• SSR Presents New Year’s F*cking Eve 2015

    Mirrored from SSR NEW YEAR’S F*CKING EVE Biafra Republic will be streaming all of your favorite SEGA and Sonic songs non-stop from A/V Hijack’s HQ in Galveston County, TX, starting at 2PM GMT (8AM US Central/6AM Pacific), and keep on streaming into 2015, ending approximately 8:30AM GMT (2:30AM US Central/12:30AM Pacific).

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  • Experience Christmas With Eggman, And His Family

    “Christmas With Sonic” by Balenaproductions (creator of “Sonic in Jaws” and the “Sonic Zombie” series), an annual festive treat which began back in 2011, returns once again this year with a brand new twist – what would Christmas be like with Eggman and the family? In “Christmas With Eggman”, we see this possibility unfold.

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  • Sonic The Cosplayer does a “sexy” cosplay?

    We assume you have heard of Sonic The Cosplayer? If not, he takes a unique “spin” on cosplaying by always acting in character as “Sonic”, a special Sonic who likes to cosplay as a variety of cool characters. Every wondered how Sonic would dress as Mario, or how the blur blur would look as Harry Potter? Then this is your guy! We love him so much, we thought he was the pe ...

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  • Early Big Red Button Sonic CryEngine Test Scene Found

    I’ve spoken quite in length of the development of Sonic Boom and how Sega were apparently really impressed with what Big Red Button were doing with regards to the CryEngine & Sonic. Now, we’re not sure if this was one of those experiments, tests, concepts which were shown to Sega, but what we do know is that this was made by someone at Big Red Button during/just prior t ...

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  • Sonic Boom: The Rise and Demise of a Spin-Off

    2014 has been a significant year in my books; To mark my 30th I’ve been fortunate enough to have also celebrated Sonic the Hedgehog at three different events across three continents with many fellow enthusiasts. 2014 has also been a year in which SEGA has proven it can still put on a show. Sonic Boom (the fan event, now in its 4th year) was yet another fantastic showcase of the ...

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  • Sonic & SEGA Racing and Sonic Racing Transformed Concepts Found

    The Sonic Stadium has uncovered a large amount of concept artwork for popular racing titles Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Some of the art is from the very early stages of development, right to the initial pitch itself in Transformed’s case. We have even found the Gilius Thunderhead on Chicken Leg concept Sumo Digital’s Steve Ly ...

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  • Sega is Going Into the Movie Business

    It’s not often that we cover non Sonic news… however I think this can make an exception since it’s such a significant move and with the Sonic movie in pre-production it might give us all an indication as to where Sega is going. And if this report is anything to go by, it’s the movies! According to Variety, Sega has hired Evan Cholfin to lead efforts into adapting Sega franchises into movies.

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  • Sonic Riders Was Once Planned for GBA

    The Sonic Stadium has discovered that a handheld version of 2006 racing game Sonic Riders was also being developed for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. The information was found on artists’ Keith Erickson’s portfolio and Arvin Bautista’s resume, where it’s revealed the game was being developed by Backbone Entertainment who you may remember worked on the Sonic Rivals racing games for Sony’s PSP.

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  • Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #267

    Christmas in a tropical jungle? That’s this month’s issue for you. The festive season may be upon us, but this climax is set to be electrifying, and Comicosity has a glimpse into the pages. In Sonic the Hedgehog #267, Sonic has just about learned how to use his furry (furrier, anyway) new form to his advantage.

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  • Sonic Boom Toys to Appear at Nuremberg Toy Fair

    You may remember a few months ago we brought you word that Tomy were indeed planning on releasing the Sonic Boom toys in the UK. Well, since then there’s been very little word on when exactly this will be happening, however it looks like that the toys are indeed on their way to both the UK and Europe as a whole.

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  • Classic Sonic and Super Mario 3D World cross paths!

    We cover fan stuff all the time, but have you checked out this cool project? Currently in alpha release, this Blender fan game sees classic Sonic explore a Mario 3D World inspired level landscape. Creator Chishado describes his fan game as, ” It has a very different art style and gameplay from the norm, however it is very interesting in it’s own way.

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  • Boom Commentaries Uncut: Episode 8 Eggheads

    Click here to view the embedded video. In today’s episode, Eggman bakes up some “evil cookies” which turn Sonic’s friends into Eggman’s henchmen. Plus check out the podcast version for OVER AN HOU ...

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  • Joypolis Hosting Sonic Fan Thanksgiving Event

    Sega have announced on their Joypolis news site that they are to hold a special ‘party’ to celebrate the launch of Sonic ‘Toon’ in Japan. Translated the event is named ‘Sonic Fan Thanksgiving 2014′ and will be held at Tokyo Joypolis on December 28th 2014. Tickets to get into the fan event are free, however you will need to pay for admission to Joypolis itself.

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  • Sonic Boom Mid-Season Finale Airs December 6th

    Call it a mid season finale (after only 8 episodes), Christmas break, a marketing decision, or whatever you want to call it, Boom isn’t going to be showing new episodes for a while. According to a post on NintendoLife, Sonic Boom on Cartoon Network is going to be taking a break for Christmas, the last episode (entitled “Eggheads“ will be aired on December 6th which is thi ...

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  • Sonic Boomcast Episode 5 “The aftermath of the Boom”

    Sorry for being so late on this one folks (two weeks after the recording), but as a retail clerk, you can imagine it’s been a real busy week for me. I even forgot to add the intro and ending music! GAAHH!! Anyway, this is the episode that’s been four other episodes in the making! No more speculation, no more talking about demos or trailers.

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