• Free-to-Play MOBA Dragons & Titans Removes Microtransactions

    … . The Titan Pass, includes: 35+ tier 1 dragons, 35+ weapons, 18 different avatars, 57 skins, all four single-player story ‘Acts’ and more, as well as all the new content regularly scheduled for a full year. Additionally for 1 year, Titan Pass owners will earn four times the number of crystals (in-game currency) per match, which will allow them to upgrade…

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  • PlayStation Store Global Update – September 9, 2014

    … Gladiator Pack ($1.99) PlayStation Vita Pets School Uniform Costume (Free) Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Bgm Pack 1 ($1.99, 3-Way Cross Buy) Bgm Pack 2 ($1.99, 3-Way Cross Buy) New Bgm Pack ($1.99, 3-Way Cross Buy) Original Wallpapers ($3.99, 3-Way Cross Buy) Weapon Pack ($1.99, 3-Way Cross Buy) Avatars & Themes A Dynamic Werewolf Theme 2 ($3.49…

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  • Release Calendar For Listed Japanese Mobile Game Companies (As Of Sept. 9)

    …: Sega Networks (Sega 6460) Oshare Koode – Girls Holic オシャレコーデ GIRLS HOLIC (iOS/Android) – fall 2014 Genre and official site: Fashion simulation – website Comment: Girls Holic is a fashion simulation specifically aimed at female users. Players can choose between a total of 2,000 fashion items to dress up their avatars. It will be also possible…

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  • I Like What Tomodachi Life Did To My Voice

    …Tomodachi Life is out today. There's a lot to say about Nintendo's whacky life simulator and the game's lingering controversies . But why say them in my voice when I could be talking in any number of ridiculous computerized Mii voices? Read more…

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