• My Journey Into ‘Destiny’ – First Impressions of Bungie’s New Epic

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    Activision and developer Bungie offered a welcome end to the summer video game lull with the release of what may be the most-talked-about new game of the year: Destiny. It released Tuesday in a very unusual way from an industry perspective, and even two days later there are barely any reviews of the game.

  • Review in Progress: Destiny

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    [Since a large part of Destiny is found within the raid system upon reaching max level, we'll be performing a Review in Progress of the game over the course of a few weeks. Here is our initial experience with the live version.] Bungie has a lot to prove coming off of Halo.

  • ‘Destiny’: Collect Legendary and Rare Gear in Upcoming Events

    Game Rant - - 10 readers - While many are still actively digging through Destiny‘s story and Strike missions, and even testing their mettle in the Crucible, even more are likely asking “What’s next?” Obviously, as has been previously detailed, the first raid mission, titled The Vault of Glass, is ready and waiting, but few gamers have hit the appropriate level or are ready for the 11-hour commitment.
  • Destiny First Impressions – The Awoken (PS4)

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 32 readers - This is not a review. At this point I have played 11 hours of Destiny, from the moment the servers opened up, until my power sadly went out and I was forced to stop playing. In those 11 hours, I have brought my Titan to level 13, played a number of matches in the Crucible, made it to Venus in the story, and even wielded a badass sword on the moon.
  • New Destiny Update Released, Helps Fix Centipede Error

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 220 readers - Earlier today, Bungie issued the latest update for Destiny, weighing in at 296MB on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, no official patch notes have been given yet, with Bungie’s site only saying, “Pardon our dust! Destiny is being updated. You will be returned to the title screen to install a title update and will be able to continue playing afterwards.
  • ‘Destiny’s First Raid Took Nearly 11 Hours to Beat

    Game Rant - - 10 readers - Bungie initially warned us all that Destiny’s first raid, ‘The Vault of Glass,’ would be fairly difficult, even for the lower 20 level characters. It’s doubtful, however, that anyone expected the new content to take an absurd amount of time to beat. But the game’s first raid (which debuted early on September 16) took one team nearly half a day to finish.

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  • Bungie Reveals Destiny’s Week One Stats, 137 Million Activities Played

    …Bungie Reveals Destiny’s Week One Stats, 137 Million Activities Played, PvP Rewards Tweak Hinted Reviews of Destiny may have been pretty mixed, but they didn’t stop players from investing a significant amount of time into the game. In its latest weekly update, Bungie has revealed that within the first seven days of its release, Destiny was played…

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  • Shoot a Cave in Destiny, Get Tons of Loot

    …Tweet Pin It Picked up shared-world shooter Destiny and finding it hard to find those elusive engrams and loot? You may be in luck then comrades, with a pretty nifty farming exploit making its rounds in the game recently. So how does it work? All you have to do is head to Earth’s Russian countryside and make your way to the Moth Yards and follow…

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  • Destiny: ‘Vault of Glass’ Raid Beaten In Under 2 Hours

    …Released earlier this week, the ‘Vault of Glass’ is the first raid available to Destiny players, and has been described by its creators as the hardest piece of content they’ve ever created. The first six-person team to complete it recorded a time of 11 hours — a record that has been comprehensively smashed since, with a video released to YouTube…

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  • Destiny Public Event Guide

    …Destiny has a lot to offer and keep up with out of the game, one of which is Public Events. Public events are random occurring events that take place at periodic times on each planet. They offer various rewards and are ranked on three tiers, gold, silver and bronze. Gold going to those who are able to fully complete the event. Rewards also await…

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  • Report: UK PS4 Sales Increased 300% During Destiny Launch Week

    …Destiny’s launch last week not only helped PlayStation 4 sales in North America and Japan, but it also gave the system its biggest week of 2014 in the UK. This news comes from MCV, who reports that a “senior industry source quoting Chart-Track data” told them that PS4 hardware sales rose 300% week-over-week in the UK after the launch of Destiny…

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  • Combined Arms & The Queen’s Wrath Destiny Events Detailed

    …Dated earlier this week, Bungie has given out more details regarding the next two events in Destiny: Combined Arms and The Queen’s Wrath. Beginning today, September 19, and ending on September 21, Combined Arms is a Crucible Weekend Playlist described as follows: This is all out was on a massive scale. Guardians fight to survive in vehicular combat…

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