reminds me of the kid who used to bully me at school and showed up a decade and a half later in the toilets of a dingy nightclub, horribly drunk and tearfully apologetic. In both situations, the unintende...

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  • Impressions: Shadowrun Online Early Access

    The honeymoon period for Kickstarter is long over. There are a number of reasons why but perhaps the most impactful is the failure of several high-profile campaigns to deliver what was promised, or going full Darth Vader: ‘We are altering the deal, pray we don’t a...

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  • Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is Going To Be Amazing

    Quick, the RPS hivemind has retired to a snoozing chamber in London to absorb more knowledge into the glorious whole, so let’s have a party. It’ll be full of blood and guts and dead animals and religious subtexts! Not your sort of party? You probably haven’t played enough Binding of Isaac, the...

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  • Fallen Falling: Pantheon Development On Hold

    By now we surely all understand that Kickstarting a game is a bit of a gamble: we rarely have a clear idea of how it’ll turn out, and sometimes if it’ll even be finished. At least Kickstarters have a clear goal to work towards, though, and will only take your money if they hit the sum devs fig...

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  • Eternal Sonata: The Music Of Pillars Of Eternity

    Writing music for an RPG must be such a tricky thing. Especially when you’re working with a project as potentially massive as Obsidian Kickstarter darling Pillars of Eternity, you’ve got to breathe life into lilting melodies that rise and crash at the perfect moments, but drift and meander gen...

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  • Wake Into Dreams: Grave’s Surrealist Horror

    I’ve watched three videos of Grave. The first convinced me that the psychological horror game was precisely my cup of tea, with its shifting scenery and creepy sculptures. That’s the first video I’ve placed below and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably see some promise in the potential...

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  • Aha: Take On Mars Adds Manned Mission

    Bohemia have accomplished what real life scientists and government funding bodies cannot – exploration and colonisation sim Take On Mars now features a manned mission. I hadn’t realised that the previous build of the Early Access version only allowed players to send a probe to the puce planet,...

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  • R2-Detailed: X-Wing Alliance Resurrected

    Now that I’ve got a massive and over-complicated joystick, the only games I’m interested in playing are games which are best-suited to a massive and over-complicated joystick. Yes, yes, I’ll get to Freespace and its total conversions, but first I had some unfinished business to take care of. ...

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