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  • My Favourite Fleetway: Knuckles Village of the Damned Part 2

    Due to a combination of Sonic the Comic Con and my own laziness, Part 3 has been delayed for a bit, for now, enjoy Part 2. *dresses up as a vampire and emerges from behind the sofa with a scary put on deep voice* Hello my children! It’s Halloween! And what better way to celebrate the night of ghosts and goblins by gathering around the campfire to share a scary story, today w ...

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  • The Sonic Show Release Charity 8th Anniversary Album

    Sister site, The Sonic Show, has been offering the community a variety of weird entertainment over the years which brings them to their 8th birthday this November! This year, the crew have decided to release a sound track of sorts, collecting them music from their past. This includes their theme music, songs from videos plus brand new oddities for future projects and remixes f ...

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  • New Japanese Sonic Boom: ROL Trailer Makes the Game Look Exciting and Fun

    Recently, a new game trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (AKA Sonic Toon: Ancient Treasure) has been released from Sega of Japan. The trailer shows off brand new areas, brand new gameplay and a multiplayer party mode featured in the game. The trailer also gives us a good idea of what the final game will look like and it’s looking much better than what early gameplay and scr ...

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  • Preview: Sonic Universe #69

    I’m not saying aliens did it…actually, I totally am. Sonic Universe #69 is out today, and Comic Crusader has a peek into the pages. This month, Knuckles and Shadow finally clash over the fate of the Master Emerald in the wake of the Shattered World Crisis. While our heroes and semi-heroes are struggling to work together, Eclipse is preparing for another attack, this time ar ...

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  • Preview: Sonic Boom #1

    How would one go about bringing on the boom, anyway? The beginning of the Sonic Boom influx is finally at our doorstep, and it all begins with a preview for the debut issue of the new official comic coming out tomorrow! Comic Book Resources brings the preview pages for this month’s issue, and it’s a whopping eight pages worth of insight.

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  • Preview: Sonic Super Digest #9

    I’ve heard of eating rabbits, but rabbit cyborgs? Can you Digest that? To whet the appetite for a preview double feature, Sonic Super Digest #9 is out tomorrow, and Comic Book have a preview of it. On top of the usual reprints and pin-up images, there’s a new chapter in the Sonic Comic Origins series of short stories! Bunnie has always been a kind lass, but how did she go f ...

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  • Sonic Boomcast Episode 4: The Sizzle Before the Boom.

    Sadly, this is our final Sonic Boomcast…….before all the Sonic Boom media hits! Yeah, you’re not getting off that easy. We got plenty to talk about this week including the latest Sonic Boom news and Tanner “Ogilvie” Bates fills us in on his trip to the Sonic Boom 2014 event. I also give you a rundown on the brand new Sonic Boom toys just released including prices and a short review.

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  • Freak-Out Friday: Sonic Adventure 2 Greatest Hits Revisited

    I’m sure they’d approve. Sonic Adventure 2′s vocal themes are some of the most well known the franchise has ever produced. From the big theme song “Live & Learn”, to the classic opening level boarding down the San Francisco-esque city with “City Escape” blaring, these songs are practically embedded in the minds of anyone who picked up the title on either the Dreamcast or Gamecube.

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  • Free T-shirt With Sonic Boom Pre-orders at UK Nintendo Store

    Via the above UK version of a recent trailer for the Sonic Boom games, Nintendo has revealed that fans who pre-order either Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric or Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal at their UK online store will get a free Sonic Boom t-shirt. The shirt features all five members of the Sonic Boom gang and (seen below) comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. ...

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  • Sonic Dies April 2015… According to the Official 2015 Calendar

    So last year we brought you news that Sega was planning to release a Sonic the Hedgehog themed calendar for 2014, well it seems that Sega will be doing it again this year too. And according to the calendar, Sonic will die in April. Very Sad… anyway. We don’t know how this motobug found it’s way into the Marble Zone, the only explanation is that they’ve become self aware an ...

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  • New Sonic Boom Screenshots & Vehicle/Weapon Info

    Knuckles – “I wanna see Nemo.” Sonic – “We’re not at Disneyland and this is not a submar-” Knuckles “I WANNA SEE NEMO!” Recently the Japanese website for Sonic Boom (AKA Sonic Toon) released some new screenshots of the upcoming game as well as some info on new vehicles and weapons. Also shown were some brand new screenshots of some levels including ones that haven’t been seen before.

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