• The Sonic Boom Cartoon Is Off To A Fine Start

    … spoil but is titled "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Weeks?" It's Sonic the sitcom, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sonic Boom airs on Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings, where cartoons should be. The games come out tomorrow, and I'm frightened. …

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  • Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung Visits the Mushroom Kingdom

    … While it may not be the sort of video that we would normally feature, this old school gaming mash-up is just too much fun to ignore. in the footage below, popular YouTuber NicksplosionFX has seamlessly combined the Mario universe with the cast of Mortal Kombat and the resulting carnage is way worse than any havoc that Bowser wreaks. Shang…

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  • Wonder What Mortal Kombat in an Elevator Looks Like?

    … The elevator! Famous for many uncomfortable scenarios like cables snapping resulting in a 100 story free fall, claustrophobia, awkward situations, or M. Knight Shyamlan movies. In the creative mind of Yousef Saleh Erakat, the elevator is just another setting for his creative genius. When most people walk into an elevator they can expect…

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