• ‘BioShock’ Movie Domains Registered by Sony

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    It seems like for the past five years a BioShock cinematic adaptation has fluctuated through all phases that a film typically does. At times it felt like a BioShock movie was all but a given, especially after director Gore Verbinski signed on, but then those hopes were soo...

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  • Imagining Bioshock As A PS1 Game

    … NeoGAF has an entire thread dedicated to imagining more recent games as titles for the original Playstation. The highlight is these animated gifs for Bioshock: Read more... …

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  • Two New Game Bundles Hit

    … more than £4 and you also get the album ‘Walk The Line’ by e:o:nity.  You can find out more and buy the bundle at the Indie Royale website. Meanwhile, Humble Bundle have got a real cracker in the Humble 2K Bundle, with up to 8 games initially and more to come.  Paying $1 or more will get you BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Darkness II…

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  • BioShock Vita. What could of been

    … Ken Levine the creative mind behind the BioShock series has recently sent a series of tweets wishing he could still make that PlayStation Vita BioShock game. He added that the game would be like Final Fantasy Tactics set before the fall of Rapture. Levine’s tweets stated that 2K Games and Sony couldn’t put a deal together the last time he…

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  • Bioshock On Vita Was Going To Be Turn Based

    … Bioshock was long talked about to be coming to the Playstation Vita in some shape or form but after the disbandment of Irrational Games that slowly disappeared. Now Ken Levine was recently asked over Twitter about the project and he shed a little bit of..... The post Bioshock On Vita Was Going To Be Turn Based appeared first on Attack of the Fanboy. …

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  • Gaming with Choices: The Games with the Tough Decisions

    … the game the ability to suck up as many quarters as it could from your pockets. In today’s vast landscape of gaming these type of choices still exist in just about every genre of game you could name, however Bioshock Bioshock is considered by many to be a masterpiece in gaming and within it’s complex narrative about personal power clashing…

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  • The Best Violent Moments In Video Games

    … There's really no getting around it: many, many games are about violence, and sometimes it can be a bit much. Kill this, kill that, kill this until it all feels the same, like mowing a lawn or stomping an anthill. We've written a ton about it. But violence can also be incredibly powerful and interesting. Let's talk about that. Read more…

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  • GamersGate Summer Sale is here and it includes a ton of Mac games!

    … (way more than last year’s Summer Sale)! Among the 235 games listed as Mac-compatible, these are my favorite: Metro Last Light Complete Edition - 50% off  Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ultimate Edition -50% off GRID - 50% off XCOM: Enemy Within - 50% off BioShock - 50% off BioShock 2 - 50% off Tropico 4: Gold Edition - 50% off…

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  • Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick Discusses the Future of Bioshock

    … After Ken Levine shut down Irrational Games to focus on narrative driven digital downloads, people have been wondering about the state of Bioshock. Though Irrational Games created the original and the latest edition Infinite, Take-Two owns the Bioshock license. So basically it was only a matter of time before different developers brought the very…

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  • Rapturous: BioShock Not Dead, Will Continue At 2K Marin

    … With Irrational 20,000 leagues under and Ken Levine off doing his own, significantly smaller thing at 2K, you might think BioShock dead in the water. You would, however, be wrong. Following on from Levine’s original comment that he was leaving the series in 2K’s hands, Take-Two Big Daddy Strauss Zelnick has confirmed at a recent analyst conference that the oft-divisive series will carry on and once-thought-dead BioShock 2 developer 2K Marin will do the honors. … [visit site to read more] …

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  • Take-Two Suggests More Red Dead and BioShock Games to Come.

    … For a while we've been pondering whether Rockstar has another Red Dead Redemption up its sleeve, though no hints have suggested whether they have or haven't fans clearly want more from Rockstar's western settings. We also share the same concern for the fate of the BioShock series since Irrantional Games disbanded. Well thankfully it looks…

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