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  • Jet Tailfin - review

    …A portion of a Nintendo Life review... When you combine those devastating shortcomings with the offensive price point, you have a game that should be completely ignored. In fact, pretend that you didn't stumble upon this review and convince yourself that you've never heard of Jett Tailfin. There are plenty of other — more talented and deserving…

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  • Mighty No. 9 - first hands-on gameplay details

    …- cannot kick up walls - can grab onto ledges and climb up - has the ability to dash, even in air - shoot an enemy until it blows up, or shoot it until it turns a certain color, than dash through it - dash through 10 enemies glowing blue to get health - dash through red enemies to gain a more powerful shot that shoots through enemies - dash through…

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  • Hive Jump Kickstarter update - gameplay details

    …We've shared footage of the ambush room gameplay and have detailed the strategy mode in previous posts, but we wanted to share with you some finer details about the core mission gameplay in this update. Each mission will place you and your JUMP team at the surface level of an alien labyrinth of tunnels and caves – which are collectively referred…

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