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  • New Firmware Update For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Improves The Battery Life

    … that Samsung has been pretty busy as they also have already released an update for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 firmware. The South Korean tech giant has released the update even before the phone is available in stores worldwide. XXU1ANJ4 is the name of the firmware update, and it features improvements to the performance of the device. Also, the update seems…

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  • Looking Of The Gorgeous Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    … The newest Samsung’s offering the Galaxy Note 4 comes with a powerful 3220mAh battery. Looking at the battery of the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 3, there is only a 20maAh difference, but since the Galaxy Note 4 is bigger, you can see the differences in the life span. Since Samsung is up on their innovative technology, the Galaxy Note 4 offers…

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  • Advanced Warfare – Exo-Abilities Batteries Don’t Recharge, One Per Life

    … Condrey has confirmed through Twitter that the battery life for these exo-abilities does not recharge, with one battery per life. @RuggedSavior none of them recharge. They are all based off a battery that drains on use. The battery is per life. — Michael Condrey (@MichaelCondrey) August 22, 2014 You can check out details on exo-abilities and all…

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  • Charge Your 3DS/XL Over USB with this $4 Cord

    …I finally caved and bought a 3DS a few months ago, and while I love the thing, it's always bothered me that it shipped with a bulky AC wall adapter, instead of a USB power cord like I'd grown accustomed to with all of my other gadgets. So on a lark, and with a few long flights on the horizon, I Googled around for 3DS USB cables. Lo and behold…

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  • Making your mobile battery last longer on the road

    … searching for a signal, turning them off can save you big time. · Battery Doctor App. This app can be a life saver by saving your juice and extending battery life significantly. Battery Doctor offers battery tips that will ensure you get the most out of your battery, a dashboard to help manage your battery use and it can even shut down background…

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  • iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S Owners: Need a New Battery?

    …): Yahoo News Image Source: TechieNews.Co.Uk For more news on Tech, Gadgets, Games and more follow me on Twitter at : KevinKalu2 Also follow: GamerHeadlines And don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom! The post iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S Owners: Need a New Battery? appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

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  • Get more out of your iPhone 5S battery

    … With more and more demanding iOS apps coming out, even the strongest Apple phones are struggling to run for more than just 24 hours. Battery life is a big concern when it comes to strong smartphones, and the iPhone 5S makes no exception. Despite not having a huge battery, you can squeeze more juice out of the existing one if you know what to do…

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – Top 5 Battery Saving Tips

    … possibly unnecessary features or tweak some settings here and there. Let’s go through what you can do to get the most battery life out of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Limit Power-Hungry Apps The Samsung Galaxy S5 has plenty of storage space, so it’s always tempting to fill up the smartphone with all the latest apps. You shouldn’t give up on your favorite…

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