• Could Crash Bandicoot be Making His Way to the PS4?

      Tweet Pin It It’s been some time but the gaming world’s favorite bandicoot could be making a return in the near future. The Crash Bandicoot series hasn’t seen a release since 2010, but new rumors suggest the PlayStation 4 could see the apple-loving aficionado once again. The PlayStation twitter page posted a tweet of the character recently to celebrate 20 years of the PlayStation console.

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    • Could Titanfall 2 be Coming to the PlayStation 4?

      Tweet Pin It It’s no secret that PlayStation users were a little bummed out following the announcement Titanfall would only release on the Xbox and PC. Now with the PlayStation Experience coming this weekend, their hopes of experiencing the shooter series are higher than ever. According to Gamespot, Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment will be at the event, prompting ...

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    • Street Fighter 5 NEWS: CHARLIE LIVES?!!!

      I hope you guys were enjoying the pulse-pounding excitement of the Capcom Cup 2014 on Twitch. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of holiday and family obligations to part of, but I made sure to arrive in time for the big SF5 announcement. And WOOOOAAAAHHH NELLY, What an announcement it was! Oh don’t let the crowd over at the tournament fool you: the ending was hype as fuck! Firs ...

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  • Ninja Theory Teases Upcoming “Cool News” on a New Project

    … Ninja Theory has recently teased an upcoming announcement for a new project they are working on. The tease came in the form of a tweet made from the developers official Twitter account that said the following: #Hellblade development continues at full pace, but on Monday we have cool news to share on a different project. — NinjaTheory…

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  • Thanks for the warm welcome this weekend, Kotaku faithful.

    … Thanks for the warm welcome this weekend, Kotaku faithful. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Hit me up on Twitter at @CGidari if you ever want to say hi, and I'll see you around the comments section! Read more…

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  • Space Invaders Film Adaptation In The Works

    … Everyone has played Space Invaders at one point, it prides itself as one of the pioneer games the culture has ever seen and is truly iconic all over the world. It makes sense then to evolve that work into film and that’s exactly what Warner Bros. are doing, with a Space Invader movie in the works. You might think how the hell the studio will make…

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  • A very quick update on Nintendo 3DS Daily/Community

    … Nintendo 3DS Daily’s redesign is probably coming within the week, and Nintendo 3DS Community will be relaunched (complete with new style/logo/other sutff) within a day or two. Not sure about Super Smash Bros or its forums, I’m not sure I have time for them. And Wario Forums? I’m still running the site, but a redesign there isn’t exactly a top priority at the moment. This has been an official service announcement from the Nintendo 3DS Daily and Nintendo 3DS Community staff! …

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  • Razer working with Google to construct a Console!

    … At the Google I/O Conference on the 25th of June, Google and Razer announced a new Micro Console that is being developed by Razer who develops gaming hardware. Google is working with Razer to develop this new console, it will be running the Android TV interface which gives users entertainment content such as movies, music and games etc. In terms…

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  • Outlast Released on Xbox One Silently

    … this on a case by case basis with developers who can not meet the ID@XBOX criteria. As most of you will know Outlast was released early this year for PS4 and in 2013 for PC, an got some smashing reviews. Now released to Xbox One along with its DLC Whistler blower, opening the game up to a new audience of gamers. No idea why there was no announcement…

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  • Stephen Fry Back For LittleBigPlanet 3

    … After Media Molecule announced that they were not going to be the ones behind the new LittleBigPlanet game the important position of narrator for the game remained uncertain. Recently during the E3 live stream however Sony announced that Stephen Fry the British comedian and actor and voice behind the previous LittleBigPlanet games will in fact…

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  • Ori and the Blind Forest Coming To Xbox One and PC

    … If you enjoy the beautiful and atmospheric worlds of the two dimensional variety then Moon Studies has a game coming out for you. Ori and the Blind Forest are coming to Xbox One and PC later this year. It has been in development for four years and you can see every minute of it put into the beautiful background of this intriguing platformer. You…

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