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    • ‘WWE 2K15′ Review

      It’s that time of year again. The time when summers need to be slammed, series need to be survived, and the mania is all about wrestling. It must be WWE 2K15 time. Determined to give fans the most realistic WWE experience to date, developers Yuke’s and Visual Concepts have teamed up again in an attempt to bring the series into the new generation of consoles.

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  • WWE 2K15: One edition of the game comes with a metal folding chair

    … The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of 2K Sports and Visual Concepts/Yuke’s popular wrestling simulation game, WWE 2K15, released this past Tuesday, November 18th (with the game coming out in EU territories tomorrow – November 21st), to mild critical reception, with both versions of the highly anticipated game averaging somewhere in the 60s…

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  • WWE 2K15 MyCareer Mode Issues

    … mode. Click here to view the embedded video. The current unofficial fix for this issue is to simply go offline after launching the game, following what had to be done back when 2K released NBA 2K14, which has the mode in which the developers based the MyCareer mode for WWE 2K15; even though these game modes are single-player only, the save files…

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  • WWE 2K15 First Impressions (PS3)

    … With all the information I received about this year’s installment in the WWE 2K franchise, the WWE 2K15 game, I just felt like I had to get the game for myself, after not playing any WWE game since the one released back in 2011 for the PlayStation 2. The most important piece of information that made me decide about getting the game, was the one…

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  • Sting to appear at GameStop for WWE 2K15 Midnight Release in San Francisco

    … WWE Games (@WWEGames) tweeted the following 15 minutes ago: The Icon @Sting will be at the Market St. @Gamestop in SF, CA during Midnight Mayhem on 11/17! Join him and get your copy of #WWE2K15! — WWE 2K (@WWEgames) November 11, 2014 WWE 2K15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 comes out November 18th. Pre-Order now to secure the download codes for Surfer Sting and Crow Sting. …

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  • Try Out NBA 2K15 This Weekend For Free On Steam

    … integrated Steamworks and Steam Cloud. Players will be able to experience over 5,000 brand new animations within the game that hopes to bring in realism. It includes a soundtrack developed by Pharrell Williams that will play as you explore the MyCareer, MyPark and MyTeam modes. Coupled with the broadcast style presentation, fans will find a lot to like in this fully-featured PC version. At least now they can try it before they buy it. NBA 2K15 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. …

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  • New Courts Are Coming To NBA 2K15

    … The official NBA 2K15 twitter account has announced that a few new courts will be making their way into the game very soon. The NBA 2K15 twitter page announced: “New @NBA courts (@Cavs @PelicansNBA @SacramentoKings @BrooklynNets @Sixers @denvernuggets) will be in #NBA2K15 before season tip-off Tuesday” To translate this into non-social media…

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  • NBA 2K15 Receives First Patch On PC

    … 2K Games has now released the first patch for the PC version of NBA 2K15. NBA 2K15 has had a patchy (pardon the pun) history since it launched back on October 7th. Most of the blame lies with the game’s servers. Other gamers found it hard to redeem downloadable content and more. It was not a pretty launch to say the least. Over two weeks…

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  • ‘NBA 2K15′ Review

    … In the eyes of many basketball loving gamers, 2K Sports and the team at Visual Concepts have produced the NBA 2K series to be the reigning king of the court for years. With the release of NBA 2K15, the franchise looks to continue its dynasty run even as EA Sports’ NBA Live series attempts to mount a comeback. Armed with more than a few…

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  • NBA 2K15 Servers Are Still Up And Down

    … The NBA 2K15 servers continue to be a problem for many gamers, although things are slowly improving as time goes by. NBA 2K15 community manager, Ronnie 2K, has shared more light on the current situation on his official twitter page. He retweeted photos of many fans that own the game. Some gamers have managed to get online, while another batch…

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  • NBA 2K15 Online Server Issues Should Now Be Resolved

    … According to 2K Support, the online server issues that has plagued the release of NBA 2K15 since launch have now been resolved. The 2K Support Twitter page announced the following: “#NBA2K15 connecting to online issue should be resolved. Please reboot & let us know.” NBA 2K15 has had a rough launch ever since it came out on October 7th…

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  • NBA 2K15 Servers Seem To Be Down Too

    … of the faces have turned out. We hope the advice 2K has given us is helpful for those struggling to get a good looking scan for the game. Anyway, the NBA 2K15 servers are still down and have remained this way for several hours during its launch day. 2K Sports is continuing to investigate the problem so that things go back to normal. We will update this story to let you know when the servers go back online. …

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