• Video: 150 Games For Everything But Wii U

    … ‘150 Games For Everything But Wii U’ is not produced by Pure Nintendo but rather Andrew Eisen. To view other video from Andrew, please visit his YouTube channel. Recently Andrew also updated his list and now there are 160 games that are coming to ‘Everything But Wii U’. That didn't take long. @Activision's "Duck Dynasty" is the 160th game…

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  • Six Video Game Characters Who Only Had One Job To Do

    … But they failed miserably, making the plot of the particular game possible or just messing things up miserably. The latest clip of Outside Xbox shows us who these unfortunate characters are and what they actually did. He is not featured in the video, but there might be one more guy who only had one job to do: Oh and also, don't forget Black…

    1 readers - Gergo Vas - Kotaku - Only If -

  • CoD: Black Ops II Double XP and Weapon XP this Weekend

    …, please visit the official website or chat with other users on their forum. Gamer Headlines encourage its avid readers to take advantage of the comment section to type any statements, recommendations, or questions. We value each individual’s opinions and suggest sharing his or her thoughts on the matter. Please email this author at . The post CoD: Black Ops II Double XP and Weapon XP this Weekend appeared first on The Gamer Headlines. …

    16 readers - Jalane Farrington - The Gamer Headlines - Black Ops -
  • Final Ghosts DLC Pack Coming Next Week

    … In an anticlimactic turn of events, Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting taken out back next week and shot. I’m exaggerating, however Activision is releasing the final piece of DLC for the game on August 5th, which will mean that the number of players online will drop even further than it has been up to now. Nemesis, the update, will cost $14.99…

    Ivan Mashkov - Gaming Precision -

  • ESPN Delighted with Results of Dota 2 Coverage

    …Recently ESPN provided some coverage for The International 4, Valve’s 10 million dollar Dota 2 tournament. The competition was shown on ESPN 3 whilst ESPN2 featured a one-off show about the tournament. This marked one of the first times the mainstream media has featured an eSports event on their network. This marks a big step for the industry…

    2 readers - Edd Cockshutt - The Gamer Headlines - Dota 2 -

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