• Steampunkish interactive fiction 80 Days is out on Android now

      Recent Posts Steampunkish interactive fiction 80 Days is out on Android now -December 16, 2014 11:22 PM Death Skid Marks takes players on a road trip through destruction -December 16, 2014 8:25 AM Browser-based Twine 2.0 now available, works on Linux and tablets -December 15, 2014 11:27 PM Trailer Roundup: Platformers, puzzles, atmospheric stories, humor, and more -Decembe ... 2 readers -
    • Some Odd Gentlemen Are On A King’s Quest

      By Cassandra Khaw on December 8th, 2014 at 4:00 pm. Trailers don’t always turn me into a shrieking teenybopper, but I’m not ashamed to say I made high-pitched noises — think long, loud “EEEE”s of raw and immeasurable glee – at the King’s Quest announcement trailer. A joint production between The Odd Gentleman and the newly resurrected Sierra Games, the upcoming reboot is all ...

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    • Cyberpunk adventure game STEALER (5734L3R) returns with a new trailer

      STEALER (or 5734L3R) has been in the works for a while now. Its original trailer from 2012 grabbed the attention of cyberpunk fans, even after news of the game faded and eventually halted altogether, following the announcement of its cancellation on TIGSource. Well, it's returned now, along with a new trailer. Those who were excited for Winged Doom's sci-fi platform ... 3 readers -
  • Freeware Garden: Goat Herd and the Gods

    … By Konstantinos Dimopoulos on December 19th, 2014 at 11:00 am. Over their long, illustrious history point-and-click adventures have starred everything from wannabe pirates and odd teenagers to private investigators and obnoxious wizards, but never a goat herder. Happily, the aptly named Goat Herd and the Gods has just been released to right…

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  • Freeware Garden: A Date In The Park

    … By Konstantinos Dimopoulos on December 16th, 2014 at 12:00 pm. Awww, young love. Can seem so tacky when you are cynical, so naively passionate and yet so very adorable. Even when it involves a slightly obsessive young man and, as in the case of A Date In The Park, pointing-and-clicking at things that include at least one duckling. Then again…

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  • Wot I Think: The Dream Machine Chapter 5

    … this organ thief might be, as well as puzzle his way through the video-game-like confusion of Willard’s mind. All the games so far have played as very welcomely traditional point and click adventures. Inventory items, dialogue choices, and plenty of tricksy puzzles, are combined with some really surprisingly good writing. I say “surprisingly…

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  • Telltale’s Game of Thrones Mac Gameplay video

    … Telltale’s Game of Thrones Mac Gameplay video December 11, 2014 by Ric Molina Leave a Comment This is without doubt Telltale’s busiest year. In 2014 alone, they juggled four completely different franchises between The Walking Dead, Tales From the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us and now, Game of Thrones. If you have ever played any of these…

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  • Freeware Garden: Peen Peen (NSFW)

    … to discuss art, sex you up, or both. Only rarely will Peen Peen’s mythological denizens try to shame you and only once will they deliver one of the funniest and weirdest puns ever to grace a game. Appropriately, the simple point-and-click puzzles you’ll have to solve are not of the use-pin-on-lock variety, but tend to include having your penis frozen…

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  • Game Of Thrones Episode 1 Review

    … Game Of Thrones Episode 1 finally released on December 2 for PC (which is the version reviewed here) and PS4, with Xbox 360, Xbox One and iOS versions following on December 3&4; PlayStation 3 users will have to wait for December 9. I’m glad to say that Telltale was once again able to release a successful and great episodic adventure game…

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  • Freeware Garden: POEng’n’Klik

    … Sounding like something a Klingon would say is absolutely okay in my books when you are a point-and-click adventure from the Point And Click Jam. Doubly so when you have excellent four-colour CGA graphics and a weirdly-expressed affection for Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem, like POEng’n’Klik. … [visit site to read more…

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  • Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick on Thimbleweed Park

    … With traditional and particularly exciting adventure Thimbleweed Park doing impressively well on Kickstarter, we though we'd ask creators (and legendary Maniac Mansion duo) Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick a few things. Here's what they had to say: You have kept writing and talking about Maniac Mansion for years and people have been listening. I…

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  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham coming to Mac on November 28th

    … the Lantern Rings and harness their enormous energy to save the world! This is a classic LEGO game, so expect the usual adventure game filled with humour, huge environments to explore and tons of different characters to try out: In LEGO Batman 3, you will have the powers of more than 150 DC Comics Super Heroes and Super Villains at your disposal…

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  • The Troll Song's lovely new screenshots

    … Recent Posts The Troll Song's lovely new screenshots -November 19, 2014 9:00 AM Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick to revive classic adventuring with Thimbleweed Park -November 19, 2014 4:00 AM To Azimuth is an adventure game about small town mysteries, possibly aliens -November 18, 2014 7:55 PM The Last Federation Evolved and Expanded -November…

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