• I'm Finally Starting To Like It When The PS4 Controller Talks

      Ever since I started playing games on my PS4, one thing about the console's controller has always stood out to me. It makes a lot of noise. Audio feedback is nothing new or unique to the DualShock 4, but it's particularly...noticeable on the thing. Like the controller is nudging you and shouting, "Hey! I'm over here!" At least, that's how it used to feel.

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    • The Best Budget Sound Bar Is Down to an All-Time Low Price

      Both of the larger sizes of your favorite budget sound bar are at their lowest prices ever. The 54" and 42" sizes of the Vizio 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Surrounds were the runner up in our Best Sound Bar vote, behind the much more expensive Sonos PLAYBAR which we also have a deal on.

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    • Razer Leviathan 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar: The Kotaku Review

      For years peripheral maker Razer has been pumping sound directly into our ears via gaming headsets. The Leviathan marks its first attempt at sharing that sound with the rest of the room, and a valiant first attempt at that. I've seen plenty of premium speaker companies put out headsets, after all they're just tiny speakers (gross oversimplification alert!), but rarely have I ...

      Mike Fahey/ Kotakuin Reviews- 2 readers -
  • Now Razer's Making A Surround Sound Bar

    … A good surround sound-capable sound bar is the perfect solution for those wary of trying to position speakers all over their gaming space. Due for release next month, Razer's Leviathan could be a very good surround sound-capable sound bar. Crafted for virtual 5.1 surround sound gaming and movies or streaming music via Bluetooth 4.0 aptX…

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