• Marvel at All of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s Instant Kills

    As with most Arc System Works games, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s characters are able to pull off Instant Kill attacks that can immediately end a round when they hit. These attacks are generally difficult to land in competitive play, but they provide quite a show. Minimal Efficiency recently put together a video that showcases all of the Instant K ...

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  • Tekken 7 Heading to Arcades in February

    Over the weekend, Bandai Namco Games conducted a handful of business meetings to discuss their slate of upcoming games, during which they announced that Tekken 7 will arrive in arcades in February of next year. This news comes a little over two weeks since the company held high-profile location tests at a pair of venues in Japan, highlighting the title’s gameplay mechanics, new ...

    7 readers - Ian Walker - Shoryuken - Tekken 7 - Tekken -
  • Super Smash Sundays feat. Project M Streaming Live from Super Arcade

    Super Arcade’s dedicated broadcast just went live with another installment of Super Smash Sundays, coming at you live from their venue in Walnut, California. Presented in collaboration with Level|Up Series and Team OXY, this biweekly tournament series provides an excellent look at Southern California’s Smash community through both singles and doubles tournaments for popular Super Smash Bros.

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  • Resistance 3 Streaming Live from Stratford, Connecticut

    If you’re looking to earn some points for the Capcom Pro Tour within the US, Resistance 3 is your last chance! New Challengers will be hosting the event this Saturday at the Stratford Hotel & Conference Center in Stratford, Connecticut. The tourney will be a Capcom Pro Tour ranking event, the final one to be hosted on US s ...

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