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  • The Zone Dome As An Arcade Display

    … in arcades but they have existed from time to time. What do you think the potential is for screens like the Zone Dome in arcades? [Zone Dome Technology] [Discuss on Facebook] I'm a lifelong fan of video games and I have been operating my own arcade, The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah for the past six years. I joined Arcade Heroes in 2007 and took ownership of the site in 2010. Twitter - …

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  • New Information on Armed Resistance by Universal Space

    …New Information on Armed Resistance by Universal Space arcadehero October 10, 2014 Back in July a surprise popped up in my newsfeed – manufacturer Universal Space(UNIS) released a video trailer of an off-rails mech/vehicular action combat game they were calling Armed Resistance. In case you don’t recall that trailer, here it is again: Today I have…

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  • The Search For Bouncer Arcade

    …The Search For Bouncer Arcade arcadehero October 9, 2014 One thing that pops-up with arcade gaming are cases of prototypes that never “see the light of day” on the wide market. This has happened various times over the years, even in recent times with games like Robo Restle, Block People, or K.O. Drive. Often these show up on some location tests…

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  • Star Wars Battle Pod News Round-Up Day 2

    …Star Wars Battle Pod News Round-Up Day 2 arcadehero October 9, 2014 Being the day after the press event for Bandai Namco Amusement’s Star Wars Battle Pod, we have a little more information on it. Some mainstream gaming websites have more video of the game in action and in Japan the company shared a little more data on the game. I have reached out…

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  • PSN Pick: going deeper and deeper with Pix The Cat

    … sucked into the grid. Which apparently goes forever, or, until you run out of time if you go by how the game plays. Inside the grid it's up to you to pick up ducklings and deliver them to their spots. Each time you clear a screen of ducks, a portal opens up allowing you to go deeper. The addicting part of Pix The Cat is in trying to perfect…

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  • Bandai Namco’s NYCC Unveiling Event – Star Wars Arcade Liveblog

    … hints had me thinking it was Time Crisis 5(which is also in the works but was not the big project I was thinking of). In that same post where I speculated about what was going on at Namco, I stated : “It’s too early for something big like a Star Wars game, although I hope that someone has the sense to have a new arcade Star Wars game out in time…

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  • Andamiro To Release Pump It Up 2015 Arcade This November

    …Andamiro To Release Pump It Up 2015 Arcade This November arcadehero October 8, 2014 Andamiro has launched a new teaser trailer for the next version of their popular Pump It Up dancing game series – at the moment it is simply titled Pump It Up 2015. As “Teaser 1″, this does not show off any features of the game, the main purpose is to point out new…

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  • So… There’s a Lot to Play This Weekend

    …, and a lot more, the following titles hit just in the last seven days: Note that Chariot is free for Xbox Live Gold Members during the month of October. The Xbox 360 Marketplace has been busy as well, as the following games shipped this week: Hope you get a lot of gaming in this weekend, next week brings us Alien Isolation, NBA 2K15, the retail release…

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  • Over The Years: Star Wars At The Arcade

    … that the franchise finally received the official license blessing for video games was with Atari’s Star Wars (1983). Taking advantage of the graphical effects like smooth scaling that vectors provided, this also used Atari’s evolved color vector monitor for brilliant color and it featured voice samples from the movie. While voice was not unheard…

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