Bethesda is a census-designated place in southern Montgomery County, Maryland, just northwest of the United States capital of Washington, D.C. It takes its name from a local church, the Bethesda Meeting House (1820, rebuilt 1849), which in turn took its name from Jerusalem's Pool of Bethesda. (In Aramaic, בית חסדא beth ḥesda means "House of Mercy" and in Hebrew, בית חסד "beit ḥesed" means "House of Kindness".) The National Institutes of Health main campus and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are in Bethesda, as are a number of corporate and government headquarters.
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  • Fallout: New Vegas, As Told By Steam Reviews

    … What better way to make the wait for Fallout 4 news more torturous than to look back on some of what made the older games so excellent? Fallout is a series full of difficult choices, yes. But it's also a series where you can horde a billion tiny T-Rex toys in your casino suite, if you'd like. Steam reviews are known for being silly and funny…

    Patricia Hernandez/ Kotaku- 3 readers -

  • The Story Of Fallout 3's Most Evil Item

    A Wasteland Survival Guide (New episodes every other Friday) Unlock more @ Facebook | Twitter | Playlist | Disclaimer: Lore is subject to rumor found in the game universe. The Fallout universe is an unforgiving one...

    Nathan Grayson/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • Someone Finished Skyrim's Story In Under 40 Minutes, A New Record

    … If I were to take a guess, I'd say most players probably never make it through more than half of Skyrim's story, if that—finishing it at all is a feat, nevermind finishing it fast. Speedrunner DrTChops recently nailed the new world record for beating Skyrim's story, with a playthrough clocking in at 39:32. The "any percentage" run features…

    Patricia Hernandez/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • The Evil Within Comic Adaptation on the way

    Watch our new pre-alpha gameplay video showcasing BATTLECRY’s first three classes – the Enforcer, the Tech Archer, and the Duelist. BATTLECRY amplifies team-based combat by combining visceral brutality and competitive multiplayer action to create a new free-to-play gameplay experience. Choose your warrior - each with a meaningfully distinct suite of attacks and abilities - fro ...

    Alex Johnson/ n3rdabl3- 3 readers -

  • PSA: 'Fallout: Shadow of Boston' Is A Fake

    … This morning, a NeoGAF member discovered that Bethesda had trademarked something called Fallout: Shadow of Boston, and of course, a host of gaming sites rushed to echo that "news," to the point where "Shadow of Boston" was trending on Twitter this afternoon. It's gotten pretty widespread, so we feel like we have to debunk this. Don't worry…

    Jason Schreier/ Kotaku- 1 readers -
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