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  • Cloud services to reach 3.6 billion by 2018

    … is gone. Hope to God that the game has at least a single player mode because if it doesn’t well, you know. Your in trouble. This is what EA has done to about 50 of it’s games. Check out the article here. A new report from Juniper is saying that cloud-based gaming will reach 3.6 billion consumers by 2018, the report also stated that currently…

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  • Electronic Arts To Bring Cloud Gaming To Comcast Subscribers?!

    … of AT&T, I love the living crap out of cloud gaming. Seeing it continue to rise makes me smile. Give me that Google Fiber internet please! Us cloud gamers know cloud gaming is the future, though. Bring it on! Via: IGN Related articles Cable TV companies getting into cloud gaming? Comcast working with Microsoft to resolve Xbox One Wi…

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