• The Evil Within Releases 3 Behind the Scenes Videos

    Published at Gaming Cypher - 46 readers

    Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks have released three new behind the scenes videos for horror title The Evil Within. Join Adam Sessler in a special Bethesda behind-the-scenes web series for The Evil Within, a pure survival horror game from Tango Gameworks and the original creator of the genre, Shinji Mikami.

  • The Evil Within PC unofficial FOV fix: A how-to guide

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 21 readers

    With the release of Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within on a multitude of platforms earlier this week, the highly anticipated game’s reception has been mixed at best. Some hate it, while others love it, however one detail that cannot be denied is that the PC version of The Evil Within is host to a large number of issues.

  • New Evil Within Trailer Contains Messy Ways To Die

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 8 readers - By Graham Smith on October 12th, 2014 at 10:00 am. I want to die doing what I loved: being pulled by ephemeral blood-soaked hands into the solid floor of some hell-set asylum. The Evil Within let’s me simulate and prepare for this occasion ahead of time, plus many other less desirable demises. There’s a new trailer below – there’s been about a thousand of them now – ahead of the ...
  • The Evil Within Hands-On Impressions – EB Games Expo 2014

    Attack On Gaming - - 6 readers - At EB Games Expo this year, Bethesda were showcasing their upcoming Shinji Mikami horror game, The Evil Within. Locked down in a hidden room within the a massive Bethesda booth, there were multiple consoles with the game available to play. Our session with the game was only around 20minutes, but it sure as heck didn’t feel like it was that long.
  • You've To Got Really Love The Evil Within To Spend $300 On This Guy

    Kotaku - - 6 readers - I can understand a Skyrim statue, and those Doom plushies were about the cutest thing ever, but the latest fruit of Bethesda's partnership with collectible maker Gaming Heads is a $300 statue of a man with a barbwire-wrapped safe spouting tentacles for a head. That's not okay. Now I have not played The Evil Within yet. I have downloaded the game to my computer. There it sits, taunting me.
  • Labyrinths: Deep In The Dungeons Of Daggerfall

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - - 4 readers - By Adam Smith on October 10th, 2014 at 11:30 am. An exploration of the uncanny architecture of Daggerfall’s dungeons and the interconnected worlds of Dark Souls. Dungeons, as a concept in games, are one of the great pillars from which disbelief is suspended like a ragged banner. They are functional objects, from the perspective of designer and player alike, but their function as ...

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  • The Evil Within Review

    … The Evil Within can be summarised in one simple, yet terrifying sentence: it is the ungodly lovechild of Dark Souls and Silent Hill. If you’re looking for a horror title that will make you regret playing with the lights off, The Evil Within will having you staring worriedly into the dark shadows of your bedroom. The dark places of the game hold…

    2 readers - Rosh Kelly - Worlds Factory - The Evil Within -
  • See What A Differece A Day One Patch Makes

    … Hint: In spooky-scary Shinji Mikami survival-horror The Evil Within, it's a pretty big one. If your Internet connection is non-existent/unreliable, this is probably not the best news. The Evil Within's particular brand of survival-horror has been known to cause a bit of a mess, but not like this. Eurogamer took a PlayStation 4 retail copy…

    5 readers - Nathan Grayson - Kotaku -
  • Elder Scrolls In-Game Texts To Be Published

    … While playing Skyrim, did you ever find yourself leafing through the books and other written works of the game? Have you wondered about some of the lore in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, good news! Lore and texts from both games will be visualized in two published book series. In a partnership with Titan Books, Bethesda will be publishing two…

    3 readers - Matt Shiflet - Gamers Sphere -
  • The Evil Within (Xbox One) Review

    … The Evil Within (Xbox One) Review It’s about time we get back to true survival horror! I adore The Evil Within, and it’s review is an absolutely wonderful addition to BG’s Month of Terror. The Evil Within was designed to bring true survival horror back to life; and it did… with all it’s bloody, tense glory. Woo that’s a lot ‘o’ blood The game…

    3 readers - Brutal Gamer - The Evil Within -

  • Fallout 4 And Where We Could See it Set

    … It’s been some time now since we got our hands on a new Fallout game and developer Bethesda ain’t showing signs that it’s in the pipeline for this year or the next. All we really have to go on is the steady flow of unconfirmed or bogus news stories circulating the web and given us nothing but false hope. This hasn’t stopped fans of the post…

    2 readers - James Mcdonald - LzyGmrs - Fallout -
  • Wot I Think: The Evil Within

    … By Adam Smith on October 16th, 2014 at 7:00 pm. At its best, The Evil Within is the sequel that Resident Evil 4 deserved and that subsequent viral not-zombie games failed to be. That’s reason enough to recommend the game to anyone who believes Resident Evil 4 is a fine thing to emulate, and that is probably true of everyone who has played…

    2 readers - Adam Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - The Evil Within -
  • ‘The Evil Within’ Review

    … The survival horror genre has been to a lot of interesting places of late – particularly in the indie scene with games like Slender and Five Nights at Freddy’s – but the trailers for Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new title The Evil Within promised nostalgic long-time gamers a return to the feel of classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill…

    4 readers - Hannah Shaw Williams - Game Rant - The Evil Within -
  • The Evil Within creeps onto consoles and the PC

    …Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s latest new IP is now available, and you might want to play it with the lights on. “It was incredibly important to me and the team to bring the Survival Horror genre back to its roots. For us, it was all about creating fear and giving the player the enjoyment of conquering it,” said Mikami. “Up until now we’ve…

    1 readers - Brutal Gamer - The Evil Within -

  • Dread On Arrival: Unlocking The Evil Within

    …By Adam Smith on October 14th, 2014 at 1:00 pm. The Evil Within has been unleashed and I started playing shortly after midnight. I did get some sleep but, cripes, things move along at a rapid clip in Shinji Mikami’s return to survival horror. The time to chainsaw is around ten minutes – five if you skip cutscenes. From there, it’s around five…

    6 readers - Adam Smith - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - The Evil Within -
  • ‘The Evil Within’ Review Roundup: Shinji Mikami Returns

    After striking big with Resident Evil 4, developer Shinki Mikami took some time away from the survival horror genre, focusing his efforts on titles like Vanquish and God Hand. Now, Mikami is back with a new studio (Tango Gameworks) and a new survival title called The Evil Within. Although The Evil Within is not a Resident Evil game, Mikami hopes that it will deliver those elemen ...

    3 readers - Anthony Taormina - Game Rant - The Evil Within -

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