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  • Sonic the Comic Con Funded, First Guest Announced

    A few days ago we brought you the news of a kickstarter to fund a new convention based on Sonic the Comic. Following that announcement, the convention reached it’s target of £1,400 in under 12 hours, the convention is going to go ahead. In conjunction with this, the organis...

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  • Sonic Spinball Ride to be Removed as Early as Next Year?

    So back in 2010, TSS broke the news that popular UK theme Park Alton Towers would be re-branding their Spinball Whizzer ride into a Sonic themed roller coaster entitled Sonic Spinball. The re-brand didn’t just end with a roller-coaster, the park also transformed one of their ...

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  • Rise of Lyric Comic Con Demo Adds New Level, Drops One

    While at the San Diego Comic Con today, I decided to head to the Nintendo Lounge to see if the Sonic Boom demo had been updated at all from the E3 build. I found out that there was some differences made since the E3 build. I can honestly say that I did see some improvement...

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  • Sonic the Comic Con Announced

    Earlier this year, it was announced that there would be no Summer of Sonic in 2014, news which disappointed many UK Sonic fan. However, a group of fans which include staff behind both Sonic the Comic Online and Summer of Sonic have banded together to announce a new Sonic...

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  • Sonic Boom Box Arts, US Release Dates Revealed

    We’ve seen plenty of gameplay and heard plenty of details about the upcoming Sonic Boom games for Wii U and 3DS – but two things we’ve been left in the dark about are the box arts and the release dates. Well, wonder no more! …sort of, anyway. The box arts for both Sonic ...

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  • Behind the Scenes of the Sonic Boom TV Series

    Click here to view the embedded video. Ever wondered what goes into making an animated show like the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series? Well, wonder no more, as SEGA have uploaded an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek at their latest cartoon venture, produced by OuiDO! Prod...

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  • Say Hello to Sonic Boom’s Secondary Cast

    Q-N-C You know what they say… the more the merrier! As the release of Sonic Boom across Wii U, 3DS and TV screens fast approaches, SEGA have revealed a cavalcade of new characters you can look forward to seeing Sonic and friends interact with in this unique spin of the ...

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  • Sonic Boomcast Episode 1

    Click here to view the embedded video. Welcome to the first episode of Sonic Boomcast! A monthy podcast dedicated to the Sonic Boom franchise where we’ll be talking all things Sonic Boom related along with a few other Sonic things should the need arise. Hosted by me, Jason ...

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  • Sonic Generations Diorama Production pics Released

    I don’t think I’ve seen so many Sonics together in a single photo before… In the last few minutes, First 4 Figures released 5 images of their upcoming Sonic Generations Diorama piece originally revealed back in November on their Facebook page, and it looks to be nearing ...

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  • More Details Revealed About Archie’s Sonic Boom

    The paper adaptation of the upcoming cartoon is starting with a bang! Earlier today, we reported on the Sonic Boom comic sighting on Archie’s comic website. Now, thanks to an exclusive reveal from IGN, the comic is officially confirmed. Not only that, but we know more ab...

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  • Archie Comics Sonic Boom Title Revealed

    Trouble keeps you running faster Sonic fans, get ready to open your wallets a little more to make room for THREE monthly Sonic titles. While not officially announced yet, Archie Comics own website has a brand new Sonic Boom comic available for subscription with the first ...

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