• The Spin: Sonic Boom – What Happened? Part 1

    Disclaimer: The views in this piece may not reflect the views of TSS or other writers on the staff team. The intention of The Spin is to promote debate and discussion of an issue or something that’s happening in the fandom or the world of Sonic. Article contains spoilers for Boom, also this is not our review of Boom, that is being handled by another staff member.

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  • TSS Review: Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

    “That’s a bounce pa-oh wait, I only grunt in this game. Thank God.” Giving exploration incentives in a platformer can be a tricky business. It can be a fun aspect or make your game an absolute chore. Sonic Colors does it very succesfully by having you look for red rings to unlock bonus levels. Unleashed does it poorly as it forces you to look around for sun and moon medals ...

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  • Sonic Takes A Selfie In This New Boom Parody.

    What happens when the biggest viral song of 2014 crosses paths with the biggest Sonic release this year? This apparently. Click here to view the embedded video. In a similar move to last year, The Sonic Show are celebrating their 8th anniversary by taking a Sonical spin on the years largest viral tune.

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  • Preview: Sonic Universe #70

    A year’s worth of comic stories draws to an end in this shattering finale! This month’s Sonic Universe is out today, and Comic Book Resources has the preview pages for the end of the comic arc trilogy. In Sonic Universe #70, Knuckles and Shadow are still duking it out, and the rest of the team aren’t enough to keep Eclipse and his Dark Arms away from the Master Emerald! It’ ...

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  • Movie News: The Upcoming, and the Cancelled

    Ever since its initial announcement a few months back, there’s been no real word on what’s going on with the upcoming Sonic movie. All that’s known so far is that the movie will not be based on the Boom universe and that one of the screenwriters is a fan of the franchise – two pieces of news that could be well received by fans considering the… less than stellar launch of the t ...

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  • “Sound Of The Sonic Stadium” Album Dropping November, Previews Available

    A community project by SSMB to produce a powerhouse Sonic music album like no other. Sound familiar? Lead by :: DJ EAR :: with the blessing of our very own VizardJeffhog (leader of the popular TSSMA albums of the previous few years), “Sound of The Sonic Stadium” is releasing this month! Featuring twenty artists and over thirty tracks which equals to over two hours of wonderf ...

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  • Sonic Boom Contains a Mario Reference/Easter Egg

    So not 100% sure on the details for this one, such as, can you get here without using the Knuckles jump glitch or if it’s possible through normal jumping/climbing, anyway. But basically, Boom’s first Easter Egg might have been found, and it’s a Mario reference. How do you find this? Well, you have to use Knuckles in order to get inside an inaccessible house… since I don’t ...

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  • Sonic Runners Test Page Turns Up at SEGA Networks

    Following yesterday’s discovery of a Sonic Runners domain registered by SEGA, we made a visit to the SEGA Networks website (thanks to SSMB member Blue Blood for the link) and noticed they do indeed make full sites for their mobile games. These sites start with the game’s title and end with ‘.sega-net.com/’, ...

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  • Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #266

    Moss Miyagi teaches us a valuable lesson; “Werehog on, Werehog off”. Sonic the Hedgehog #266 is out today, and Comicosity has a little look at the preview. In this month’s issue, Sonic is staying with Moss, Mighty and Ray following his outburst as the Werehog. He wants to control that fearsome beast, but what kind of help can his current allies provide for him when he’s alr ...

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  • SEGA has Registered/Owns SonicRunners.com

    Busy week for news! Not only does Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal release this morning in the United States of America, but in follow up to our previous Sonic Runners article, it was discovered this morning that SEGA now owns and has registered the domain www.sonicrunners.com . Domain Name: SONICRUNNERS.

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  • Rumour: Next Sonic Game is Sonic Runners

    We are labelling this one as a rumour, it’s not confirmed and we only have this one guys word to go on. So if you don’t like that stuff, stop reading now. A user on our own forums pointed to an archive of posts made at /V/ board a few months ago from someone claiming to be a beta tester on Sonic Boom made a series of claims regarding the game which have turned out not just to ...

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