A blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong sustained winds of at least 56 km/h (35 mph) and lasting for a prolonged period of time – typically three hours or more. A ground blizzard is a weather condition where snow is not falling but loose snow on the ground is lifted and blown by strong winds.
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    • Blizzard Announces Overwatch

      For the first time in many years, Blizzard announced a new franchise today: Overwatch, a team-based multiplayer shooter with Pixar-like graphics. The game looks great. It's a PvP shooter with classes, very reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. Here's the cinematic trailer: The beta will be out in 2015. Overwatch is a rew ...

      Jason Schreier/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
    • Diablo III 2.1.2 Changes Goblins, Rifts, Hubs

      By Ben Barrett on November 10th, 2014 at 8:00 am. Diablo was the awkward child of this BlizzCon. With WoW’s expansion coming soon and StarCraft’s Legacy of the Void now being shown off, Diablo is the only currently-released game without a paid update on the horizon. I figured another expansion would be announced this weekend, but between a new game, movie news and the like, ...

      Ben Barrett/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 8 readers -
  • Never Alone Review – Against All Odds

    … is deeply respectful of its cultural origins while still being fun and accessible to the average gamer, is such a joy to behold. Never Alone, also known as Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, is a puzzle-platformer by Upper One Games that follows a little girl named Nuna and her arctic fox. Nuna and her companion are caught in an extreme blizzard and find…

    Joe Martin/ Awesome Gamesin Reviews- 3 readers -
  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (PC) Review

    … PvP map Tarren Mill vs Southshore. For those who weren’t around in the old days, Tarren Mill and Southshore was an unofficial landmark of world pvp (like Goldshire and Crossroads). While there was no clear winner, it was nevertheless a hell of a time, and it seems Blizzard wants to celebrate that rivalry. The map itself is a lot of fun, and players…

    Brutal Gamerin Reviews -

  • The Proudest Moment Of My World Of Warcraft Career

    … From lowly newbie Shaman to decorated General of the Alliance with his own castle stronghold in a little over a month. I could definitely get used to this. This was definitely my favorite moment of the World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor expansion so far — when what was once just a rough assemblage of logs blossomed into a full-fledged castle…

    Mike Fahey/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • Pro ‘StarCraft 2′ & ‘CS:GO’ Players Get Bans; Embarrass eSports

    … would “rape” his upcoming opponent, referring to competitor Madeleine Leander. Following the recent instance of Paranautical Activity developer Mike Maulbeck stating over Twitterthat he would “kill Gabe Newell,” this represents yet another case study in the necessity to carefully police oneself on social media. A single statement can undo one’s…

    Ryan Blanchard/ Game Rant- 3 readers -
  • ‘World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor’ Review

    When an expansion like Warlords of Draenor comes along and adds 10 levels of content and a new end-game experience to an MMO that already has a decade of dungeons, quests, and raids to explore; there is obviously going to be a lot to absorb. Subscriptions to WoW skyrocketed this summer and fall, as PC gamers were won over by expansion hype and nostalgia for the game’s tenth anniversary.

    Denny Connolly/ Game Rant- 4 readers -
  • Of Course, Warlords of Draenor Has A Dragon Ball Easter Egg

    … We knew WoW devs liked Dragon Ball, but Talador, one of Warlords of Draenor's new zones, is home to an entire scene from Dragon Ball Z. Near Shattrath City you can find two really strange orcs. Once of them is Goh'kuu and the other is Napp'agosh, who must be Vegeta's sidekick Nappa. As you can see, his fate is similar to his anime counterpart's…

    Gergo Vas/ Kotaku- 3 readers -
  • Where Were You When World Of Warcraft Started Running?

    … If your answer is something along the lines of "sitting in front of my computer cursing", you certainly weren't thinking Blizzard's MMORPG would make it ten years, yet here we are to the day. When World of Warcraft first launched back on November 23 of 2004, I was busy playing EverQuest 2, which had come out just a few short weeks before…

    Mike Fahey/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • Celebrate World of Warcraft’s 10th Anniversary In-Game

    … not all. There’s another important birthday this year, too, and it’s happening right now. This weekend, World of Warcraft turns ten years old, and while Blizzard’s not throwing a party (after all, they do that every year) they’re certainly ready to celebrate. Last week, Blizzard released World of Warcraft’s fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor…

    Game Rant- 1 readers -
  • World of Warcraft, Then And Now

    …. Molten Core and a 40-man group in it. Just getting there on a PvP server took time because of the world PvP in the surrounding zones. Nowdays you can solo it easily in minutes. This weird unfinished human village was south of Silithus. Its purpose is unknown. It's no longer there, but in the middle of zones full of sand and bugs, this southern…

    Gergo Vas/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • The Legend Of World Of Warcraft's Fabled Dance Studio

    …, was announced back in 2007. Nestled among many larger additions—a new class, new continent, new level cap—was word of, I kid you not, a dance studio. It was said that you'd be able to go there and pick up scintillatingly sensual new dance moves, or you know, parodies of newer bumps, grinds, thrusts, and slides from pop culture. Sounds like a neat…

    Nathan Grayson/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • 10 Million World Of Warcrafteers And A Lawsuit Settlement

    … By Philippa Warr on November 20th, 2014 at 4:00 pm. It looks like something of a double celebration for Activision Blizzard as the company announces a sizeable uptick in World of Warcraft subscribers (they’re back above 10 million) and a settlement in that shareholder case. Party hats at dawn… First up, the subscriber situation…

    Philippa Warr/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 2 readers -

  • World of Warcraft Zones, Ranked

    … 93. Silithus 92. Hrothgar's Landing 91. Molten Front 90. Deadwind Pass 89. Hellfire Peninsula 88. Zul'Drak 87. Scarlet Enclave 86. Bloodmyst Isle 85. Desolace 84. Azuremyst Isle 83. Arathi Highlands 82. Borean Tundra 81. Vashj'ir 80. Blasted Lands 79. Deepholm 78. Crystalsong Forest 77. Badlands 76. Swamp of Sorrows 75. Felwood…

    Gergo Vas/ Kotaku- 4 readers -
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