• Anime Characters Announcing They're Pregnant Is a New Meme

    Published at Kotaku - 15 readers

    Some people get excited when they find out they're pregnant. Then some don't want kids or don't feel ready. There's a whole range of emotions. But what about anime characters? How did they feel? Last night, a new meme started up online in Japan under the hashtag #妊娠検査薬コラ, which means "Pregnancy Test Photoshop.

  • Ash Ketchum from Pokémon Is Insanely Strong

    Published at Kotaku - 9 readers

    Okay, so Ash kinda sucks as a Pokémon Trainer. But damn, that kid is a physical marvel. The perpetual ten year-old has showed off his muscle power in the Pokémon anime several time. In the above photo, for example, you can see him hold up Fletchinder with one arm. Now that we've seen what Ash will look like in the newest season of the Pokemon anime, once…Read moreRead on Sin ...

  • You Can Buy Replica One Piece Swords for Nearly $1,000

    Kotaku - - 4 readers - Calling all One Piece fans! (With money to burn.) Now, you can buy some of the most famous swords from the famed manga and anime series. Toho Animation is teaming up with Japanese sword craftsmen for a series of four replica One Piece blades. These are expensive replicas that are built-to-order and are not mass produced.
  • Giant Murderous Martian Cockroaches are Coming to the 3DS

    Kotaku - - 2 readers - Japan's grizzly sci-fi action manga is getting a video game adaptation. Following in the footsteps of the hit manga series, Attack on Titan, the manga series that has bug-powered humans fighting giant Martian cockroaches, Terraformars is getting its own 3DS game. The first time I saw the opening to Attack on Titan—with the cast swinging through the city and…Read moreRead on ...
  • Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation Review

    Attack On Gaming - - 2 readers - Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation is an Anime adaptation of the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 video game published by Atlus. The game originally appeared on the Nintendo DS gaming console and is known for its story involving a teenage cast and their ability to summon demons from their cell phones.
  • Nisemonogatari The Complete Series Review

    Attack On Gaming - - 2 readers - Nisemonogatari is the sequel to the Bakemonogatari anime series from Shaft. The series is released by Hanabee here in Australia. The series follows directly on from the story left on after the events of the Black Hanekawa saga in Bakemonogatari. The series follows the unique look and feel of the monogatari series into a new season.

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  • The Guardians of the Galaxy in Anime Gifs

    … In Japan, there is currently an anime airing where the Avengers have basically been trapped in Poké Balls by Loki. Of course, to tie in with the recent movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy showed up in all their anime glory. And even though the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers isn't available outside of Japan, there’s no need to worry: I come…

    1 readers - Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku -
  • The Irregular at Magic High School Tells an Entertaining Story Poorly

    … With its complex magic system, excellent setting, and entertaining adventures, The Irregular at Magic High School is an anime I very much wanted to like. Unfortunately, it has several major problems in how it is constructed that hurt the anime overall. Good – A Futuristic World of Magic and Adventure The Irregular at Magic High School is set…

    1 readers - Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku -
  • Poll: The Best Anime of Fall 2014

    … Hey there all you TAYers, Ani-TAYers, and everyone else who has stumbled across this post. Kotaku East's Richard Eisenbeis here with one question for you: What Are the Best Anime of Fall 2014? As with past seasons, I will be posting an anime guide detailing the new fall anime you should be watching (and why) over on Kotaku. But as I am only one…

    Kotaku -
  • School Tries To Recreate Studio Ghibli Food

    … A junior high school the city of Mishima, Japan figured out a way to make school lunches fun: Serve Ghibli food. Recently a school flier for "Ghibli School Lunches" appeared on Twitter, racking up 14,000 retweets. Below, you can see the flier, which states that the Ghibli lunches will be served between October 27 and October 31. [Photo…

    1 readers - Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -

  • Man Arrested for Selling One Piece Money

    … A 45-year-old man was arrested in Japan for selling U.S. legal tender with anime characters on it. His crime? Violating the characters' copyright, reports TBS News. Tomoaki Tanahashi, who works in television in Nagoya, was nabbed for allegedly selling four one-dollar bills with One Piece stickers on them, with each going for between 1,500…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku - One Piece -
  • Watamote Complete Series Review

    … Highschool was probably a terrible time for everyone that ever had to go to it. For Tomoko, a reclusive shut-in that prefers the world of otome dating simulators to reality, this is especially true. She is a plain girl that would prefer having to be left alone, while also wishing she was more popular, which leads to a lot of the comedy…

    Gaming Admiral - Attack On Gaming -
  • McDonald's Turns into Japan's Most Popular Video Game Anime

    … A McDonald's in Tokyo's Odaiba has been turned into the fictional fastfood joint Mogmog Burgers from the extremely popular video game and anime series Yokai Watch. As reported on Inside and AnimeAnime, the restaurant is a recreation of Mogmog Burgers, with the burgers actually served up in a special Mogmog box. The inside of the restaurant…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku - McDonald's -
  • Barakamon is Touching, Heartfelt, and Utterly Wonderful

    … Every season, there is one anime that stands above the rest. And for this past summer season, that anime is Barakamon. We are now six weeks into the summer anime season, and with 44 new anime on the air it can be more…Read moreRead on Good – A Loss of Self Worth Barakamon is the modern day story of Handa, a young professional calligrapher who…

    1 readers - Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku -
  • Valvrave Season One Review

    Sunrise is a studio most notably known for its production on giant robot/ mecha franchises like Gundam, and more recently, Code Geass. Valvrave is the latest mecha series from the studio and can be quickly described as space vampires meets the absurd. However, it is a lot more than that while still adhering to a coherent but strange plot that often goes over the level of sanity.

    Gaming Admiral - Attack On Gaming -
  • Porco Rosso Sunglasses, Yours for $480

    … Studio Ghibli is teaming up with Japan's Washin Optical for official Porco Rosso sunglasses. They're kind of expensive. The glasses come in two variations. There is the "Period Piece Model," which is made like sunglasses were in the 1920s and 30s, which is when the anime takes place. The lenses are made from glass, while the frame is "sun…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -
  • The 7 Most Affable Versions Of Satan Ever

    … way to use his powers to make sure the Holocaust never happens, so major points to Satan for that. 6) Satan, South Park In the strangely thorough theology of the long0running South Park cartoon, Satan is an outright nice dude, if a bit needy, and prone to making bad relationship choice (such as in the South Park movie, when he's partnered…

    1 readers - Kotaku -

  • Beat Takeshi Hates Anime and That's Okay

    … Famed comedian, actor, director and television personality Beat Takeshi does not like anime. In particular, he mentioned the anime of Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki. But don't think for a second he doesn't recognize anime's importance. He does. During the Tokyo International Film Festival, Takeshi was asked about the sort of things…

    Brian Ashcraft - Kotaku -
  • A Step-by-Step in Art

    … Today’s subject. Following up from our interview, artist Jack Crowder has broken down the method to his madness and shared a step-by-step process on one of his piece. A base to start with. What’s better practice than taking a character from a very apparent style and manifesting it again? We’re going to take C.C. from Code Geass…

    The Outerhaven -
  • Tokyo Ghoul Builds an Emotional World of Horror and Violence

    … This past summer’s anime Tokyo Ghoul may ostensibly be a dark and twisted horror story about superpowered monsters who feed upon humanity; but beneath its surface, it's so much more. Good – Ghoul Society Tokyo Ghoul takes place in a world quite similar to our own but with one major difference: Humanity is not at the top of the food chain…

    1 readers - Richard Eisenbeis - Kotaku -

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