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  • No Surprise: Google Unveils Nexus Player Microconsole

    Gaming Precision - - 2 readers - The title say it all. No company can stay away from this potentially lucrative market and Google is no exception. The company has put its money on the table and taken a seat with their first microconsole, the Nexus Player. The Nexus Player is going to join a far too long line of microconsole, including the Ouya, Fire TV, Apple TV and the upcoming PS TV.
  • A Short Comparison of Chromecast and Apple TV

    The Gamer Headlines - - 2 readers - I would like to include a word of advice before you start reading this article: always remember that every product has its pros and cons. Try not to jump to conclusions too quickly and choose carefully. With that being said, both of these products look really good and it’s hard to choose just one (although they are quite different in some aspects).
  • How Does Nexus Player Match up against Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV

    The Gamer Headlines - - 4 readers - Google TV is gone and now there is ‘Nexus Player’ which according to Google is its answer to its strong competitors Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. This new streaming media player that aims to be put under your television set promises to do everything that its predecessor wasn’t able to do which includes playing games for a price which is only $99.
  • GfK Report: Netflix Usage on Game Consoles Declining in the US

    PlayStation LifeStyle - - 1 readers - Research firm GfK has released a report which indicates that Netflix usage on video game consoles is declining in the US. Although consoles are still the most popular choice of hardware for using Netflix, they are not being used as much as they were three years ago. Titled Over-the-Top TV 2014, the report declares that an increasing number of US households are opting for dedicat ...

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  • A Short Comparison of Chromecast and Apple TV

    …). Design, connectivity and control options When speaking about design, I just have to mention how small Chromecast actually is. It is the smallest media player out there. All you need to do in order to connect it is to plug it into the HDMI port and power it up with an AC adapter or a USB cable (in case you’re using PC). Apple TV, on the other hand…

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  • GfK Report: Netflix Usage on Game Consoles Declining in the US

    …-friendly, but things like on-screen font size and menus need to be age-appropriate. With a quarter of Netflix users also being Amazon Prime or Hulu viewers, there is a potential battle in user experience as well as in variety and exclusivity of content. What do our readers make of this? Are digital media players a better choice to stream Netflix than consoles? [Source: GamePolitics] The post GfK Report: Netflix Usage on Game Consoles Declining in the US appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.…

    1 readers - Zarmena Khan - PlayStation LifeStyle -
  • A Bright Future for Roku 3 and Roku

    … been sold includes the Roku Streaming Stick that became available this year. However, CNET reports that the company may start to experience a slowdown. The company has sold 3 million units between the period of April 2013 through January 14. One cause for concern is only 2 million of the units have been sold through the first nine months of 2014…

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  • Roku 3 vs. Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV: Which is the Ideal Option

    …Currently, it seems that streaming media players are taking the industry by storm. There are numerous of these types of devices to choose from in the market, but only a couple of them are producing countless of sales around the globe: Roku 3, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. But, out of these three best-selling streaming media players, which one…

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  • Chromecast can it take on Apple TV and win?

    … a look at each of these options and learn more about the features of each. Apple TV is a great way to get your entertainment on. Apple has finally come out with a great way to watch streaming TV on all of its devices. Appropriately called “Apple TV” this new way of watching TV and movies really gives the user more possibilities. The hardware behind…

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  • Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV. The Media box showdown!

    …Recently, Amazon put out an Amazon Prime offer for an Amazon Fire TV 30 day home trial. The two streaming media boxes have been at war, and the Fire TV is on the prowl to prove it’s better than Apple TV. There seem to be some shortcomings as well as some great aspects to each of these devices. Let’s explore their pros and cons. But first, let’s…

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