• Dungeon Fighter Online Global Version Set to Begin Beta Testing in Early 2015

    Last summer, the North American servers for Dungeon Fighter Online were taken down after a run of almost exactly three years. This looked to be the end of an era for the popular online game, at least for many English speaking players. Back in May of this year, Neople, the company behind the title, announced that there would soon be a global version of the game hitting the market.

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  • The 15th VFR BEAT-TRIBE CUP Streaming Live from Tokyo, Japan

    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is still alive and well in Japan. Today Virtua Fighter Relationship (VFR) is hosting The 15th BEAT-TRIBE CUP, the grand finals for the VFR 2013-2014 season. This is the largest Virtua Fighter event of the year, with 120 teams of 5 players participatin ...

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  • Moment 37 Reloaded Day 1 Streaming Live from Pomona, California

    Ten years ago was perhaps the most famous moment in fighting games, dubbed “Evo Moment #37″. Evo 2004, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Daigo Umehara Ken vs. Justin Wong Chun-Li. You’ve probably seen it countless number of times. If it’s been a while, here’s a refresher: In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Umehara’s Full Parry, Super Arcade is organizing a tourney t ...

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  • Beowulf Body Slams Skullgirls Encore’s Endless Beta on Steam

    If you just can’t wait to try out Skullgirls Encore’s unique new grappler Beowulf, then here’s some great news: the wrestler and his stage, the NMO Arena, are now available for testing in the game’s Endless Beta on Steam. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Endless Beta is Lab Zero Games’ special playground for testing upcoming Skullgirls changes.

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  • Doctor Doom Gets Angry with Level 3 X-Factor Combos in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Yesterday, we featured some practical happy birthday combos for Doctor Doom that maximize damage against multiple targets in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Today, we’ve got a video of the Latverian capping out his damage with some insane level 3 X-Factor combos against single targets. As expected, once the foot dives start flying, things get out of hand pretty quickly.

    Lance Hood/ Shoryuken- 5 readers -
  • North America Getting Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Demo Next Week

    Though fans outside of Japan were able to get their hands on Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- demo by setting up a foreign PlayStation Network account, an early look native to North America will be available very soon. According to this week’s installment of PlayStation Blogcast, a demo for the PlayStation 4 version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- will arrive on the North ...

    Ian Walker/ Shoryuken- 4 readers -
  • Possible Chin Infinite Discovered in King of Fighters XIII

    Many of the combos in King of Fighters XIII already feel long enough to be “infinite” combos. If a combo can kill an opponent from full health before ending, it may serve the same purpose as an infinite, but it still can’t truly go on forever, sadly. Luckily for Chin players, a true infinite combo was recently discovered and uploaded to Niconico. ...

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  • Catch Up on RZR|Xian, Nishikin, and EG|Momochi’s Road to Capcom Cup

    With Capcom Cup quickly approaching, Capcom recently released three more installments of their World Warriors video series, which sees David “UltraDavid” Graham and James Chen of UltraChen TV analyze important matches that have led the event’s participants to the main stage. This time around, UltraChen takes a look at Razer’s Xian, ...

    Ian Walker/ Shoryuken- 3 readers -
  • Microsoft Studios Provides Closer Look at Killer Instinct’s Kan-Ra

    Earlier this morning, Microsoft Studios and Iron Galaxy Studios released the very first gameplay footage of Killer Instinct’s Kan-Ra by way of a reveal trailer. And while that was all well and good, videos of that nature tend to raise more questions than they answer. Fortunately, fans did not have to wait long to get more information on this cursed combatant.

    Ian Walker/ Shoryuken- 2 readers -
  • Kan-Ra Kicks Ice, Takes Souls in Killer Instinct Reveal Trailer

    Microsoft Studios has just given us our first look at Killer Instinct’s next fighter, Kan-Ra, in action courtesy of a special reveal trailer. A Babylonian sorcerer cursed with an eternal rot, Kan-Ra will be bringing his magical arsenal to Iron Galaxy Studios’ season of content next week. While not a mummy in the strictest sense of the word, this soulstealer definitely doles ...

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