• Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies mode has been leaked!

    Published at The Gamer Headlines - 7 readers

    For some time now, rumors have been floating around about a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies mode. And, thanks to a recent leak, we have confirmation! From a post on the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare subreddit, user “Hamad_1q1″ showed off a video of the new “Exozombies” mode in CODAW. The video is constantly being removed, but, we were lucky enough to grab a few screensh ...

  • Huge Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Leak Hits Internet, Sledgehammer Co-Founder Upset

    Published at PlayStation LifeStyle - 4 readers

    Although Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare won’t be released until November 4, it appears as if a number of copies of the upcoming shooter have slipped out into the public. The early copies have lead to a lot of information about the game being leaked, and one Ustream member, anfunny29, even broadcast the game live over the weekend until the channel was banned for copyright infringement.

  • Call of Duty ex-director says US military could learn from COD

    The Gamer Headlines - - 5 readers - According to Dave Anthony, the Call of Duty franchise’s former game director, in regards to unpopular national security ideas. the United States government could learn a few things from AAA video game titles/series such as Call of Duty, specifically their marketing strategies and campaigns. Anthony believes that disfavored national security policies or ideas can be pushed into ...
  • Microsoft Stores Hosting Launch Events for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Xbox Live's Major Nelson - - 1 readers - Celebrate the release of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero edition and take part in special events at all 104 Microsoft Stores on Sunday (yes, Sunday), November 2nd starting at 9 p.m. local time. Ten Microsoft stores locations will also host special Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero events and create a full military-style atmosphere in-store including: “Trai ...
  • Walmart sells used games starting next week

    Zombie Gamer Online - - 1,700 Walmart locations all over the U.S. will start selling used games beginning on November 3rd. Earlier this year in March, customers were able to trade in their games to the consumer giant for trade-in credits. There’s no word on if Walmart will offer cash in the future and as of right now, you cannot trade in your gaming consoles, but they are offering double trade in poin ...

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  • Walmart sells used games starting next week

    …, but they are offering double trade in points if you trade in a game towards the purchase of a Playstation 4 and with their Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare promo, buyers will receive double points on November 3rd and 4th when buying the game. Speaking of Advanced Warfare, 3,600 Walmart locations will have it for sale on 12:01 am on November 3rd– a full 24…

    Zombie Gamer Online -

  • Video: 150 Games For Everything But Wii U

    … ‘150 Games For Everything But Wii U’ is not produced by Pure Nintendo but rather Andrew Eisen. To view other video from Andrew, please visit his YouTube channel. Recently Andrew also updated his list and now there are 160 games that are coming to ‘Everything But Wii U’. That didn't take long. @Activision's "Duck Dynasty" is the 160th game…

    3 readers - Pure Nintendo -
  • Six Video Game Characters Who Only Had One Job To Do

    … But they failed miserably, making the plot of the particular game possible or just messing things up miserably. The latest clip of Outside Xbox shows us who these unfortunate characters are and what they actually did. He is not featured in the video, but there might be one more guy who only had one job to do: Oh and also, don't forget Black…

    1 readers - Gergo Vas - Kotaku - Only If -

  • Final Ghosts DLC Pack Coming Next Week

    … In an anticlimactic turn of events, Call of Duty: Ghosts is getting taken out back next week and shot. I’m exaggerating, however Activision is releasing the final piece of DLC for the game on August 5th, which will mean that the number of players online will drop even further than it has been up to now. Nemesis, the update, will cost $14.99…

    Ivan Mashkov - Gaming Precision -

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