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  • Do you Remember Marvel’s Transformers? I Mean.. Megamorphs?

    … Do you the remember the toy market in the early 2000's? I do. It was littered with Power Rangers and the return of another commercially naked toy cash cow, The Transformers. Optimus and Co. returned in Transformers Armada, and with any success, there is of course the occasional copycat - I mean look at the superhero film genre right now…

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  • 12 Sequels That Completely Change How You View The Original Story

    … Most of the time, sequels are at best entertaining, and at worst an affront to the memory of the original. But once in a great while, a sequel comes along that makes you rethink everything you thought you knew about the original story. Here are 12 sequels that pull back and show you the bigger picture. Read more…

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  • SDCC 2014: Marvel unleashes Con panel lineup

    … Marvel fans are going to have plenty to go and see this week in San Diego. Yep, if you’re a Marvellite, you’ve got quite the panel lineup to attend this week at the San Diego Comic Con. The publishing giant will be talking pretty much everything from Death of Wolverine to Avengers NOW! and all the major changes that they’ve made/are making…

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  • Opinion: Who else could become Captain America?

    … It’s been a big week for Marvel – a female Thor and the new Captain America, alongside more teasing about its ever-growing list of movies. So yes, I do like Sam Wilson and I enjoyed his work as The Falcon. I can’t comment on the film, since I still haven’t seen it. The Arch nemesis of John Read more of Opinion: Who else could become Captain America? on n3rdabl3. …

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  • Marvel Announces Release Dates Through 2019

    …Marvel has announced release dates for five films – two in 2017, two in 2018, and a fifth in 2019 – but opted to leave out which films they'll be releasing. Let the wild speculation begin! Read more…

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  • Sam Wilson is the new “Captain America”

    … You know him as Steve Rogers tag long  and long time partner (but don’t call him a sidekick), Sam “Falcon” Wilson. But pretty soon you’ll know him as someone else, the new “Captain America“. If you haven’t been following the recent Captain America comic, Steve [...] The post Sam Wilson is the new “Captain America” appeared first on The Outerhaven. …

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  • The Next Captain America Is Black

    … Confirming an earlier report , Marvel's Joe Quesada has revealed on The Colbert Report that Captain America himself, Steve Rogers, will soon be handing in his suit and shield. His replacement will be his partner Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. Read more... …

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  • Ultron and The Avengers Strike a Pose

    … Oh my! We’re mid way through the Summer blockbuster season and we’re seeing all the studios with any sense have dumped their superhero loads this year. The magazine snap to the south of the page explains why. The cover depicts Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’s titular villain for the first time, who will be portrayed by Stargate Read more…

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  • Marvel intro’s the new Captain America this Fall

    … Cap’s been left an old man by the loss of his super soldier serum and now must pick a replacement to be the next star-spangled man. This October, bear witness to the next exciting phase of the Marvel Universe, as the torch is passed and a new hero will rise. Today, Marvel is proud to officially unveil the cover to CAPTAIN AMERICA #25…

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