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  • Week in Tech: AMD On The Up, NVIDIA Game Streaming

    It’s a funny old world when losing $20 million is a cause for moderate rejoicing. But then $20 million’s worth of bleeding is a hell of a lot better than $146 million. I speak, of course, of the never ending saga (going-on soap opera) that is AMD’s fortunes. Thing is, we are all of us much bet...

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  • Slade To Measure: Outcast HD Footage

    The Outcast HD Kickstarter campaign is aiming high. I know plenty of people who remember the open world adventure fondly but $600,000 is a huge amount to ask for. With just less than two weeks to go, there’s less than $250,000 in pledges and it’s hard not to think that the most recent update v...

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  • Constructing A Culture: Contested Space

    This is my second space-set Kickstarter of the day, so apologies for that if you prefer orcs and elves to crumbling moons and sleek starfighters. Contested Space is a game of intergalactic conflict, in which every ship has been customised by the human at its helm. The campaign stands out in th...

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  • London Calling: RPS Social Club This Saturday

    The sun is shining, at least for now, and Blighty is bathed in light and warmth. A perfect time to adopt the flamboyant gait of a flâneur while perusing the streets of your local metropolis. If your stroll takes you through old London town, it’d be a fine idea to end it at The Blue Posts, wher...

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  • Wot I Think: The Blackwell Epiphany

    Dave Gilbert’s Blackwell Legacy series finally draws a veil over itself today with its final chapter, The Blackwell Epiphany. But does even New York’s unluckiest and most underpaid medium stand a ghost of a chance of ending things on a high in this spirited finale? Here’s Wot I Think… There’...

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  • FTL Meets Dwarf Fortress: Universe Edge

    When we asked readers how they had chosen to spend their eggstra long weekend (for those in countries without a Holiday Eggfest, my apologies), I learned one thing – with the release of the expanded edition, FTL has ensnared the crew of the good ship RPS once again. I enjoy the game – Captai...

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  • A Game And A Chat: FRACT OSC’s Flanagan

    FRACT OSC is a musical passion project that’s been strumming light riffs on the backing track of RPS’ Official Exciteosourchestra for years. It’s a first-person explorer set in a pulsating dance floor paradise of smooth synths and devious puzzles. Our kind of thing? You don’t know the half of ...

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  • More King’s Bounty: A Trip To The Dark Side

    Resist cynicism or die. Hope. Dream. Think. Act. Be vulnerable. Open yourself to risk or you’ll never truly learn, love, or live. That hip new band may very well drop a cracking second album, I can make that Cronenbergian game controller I’ve been dreaming of, my mum shall stop hinting that I’...

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  • Wot I Think: Cloudbuilt

    Cloudbuilt, from new kids on the block Coilworks, is more speedrun challenge than regular game. Its jetpack-equipped heroine double jumps and wall-runs her way through a series of dreamscape arenas, dodging laser beams, mines, turrets and deadly falls into the abyss. It’s frustrating, difficul...

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  • Portal 2 Mod Adds Time-Travelling Legs

    An oversized revolver, a chunky pump-action shotgun, a bolt-action rifle, and seeing my own legs: the four things I most want to see in first-person games. Perhaps the first three wouldn’t fit too cleanly into Portal 2 but that fourth, yes, certainly! And joy of joys, a new mod has added that ...

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  • The New Curiosity Shop: Interview

    I visit some strange places during my daily trawls across the vastness of the internet. The search for obscure and eclectic games demands a willingness to look beyond the convenience store of Steam and the archive of Good Old Games, and in recent months I’ve found myself visiting on a ...

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