BioShock is a first-person shooter video game developed by Irrational Games (at the time named 2K Boston), and published by 2K Games. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms in August 2007; a PlayStation 3 port by Irrational, 2K Marin, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes was released in October 2008, and an OS X port by Feral Interactive in October 2009. A mobile version was developed by IG Fun. The game's concept was developed by Irrational's creative lead, Ken Levine, and was based on the ideas of Objectivism as highlighted by Ayn Rand, while incorporating influences from other authors such as George Orwell.
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    • Top 15 Video Game Boss Fights

      Sure, every fan of video games wants to be the hero (since playing the villain is usually out of the question). But eventually, one thing becomes clear across every single genre and platform: to be the best, you have to beat the best. And thus one of the great rules of gaming rises above question, and cements itself in the history of digital dice rolls.

      Andrew Dyce/ Game Rant- 2 readers -
    • On The Spot Pianist Takes On Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross And Skyrim

      Last month master pianist/composer Sonya Belousova charmed us with on the spot arrangements of classic Nintendo themes, many of which she had only just heard for the first time. I was hesitant to post her follow-up, but then I heard her version of "The Scars of Time" from Chrono Cross. I'm currently in the middle of my eighth or ninth replay of Chrono Cross, so Sonya's valia ...

      Mike Fahey/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • The Origins of BioShock's Vintage Art

    … We all know the Circus of Values clown. We've all bought ammo, EVE hypos and health kits "from him" dozens of times. But did you know that he originally sold melons? While the fact that some of the BioShock series' period artwork appears to have been inspired by real-world vintage advertisements was already known (shown on the BioShock wiki…

    András Neltz/ Kotaku- 1 readers -

  • The Cancelled BioShock Movie At Least Looked The Part

    … This is the third time we've seen art from the movie that never was, and each time I see new stuff I get a little sad. Not because we didn't get the movie itself, which may well have sucked, but because we didn't get to see what it looked like. These artists sure nailed Rapture's tone. I like how they flesh the place out. These images…

    Luke Plunkett/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • I Wish This Was BioShock Infinite's Story

    … the Avatar. Would that BioShock Infinite had a slow-mo sandwich eating scene or a bit where Donkey Kong awkwardly looked on from his bar stool as Booker kicked and screamed about baseball. I found that these videos appealed to the side of my brain that dug shows like Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. The side where bears appearing at random…

    Nathan Grayson/ Kotaku- 6 readers -
  • Building A One-Of-A-Kind BioShock Aquarium

    Which build will be next? ►► Subscribe! Every other week, some of Hollywood's top prop makers build one-of-a-kind items for super-fans of comic books, video games, movies, and pop culture. In celebration of the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. this week, we're turning the City of Rapture from BioShock into a fish tank! Tell us what you ...

    Mike Fahey/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • "It's chess meets Hamlet.

    … "It's chess meets Hamlet. Okay, maybe not Hamlet. But it's a start." Ken Levine, of BioShock and System Shock 2 fame, wrote an interesting review of Shadow of Mordor this week in which he praises its novel ability to tell stories that players "build for themselves simply by playing the game." Read it over at Matter. Read more... …

    Yannick Lejacq/ Kotaku- 5 readers -
  • Fullbright: Tacoma’s BioShock Similarities “Not Deliberate”

    … By Alec Meer on December 16th, 2014 at 12:30 pm. Gone Home developers Fullbright have shed a little more light on their so-far cryptic follow-up, Tacoma. The space station-set exploration title is due for release next year, but gave away little in its announcement trailer. In a forthcoming interview with RPS, Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor revealed…

    Alec Meer/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 4 readers -
  • Bioshock Infinite Is £2.99 On Xbox Live Store

    … and is considered by many to be an equal to the excellent 2007 release, Bioshock. The game focuses on the relationship between the hardened Booker DeWitt (voiced by Troy Baker) and the innocent Elizabeth (voiced by Courtney Draper). Bishock Infinite is considered by many to be one of the greatest titles playable on the Xbox 360. The game weighs…

    The Gamer Headlines- 3 readers -
  • Bioshock Through The Looking Glass

    …, not only the player’s eventual goal but also the master of their environment. It also removed dialogue trees, through the simple method of having only dead NPCs, and told the story through logs and emails found around the environment. The first project of the studio Ken Levine co-founded, Irrational Games, was System Shock 2 – in partnership…

    Rich Stanton/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 6 readers -

  • Bioshock developer Irrational Games Hiring Again

    … Bioshock developer Irrational Games announced earlier this year that the studio would become what it once was when it developed the first revolutionary game in the Bioshock series. Co-founder Ken Levine explained that despite the love and intense amount of passion that he had for the last game in the series, Bioshock Infinite, the studio…

    Gaming Precision -
  • Irrational Games Are Hiring Again!

    … work, where have you been?! This studio are the ones responsible for the fantastic Bioshock franchise, as well as other titles such as System Shock 2. The roles that the studio are hiring for are for an IT Manager and a Senior Programmer. Now that latter job title could potentially mean some good things from the studio, right? The job description…

    n3rdabl3- 1 readers -
  • Best Mac Games to celebrate Halloween (The Top 7)

    … on Steam. 6. BioShock The original BioShock is one the most memorable FPS from this generation. That alone gives it enough weight to be part of most Top Mac Games list, but we have included it here because it has enough merits to be considered one of Mac gaming’s most scary titles. This game is not about jump-scares (although it has some unintentional…

    Ric Molina/ Mac Gamer HQ- 1 readers -
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