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Apple TV is a digital media player developed and sold by Apple Inc. It is a small network appliance and entertainment device designed to play digital content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and Vevo, along with the TV Everywhere portals of several cable and broadcast networks, and the video subscription portals of three of the four major North American sports leagues;, NBA League Pass and NHL GameCenter. The device also plays content from any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes on an enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen television.Apple offered a preview of the device in September 2006, and began shipping it the following March.
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    • Apple’s Genius Bar Now Services Beats Headphones

      The hype surrounding Beats headphones is something that I struggle to understand, to me they just seem like over-priced head wear with Dr. Dre’s name slapped on them that don’t exactly offer the most amazing sound, but for some reason kids today go crazy for them. The hype for these headphones is huge, so much so that Apple purchased the company, Beats Electronics, earlier th ...

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    • Comparing Chromecast Vs Amazon Fire TV

      Thanks to smart TVs and portable gadgets for streaming, media streaming is becoming more popular than ever. As more devices come to the market, users are wondering which streaming device delivers the best. The classic and some of the first devices such as Roku 3, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV have been a mainstay solution while newcomer Google Chromecast has provided another via ...

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    • New Update for Amazon Fire Allows Tablet Games and Screen Mirroring

      The Amazon Fire TV is a media player device from Amazon with streaming capabilities. It connects to TVs and provides all capabilities as other rivals like Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV. This device was launched by the company over seven months ago and it has proved to be a hit with users all over. Amazon recently launched an update for this device which will allow for tablet ga ...

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  • What To Expect From Android 6.0

    … Android is primarily the Operating System that has been consistently updating their software. The latest to drop is the Android 5.0 Lollipop that provides enhanced features and function. There is an expectation, however, on what the next launch of the Android 6 has to offer users. Host/Platform Android has the inclination of staying…

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  • Some iPhone 6 Features You Need To Know

    … equipped with stabilization of optical images. The iPhone 6 can allow users to capture videos at frame rates of up to 240 frames per second. This results in good quality, slow motion videos useful for portraying dramatic motions. The smartphone also features connectivity to bigger screens including high definition TVs. This would require an Apple TV…

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  • Chromecast vs Amazon Fire TV Compared

    … the streaming sticks get, the easier they are to connect TV’s HDMI ports. It uses the USB ports to draw power, but the Amazon streaming stick required the use of additional ports, such as an Ethernet connection, for those that don’t use Wi-Fi. Remote Control Google’s Chromecast needs a tablet, smartphone, or a laptop to select their content. The Fire…

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  • Looking At Apple iTV when can expect it

    … For quite some time, tech geeks and Apple system lovers are covering the released of an Apple TV. However, the industry is yet to experience one. Named Apple iTV, the fresh TV from Apple is intended to be a venture kicked off by Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder. Therefore, when’s this amazing Apple iTV set to be unveiled? Latest industry reports…

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  • PN Impressions: elgato HD60 capture device

    … shouldn’t worry about streaming games. The simplicity of the hardware is nice but the software will make or break any tech. The HD60 can capture up to 60 FPS at 1080p and offers a ton of features from streaming and recording, with very simple editing. The software also offers the ability to add a second video stream, like a webcam, and a separate audio…

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  • Amazon's New Chromecast Competitor Is Just $20 Until Wednesday

    … Amazon just announced its very own (crazy cheap) $40 Chromecast competitor, the Fire TV Stick. And if you're an Amazon Prime member, you have until Wednesday to pick one up for a mere $19. More specifically, Prime members have 40 hours—or until 6am on Wednesday—to pick up what's actually a pretty sweet deal, considering the Fire TV Stick…

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  • A Short Comparison of Chromecast and Apple TV

    … aspects). Design, connectivity and control options When speaking about design, I just have to mention how small Chromecast actually is. It is the smallest media player out there. All you need to do in order to connect it is to plug it into the HDMI port and power it up with an AC adapter or a USB cable (in case you’re using PC). Apple TV, on the other…

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