• Assassins Creed Going Off The Rails With Rogue

    …We knew it was coming, but we didn’t expect the reveal to arrive so soon. Assassins Creed Comet, the code name of the current generation Assassins Creed game, will be getting a new name, which was revealed in the September issue of Game Informer (via VG 24/7). Assassins Creed Rogue will transport players to 1751. Play as Shay Patrick Cormac…

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  • Curious About the Origins of Street Fighter’s Vega? Check Out Matador

    … Before becoming a Shadowloo assassin,Vega grew up under a loving mother — until his stepfather murdered her. The trauma transformed the Spaniard into the narcissistic, beauty-loving, wall-climbing , masked killer in Street Fighter, and the creators of Balrog: Behind the Glory retold his agony in a short film that premiered this past Saturday…

    15 readers - Jason Yang - Shoryuken -

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