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Cloud gaming, sometimes called gaming on demand, is a type of online gaming. Currently there are two main types of cloud gaming: cloud gaming based on video streaming and cloud gaming based on file streaming. Cloud gaming aims to provide end users friction-less and direct play-ability of games across various devices.
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    • Cloud Gaming To Significantly Rise in 2015, Claims Market Researcher

      While cloud gaming is impressive from a technological standpoint, it’s yet to really take off on any available platforms, with many in the gaming world brushing it off as a new, quirky trend. However, according to a new report released today from a significant and respected market researcher firm called Strategy Analytics, cloud gaming could rise significantly by the end of 2015.

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    • No PS4 Remote Play App Compatibility for Sony Xperia Z1

      The PlayStation 4 offers its users the feature of Remote Play, i.e. the ability to play their favorite PlayStation games on a new-gen console or a mobile or remote device. This feature works in a way similar to cloud gaming, the best example for which may be NVidia’s game called SHIELD which allows players to play PC games on a hand held device.

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  • Nvidia's Shield Gets Its Own Little Slice Of Cloud Gaming

    … added to the list on a weekly basis. It's a nice and varied selection — there's an adventure, an action game, a shooter, a racer. Some are indie, some are big-name. Some are particularly daring inclusions for streaming cloud gaming, given the platform's tendency towards input lag. AstebreedAlan Wake American NightmareBatman: Arkham AsylumBatman…

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  • OnLive brings free game play to Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    … Part of Galaxy Gift package5 minutes ago - 10:00 AM on 10.16.20140 Cloud gaming service OnLive has partnered with Samsung to bring streaming games to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users for free for three months as a part of a new Galaxy Gift package. This means that PC and console games from OnLive's PlayPack bundle can be streamed right to that big ol…

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  • Is the cloud the future of console gaming? The verdict is still out.

    … Nintendo operates and honestly I can’t say that I’ve impressed with any of these systems. Sub-par resolutions on most games and even less games that utilize 60 frames per second, all of which were promises that we’d see on these so-called next-generation consoles. Why we’re seeing this is anyone’s guess; Cross generation that isn’t allowing…

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  • Former Square Enix Honcho Talks about Cloud Gaming's Future

    … Last month, Former Square Enix top man Yoichi Wada announced that he would be helming a new company named "Shinra Technologies." No, they're not going to try to drain the planet of its life force to use as energy. Yet. This is Shinra Technologies. It's Square Enix's new venture into cloud gaming, headed up…Read moreRead on In an interview…

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  • Top 5 Smartphones For Gamers

    … crystal clear gaming sounds as the speakers face the user. LG G2 This is a good gaming smartphone that offers the power needed to provide a great gaming experience. The smartphone comes equipped with a 5.2 inch high-resolution screen and runs on a 2.26 GHz quad-core processor. The battery that is 3,000 mAh supports hours of long gaming and keeps…

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  • Green Man Gaming and OnLive Announce Partnership

    … Online video game retailer Green Man Gaming and cloud gaming company OnLive have today announced a partnership which allows GMG to be the first official reseller of OnLive’s ‘play anywhere’ subscription bundle. Green Man Gaming have continuously offered gamers the chance to purchase games both DRM free or keys for Steam at pretty competitive…

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  • Square Enix announces Shinra cloud gaming service

    … Former Square Enix president and CEO heading NY-based company. Square Enix has announced the establishment of Shinra Technologies, a new cloud gaming company headquartered in New York and headed by former Square Enix president and CEO Yoichi Wada. Through the company’s “proprietary cloud technologies,” Shinra intents to “change the game…

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  • Project Flare: Square Enix’s Latest Innovation

    … Square Enix, the masterminds behind the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Tomb Raider series are out to innovate Cloud gaming. As the Tokyo Game Show date rapidly approaches, Square Enix is looking to reveal all the juicy details about their “technological breakthrough in cloud gaming,” Project Flare. Last year, Square Enix explained that Flare…

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