• Title Update for Ultra Street Fighter IV Arriving on August 8

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    According to a recent announcement, Capcom will be updating the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and arcade versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV on August 8. This update comes just after the retail release of the title for consoles, and focuses on a number of bugs found within the game. In addition, the update for arcade version will add summer vacation costumes for the entire cast.

  • Pokken Tournament is happening ⊟ A Pokemon fighting game from...

    Tiny Cartridge 3DS - - 8 readers - ABOUT US RELEASE DATES PODCAST CLUB TINY LIZARD CONTACT Pokken Tournament is happening ⊟ A Pokemon fighting game from Bandai Namco (makers of the Tekken series, obvi), coming to Japan next year! It sounds like Tekken producer/director Katsuhiro Harada and Soulcalibur producer Masaaki Hoshino are both working on the project. This is announced for only arcades so far, though.

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  • 1001 Reviews: Pong

    … than Pong. The graphics for the game are very simple compared to today’s standards. For releases of its time it was similar visually. You can argue that a game like Computer Space which came out before Pong in the arcades was better visually, but that’s up to you to decide; both were both innovators in that before them, there really wasn’t much…

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  • Let’s get ready to POKKEN!!!!!!!

    … out in Japanese arcades in 2015. I’m hoping it will feature ALL 51 fighting-type Pokemon because I would LOVE to rock me some Hitmoncham, Primeape, Toxicroak and Hawlucha! I can TOTALLY see Mewtwo-X making an appearance as well. To witness this wicked game in action, check-out the “first look” trailer below! Which fighting-types would you play as? -Gotta beat ‘em all!…

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  • Pokkén Fighters is Now Pokkén Tournament

    …Bandai Namco and The Pokémon Company are collaborating on Pokkén Tournament, a Pokémon fighting game coming to Japanese arcades next year. The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara announced the game earlier today during their live stream event. Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada and Soul Calibur producer Masaaki Hoshino both appear…

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  • New Pokemon fighting game called Pokken Tournament announced

    …That’s right, you heard it here folks, a Pokemon fighting game done in the style of Tekken has been announced for arcades. This game is being developed by both The Pokemon Company and Namco Bandai; Nintendo’s collaborations with Namco has been outstanding of late. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition was apparently just the tip of the iceberg…

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  • Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Fighting Game, Announced for Japanese Arcades

    … to this!" The trailer shows off something that seems slightly realistic and yet, outlandish. The gameplay certainly seems reminicent of Tekken, yet with Pokemon moves thrown in, and at the very end, we even get a glimpse of MegaLucario. Pokken Tournament will be released in Japanese arcades at some point in 2015. No word yet on any console or Western release. | © Copyright 2014 - All Rights Reserved |…

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  • Pokkén Tournament Announced For Japanese Arcades

    … but for arcades. Called Pokkén Tournament, I may not follow the Pokemon brand at all but even I know that is some big news. While the series isn’t known for action fighting like Tekken, I think it makes perfect sense. It not only appeals to kids but to people who grew up on the series; It also has a character roster ready to go that those players can…

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  • Pokkén Tournament Arcade Game Announced

    …Nintendo’s big Pokémon announcement that has been teased recently has been revealed to be a new arcade fighting gamed titled: Pokkén Tournament. The announcement was made on Japanese show NicoNico and by the president of the Pokémon company himself, Tsunekazu Ishihara. The game will be developed by Bandai Namco under the leadership of Tekken…

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  • Get ready Pokemon fans! POKKEN TOURNAMENT has been announced!

    … around working with Bandai-Namco. So let’s get this right, a Pokemon fighting game from the company that brought us 3-D fighters such as Tekken and Soul Calibur / Soul Edge? This will be interesting to say the least! POKKÉN TOURNAMENT: First Look! Watch this video on YouTube Pokken Tourament is slated to be released into Arcades in Japan in 2015, there has been no announcement for consoles as of yet however. More as the story develops.…

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  • First Pokken Tournament trailer ⊟ So far, Lucario is in, Machamp...

    …First Pokken Tournament trailer ⊟ So far, Lucario is in, Machamp is in, Blaziken is likely in… Pikachu, the original starters, and probably a bunch of other starters (Greninja or no sale) also seem guaranteed for this arcade fighter from Namco Bandai. Who else are you hoping to see in this when it hits Japan next year? The release of an English trailer so quick, by the way, is a good sign that this will see an overseas release. PREORDER Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, upcoming games…

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  • This Week’s Deals with Gold

    … for Speed Rivals Complete Movie Pack Add-on 33% Need for Speed Rivals Timesaver Pack Add-on 33% Need for Speed Rivals Ferrari Edizioni Speciali Complete Pack Add-on 33% Need for Speed Rivals Concept Lamborghini Complete Pack Add-on 33% Need for Speed Rivals Simply Jaguar Complete Pack Add-on 33% Shadow Complex Arcade 67% Crysis 3 Games on Demand 85…

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