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  • Roku 3 vs. Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV: Which is the Ideal Option

    …Currently, it seems that streaming media players are taking the industry by storm. There are numerous of these types of devices to choose from in the market, but only a couple of them are producing countless of sales around the globe: Roku 3, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. But, out of these three best-selling streaming media players, which one…

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  • Streaming media Players Apple TV or Roku 3 – Which is more feature packed?

    … are Ethernet, USB ports and a micro SD slot. The price range for this unit is $99.99-$106.99. Apple TV The Apple TV weighs six tenths of a pound, making it lightweight and a sleek compact design of 3.9 x 3.9 x .9 inches. Easy to carry and store. Access is available to over 30 entertainment channels, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, YouTube…

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  • What’s The Hold Up? Apple’s Set-top Box Reportedly Delayed until Next Year..

    … Rumours of Apple launching a set-top box have been circulating for some time now and it seems rumours will continue as Apple has had to reportedly delay the launch of their set-top box until next year. The report comes from The Information who have revealed that Apple has delayed the box due to inabilities to strike-up deals with major…

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  • Chromecast can it take on Apple TV and win?

    … a look at each of these options and learn more about the features of each. Apple TV is a great way to get your entertainment on. Apple has finally come out with a great way to watch streaming TV on all of its devices. Appropriately called “Apple TV” this new way of watching TV and movies really gives the user more possibilities. The hardware behind…

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  • Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV. The Media box showdown!

    … Recently, Amazon put out an Amazon Prime offer for an Amazon Fire TV 30 day home trial. The two streaming media boxes have been at war, and the Fire TV is on the prowl to prove it’s better than Apple TV. There seem to be some shortcomings as well as some great aspects to each of these devices. Let’s explore their pros and cons. But first, let’s…

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  • Apple TV 2014 refresh to include gaming?

    … Last year in the U.S., Apple TV was at third place behind the Roku and Google’s Chromecast for the highest selling devices for media streaming. According to Parks Associates, Apple sold more than two million of their Apple TV devices in 2013, but Roku and Google each had sales upwards of 3.8 million. There are rumors running rampant that Apple…

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  • Roku 3 vs Apple TV: Which Model is the Best Bet?

    … At the moment, two different innovative high-tech devices from two innovative brands seem to be going head-to-head for the throne: Apple TV and Roku 3. Both of these devices contain a handful of magnificent features that seem to be alluring millions and millions of consumers around the globe, but which model is the best bet? Let’s start…

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  • Apple TV new update adds new features

    … The new Apple TV is a ‘state of the art’ technology that has come to revolutionize your TV experience, into a completely new level where TV is more efficient and convenient. The arrival of new ABC News app has boosted Apple TV. The app deals mostly on news, clips of latest shows as well as same live stream that are reachable from…

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