• Power up your iPhone 6 and 6+ with the Pop’n Battery Packs from PowerSkin

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    Keep on gaming, watching videos, listening to music, and *you know* talking with the help of the new Pop’n 2 Battery Packs for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There hasn’t been a whole lot made out o the iPhone 6′s battery life here in the phone’s early going, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy iPhone 6 Plus

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 4 readers

    Okay, so I know we probably laid it out earlier on why you should choose the iPhone 6 Plus over the iPhone 6 model. But in examining the two models, there are several pros and cons on purchasing the right phone for you. So here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get the new iPhone 6 Plus. Well for starters, you get more from Android smartphones than the iPhones.

  • Google Versus Apple: Is Google Fit Better Than Apple HealthKit?

    The Gamer Headlines - - 3 readers - Staying fit and healthy has become a lot easier these days because of technology and among those that are offered in the market today are Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. These two mobile phone applications make one’s health monitoring very simple and this is almost 100% accurate. But an interesting question here is, is Apple’s offering better than that of Google as far as helpi ...
  • Apple Announce OS X Yosemite is Now Available, for Free!

    n3rdabl3 - - 2 readers - In an effort to ensure everyone has the latest version of their operating system OS X, Apple last night revealed that OS X Yosemite was now available from the Mac Store and will be available absolutely free. OS X Yosemite is probably Apple’s biggest update to OS X in years offering a complete visual update similar to that found on iOS 8.
  • Apple Unveil the iPad Air 2 with Touch ID and the ‘Worlds Thinnest’ Body.

    n3rdabl3 - - 2 readers - Apple’s wildly popular iPad Air has just received an upgrade in the form of the iPad Air 2, an even thinner device which brings all of the best bits from Apple’s iPhone into a much larger form factor. The device for the first time ever on a tablet includes the company’s Touch ID finger print sensor as well as a much better screen and guts inside.
  • Comparing iOS to Android flagships

    The Gamer Headlines - - 2 readers - Ever since the first Samsung Galaxy came out, there has been a debate between smartphone users. Some say Apple, others say Samsung. Some prefer iOS 8, while others swear by Android. There are many things that differentiate these brands form one another. These differences are often their strengths which these companies rely on in order to convert as many mobile users as possible ...

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  • Xiaomi Become Third Biggest Phone Manufacturer in the World

    … for a 5.2% of market share. The key to Xiaomi’s success story is undoubtedly the low price they charge for devices that can slug it out with the best of them, take their crowning jewel for example, the Mi 3, which offered Indian consumers a $220 smartphone that packed 2GB of RAM a 13MP camera and a generous 5inch full HD display. Documents published…

    2 readers - James Read - n3rdabl3 -
  • Tim Cook Reveals Why Apple Killed off the iPod Classic

    … The iPod Classic is a trademark Apple product and has been for years, it not only became one of the best iPods available, it also changed the way people listened to music on the go. They removed the need for clunky walkmans, they stored more music than an ordinary CD, and they were almost as durable as a Nokia 3210. So when Apple quietly killed…

    Aaron Richardson - n3rdabl3 -
  • Skylanders Trap Team (Xbox One) Review

    … Skylanders Trap Team (Xbox One) Review The Skylanders return to take down a group of escaped bad guys, with a little help from some former villains. Open wide – Snap Shot is one of the new Trap Master Skylanders The fourth game in the series, Trap Team is something of an evolution for the Skylanders series on the whole. It’s still…

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  • Sunday review: The BG Archive for the week of 10/20/14

    … playable at this weekend’s London Con The Witcher 3 follows The Trail in opening cinematic Lords of the Fallen rips into first developer diary COMIC BOOK, MOVIE, TECH AND POP CULTURE NEWS Project Triforce’s Torque Bow is finally ready for pre-sale Iron Man gets Superior in new monthly Wolverines brings together the friends and foes of Logan…

    Brutal Gamer -
  • Clash of Titans in Tablet Supremacy – Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPad Air

    … of Apple. Let’s us check out both the products from the Apple and Samsung – the iPad Air and Galaxy Note 4, while respecting their functionality and interface, we have tried to determined the better out of them. Functionality and interface Apple iPad Air When compared with ios7 equipped iPad Air offers extensive experience to its users. The product…

    1 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • Bootleg Console Maker Blatantly Copies the iPhone 6

    … The Chinese company best known for making knock-off Super Nintendo consoles is back again, this time with a mighty fine looking phone., the mobile-centric version of Chinese gaming news site, reports the once console maker, Subor, is now making iPhone clones under its Little Tyrant brand. Back in the early days of console…

    1 readers - Eric Jou - Kotaku -
  • iPad Air 2 Guide: Prices, Upgrades, Reduced Thickness, Increased Speed

    … Although a big event aroused with the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple decided to take a step ahead and decided to release the new iPad generation as well. In an event held in San Francisco, Tim Cook affirmed the tablet being simple and capable. The new iPad Air 2 features a fresh exterior look as the device supports a 6.1 mm…

    2 readers - The Gamer Headlines -
  • Comparing iOS to Android flagships

    … resolution and 432 ppi. So we can clearly see who the winner is in that category. Hardware Both new iPhone 6 phones contain a A8, dual core processor which is clocked at 1.4 GHz, together with a PowerVR GX6450 GPU. Samsung devices contain different quad core processors: the S5 model has a Krait 400 with a Snapdragon 801 chipset while the Note 4 includes…

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  • Sunday Review: The BG archive for the week of 10/12/14

    … Wow was this a packed week of content as we had more NYCC coverage, a pair of new iPads were announced, Warner Bros tok the wraps off their DC Movie slate, we went behind the scenes on Halloween: Otome, and -of course- our continuing Brutal Gamer’s Month of Terror series of news and reviews raged on. NYCC 2014 NYCC 2014: Batman introduces…

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  • Rumours Suggest 5K iMacs Cannot Be Used As Standalone Display

    … to hook their laptop up to one of those fine looking screens and have access to all of their files. Unfortunately rumours are starting to circle the net suggesting that this functionality will not be available with the retina display iMac, with further whispers suggesting the Apple do not even have plans to release 5K Thunderbolt Displays. TechCrunch’s…

    2 readers - James Read - n3rdabl3 -

  • Apple announces a pair of new iPads

    … Those waiting for their yearly iPad upgrade have a brand new iPad Air and iPad Mini to think about. If you’re looking for huge upgrade to the already existing iPad line that the Cupertino, CA company sports, well, you might want to come back next year. After the announcement and subsequent launch of the new iPhone 6 and 6+ last month, it seems…

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