• Cannon Brawl Keys!

    …Hello, lovelies! Let me introduce you to Cannon Brawl: “Cannon Brawl is an intense action-strategy game that combines the skill-based play of a classic artillery game with the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS. Matches are quick and players will need to think fast to outwit and outmaneuver their opponents. Players choose from a wide array of pilots…

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  • Win A Ketti Handbag! (And Store All Of Your Nerdy Goodness In It!)

    …One of the biggest struggles I face at conventions isn’t related to appointments, video games or being hungover. Nay. It’s, “HOW IN THE HELL AM I GOING TO BRING ALL OF THIS STUFF WITH ME?!” Friends, let me just say I’m not a purse person. In fact, I despise carrying purses so much I, well…I don’t carry them. I’ll burden someone else with the task…

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