• New ‘DOOM’ Is A Full Reboot; First Details From QuakeCon

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    It’s no longer a headline to say that the DOOM series has lost much of its footing or perceived legendary status in the eyes of gamers. Groundbreaking, innovative, or unbelievably ambitious shooters have continued to stun and delight fans year after year, leaving id Softwa...


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    It’s QuakeCon O’ Year again, and you know what that means: Doooooooooom. No, seriously. Despite a Carmack-shaped hole in its heart, developer id Software has promised a big reveal. Apparently it’s for attendees’ eyes only, but I will do my ...

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  • Obsidian Ponders Locations of the Next Fallout Game

    … Could L.A. be the location of the next Fallout game? In an interview with IGN lead director of Fallout: New Vegas Josh Sawyer offered some thoughts about potential new locations for the next Fallout game. Obsidian were involved in the creation of Fallout: New Vegas, a critically acclaimed title that is preferred by some over Fallout 3. Sawyer…

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  • Bethesda Softworks: ‘ No public Doom reveal until 2015′

    … Many of us were really jealous when there were swirls of rumors about Doom footage being shown at QuakeCon and probably furious when we realized that there was no footage available anywhere for the Doom we all grew to love. Why? As per Bethesda Softowrks VP of  PR and Marketing Pete Hines, Doom isn’t ready for  it’s “formal announcement…

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  • The Evil Within Be Released Early

    … The Evil Within will be released a week earlier than the predefined date. Bethesda Softwork announced it on QuakeCon. Horror Multi platform games made by Tango Gamework will be released on October 14. At the beginning of this year, Bethesda delaying the release of this game that was initially to be released in August to 21 October 2014. Pete…

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  • Elder Scrolls Online Quakecon Panel Reveals Future Content

    … looking armor too. Dark Brotherhood Armor Concept Thieves Guild Armor Concept Ebonheart Pact Alliance Themed Armor Concept Glass Weapons Concept Get ready for all the great stuff Bethesda and Zenimax has in store! And even better? You can buy it through Steam now! So grab your bows, swords, maces, and the like, and get ready for some great new content. Read the full panel transcript here! The post Elder Scrolls Online Quakecon Panel Reveals Future Content appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

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  • Watch 16 Minutes of The Evil Within

    … When Bethesda first announced The Evil Within, many of us thought it would be the the resurrection of true survival horror, and obviously, PewDiePie had to try it out, bringing us a walkthrough of the game, or at least the first part of it. There’s no better way to enjoy a good survival horror game like with the company…

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  • TESO launches on Steam half-off, Whiterun Wolfhound free with Imperial Edition

    … Were you holding back on getting The Elder Scrolls Online for the eventual Steam release? Well, now’s the time to buy. Bethesda and Zenimax have finally released The Elder Scrolls Online for Steam, and to celebrate the event, the game is available half off until July 22. If you get the Imperial Edition, which allows you to play as an Imperial…

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  • Doom not ready for worldwide reveal quite yet

    …. Of course, the question that follows is why show Doom in any form at all? Simply put, Hines and Bethesda just wants to assure fans id has not been idle this whole time. At this point, I’m still more hyped up for Killing Floor 2 than Doom, but it’s up to id to rectify that by showing us something to be excited about sooner rather than later. The post Doom not ready for worldwide reveal quite yet appeared first on Gaming Enthusiast. …

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  • id Software reveals DOOM at QuakeCon 2014

    …   id Software unleashed the first ever gameplay footage of their upcoming DOOM just yesterday at QuakeCon 2014. This was something that they had planned on doing after they dropped the DOOM teaser on YouTube last month (which we posted below for you). Much to our dismay, and I am sure to many, no cameras were allowed in the venue during…

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