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  • Sonic Jump Fever Out On iOS And Android Today!

    Jump back into the fray with your favourite hero…Tails?   A new app is hitting the mobile platforms today! Sonic Jump Fever is the improved follow up to Hardlight’s original venture with Sonic, Sonic Jump. There’s new worlds to jump in, old favourites to unlock and pla...

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  • Sonic Boom TV Show Storyboards Depict a Hoverboard Race

    It seems everybody missed one hell of a leak! One of the people behind Sonic Boom’s TV adaptation has posted a number of storyboards from the upcoming show on his website. Only the crazy thing… they’ve been on his website for over a year! That’s right, for over a year sev...

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  • Sonic Adventure 2 in Source Filmmaker! I found you, Faker!

    Close your eyes and think back to a time when the console wars were coming to a close, Big Blue hit the 10 year mark, and SEGA had released their final bid in keeping the Dreamcast alive – Sonic Adventure 2. Ooooor you could think back to a time when SEGA fell apart as a fi...

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  • #Sonic23on23 Celebration Round-up

    A golden birthday only happens once and we at Sonic Stadium wanted to make sure there was some fanfare! That’s why we teamed up with SEGAbits and Sonic Retro for an entire week of articles, features and videos, with the intent of looking back at Sonic’s past, analyzing the...

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  • Sonic 2′s Lost Holographic Cartridge Labels

    Now this is an interesting bit of unknown history. According to Al Nilsen, who at the time was the Director of Marketing for Sega of America back in the 90′s has revealed an unknown tid bit regarding Sonic 2′s release. That being, the cartridges were to be a little differe...

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  • Preview: Sonic Universe #65

    The hunt is on for a certain individual that was unleashed during the crisis!   Comicosity has a preview of Sonic Universe 65! In this issue, Knuckles and the Chaotix have stumbled across Light Gaia, and both parties have their own reason to want to get hold of the lit...

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  • Sonic on the Go: Sonic Jam on the

    Few of you truly know the depths the Sonic franchise have sunk to. I know this because I’ve been there repeatedly. I’m not sure if it is out of some perverse pleasure of causing myself pain, or if I just feel the need to punish myself, but I have attempted to play this gam...

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  • The Sonic List: My favorite Sonic related moments

    Iizuka – “Why does that scary, fat man keep following me?!” Jason – “….HHHhiiiiiiiiii.” To be honest, if it wasn’t for Barry’s Weekly five list on Segabits, I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to do my own Sonic List column. Seeing how people comment and react to my op...

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  • TSS Review: Sonic Pixel Bricks by Paladone

    Paladone has recently released the two items I was the most excited for when they announced their range of Sonic the Hedgehog goodies: The Sonic and Tails Pixel Bricks sets! So no sooner than they were released we got our hands on them. The premise is simple: Get bricks:...

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  • First 4 Figures Teases more of Robotnik Statue

    First 4 Figures sure love their teasers! Dr. Eggman is evidently getting closer to release, as First 4 Figures today teased a new photograph of currently-in-development classic Dr. Robotnik statue on Facebook. The last time we saw him, he didn’t look to be much more than a ...

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  • The Anatomy of a Bad Sonic Game

    The following is a guest article from SEGAbits writer Ben Burnham, who joined the website several years ago. He is an avid and long-time Sonic fan who’s written about the games numerous times over the years. As part of our intersite #Sonic23on23 celebration, Ben has writte...

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