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  • Freak-Out Friday: Sonic Adventure 2 Greatest Hits Revisited

    I’m sure they’d approve. Sonic Adventure 2′s vocal themes are some of the most well known the franchise has ever produced. From the big theme song “Live & Learn”, to the classic opening level boarding down the San Francisco-esque city with “City Escape” blaring, these songs are practically embedded in the minds of anyone who picked up the title on either the Dreamcast or Gamecube.

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  • Free T-shirt With Sonic Boom Pre-orders at UK Nintendo Store

    Via the above UK version of a recent trailer for the Sonic Boom games, Nintendo has revealed that fans who pre-order either Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric or Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal at their UK online store will get a free Sonic Boom t-shirt. The shirt features all five members of the Sonic Boom gang and (seen below) comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. ...

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  • Sonic Dies April 2015… According to the Official 2015 Calendar

    So last year we brought you news that Sega was planning to release a Sonic the Hedgehog themed calendar for 2014, well it seems that Sega will be doing it again this year too. And according to the calendar, Sonic will die in April. Very Sad… anyway. We don’t know how this motobug found it’s way into the Marble Zone, the only explanation is that they’ve become self aware an ...

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  • New Sonic Boom Screenshots & Vehicle/Weapon Info

    Knuckles – “I wanna see Nemo.” Sonic – “We’re not at Disneyland and this is not a submar-” Knuckles “I WANNA SEE NEMO!” Recently the Japanese website for Sonic Boom (AKA Sonic Toon) released some new screenshots of the upcoming game as well as some info on new vehicles and weapons. Also shown were some brand new screenshots of some levels including ones that haven’t been seen before.

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  • Old Sonic Boom Title Card Discovered

    So a bit of a history lesson here. Sega originally announced the Sonic Boom cartoon on October 2nd 2013. There were no details other than that ‘shadows on the cliff’ image. Since then we’ve been told that Boom underwent a number of design changes before it was finally announced earlier this year. Well it seems we here at TSS might have found one of the early changes.

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  • My Favourite Fleetway: Knuckles Village of the Damned Part 1

    *dresses up as a vampire and emerges from behind the sofa with a scary put on deep voice* Hello my children! It’s the time of year where the nights get colder, darker and things become just that little bit spooky! And what better way to enjoy the season by sharing a horror story? Come my children, gather close to your uncle Hogfather and let me tell you a tale which contains a mystery, crazed.

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  • Sonic Boom TV Show Premiere and Merchandise Debut Lined up for Armageddon Expo

    Armageddon Expo in Melbourne Australia has announced that SEGA will be exclusively presenting the premiere of the upcoming Sonic Boom TV show with them this Saturday October 18th at 10:00am. However, the premiere is for VIP Guests only. To obtain one of the limited seats for the premiere you can contact the organisers at

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  • TSS Reviews: Sonic Boom Toys (Video)

    After heading to two different Toys R’ Us’s yesterday, I managed to snag some of the Sonic Boom action figures that have just been released from Tomy. Outside of my video review, I wanted to give a few more details. Tails, Sticks, Amy, Orbot and Cubot have not been released yet. They will probably be in a second wave of toys. Eggman, Knuckles and Sonic with Vehicles are $12.99 Each.

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  • First 4 Figures Dr. Robotnik Statue: Pre-Orders Now Open

    First 4 Figures’ Dr. Robotnik statue has gone up for pre-order, and all I can say is, “reinforce your shelves, and prepare your wallet for severe trauma”. The statue has Robotnik portrayed in a pose that is identical to that of the old Japanese resin statue (the one with the wooden base). Unlike the wooden base of the Japanese statue, he’s standing on one of Wing Fortress’ floating platforms.

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  • Sonic/Mega Man Worlds Unite Coming 2015

    Well this is a surprise! Last year, Archie comics release their World’s Collide comic which saw Sonic & Mega Man cross paths in a special event issue. The series was quite well received with some pretty memorable scenes, especially those involving the villains. Well it seems like Archie was pleased with the sales since they’ve just announced a sequel.

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  • Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #265

    Don’t get mad, get even more information on Sonic media. Arcade Sushi has a preview for the upcoming Sonic issue, and it’s quite a howler in time for Halloween! In Sonic the Hedgehog #265, after seeing his friends in agony, Sonic has been consumed by Dark Gaia’s influence and is now Sonic the Werehog! This means bad news for his enemies…but it’s not exactly good news for his allies either.

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