• Ultra Street Fighter IV 1.04 Patch Available Next Monday

      Capcom Cup has barely started, and we already have our first bit of news from the event. According to Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren, the next Ultra Street Fighter IV update will be available next week. In addition to adding the crazy Omega Mode option to gameplay and making the new set o ...

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    • The Ultra Street Fighter IV Cast Goes Ape, Bird and More with the Wild Costume Packs

      Capcom is keeping with the groove of themed outfits with its next set of Ultra Street Fighter IV costumes. On Tuesday January 16, following the Monday release of the free Ver.1.04 title update, Capcom will be making the Wild Costume Packs available for purchase. Packs of four or five character costumes can be purchased for $3.99, or you can grab the whole set of 44 for $19.99.

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    • Go Wild with Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Latest Costume Packs

      As of today, you can now spruce up your Ultra Street Fighter IV characters with a brand new set of animal-themed costumes. Ever wondered what Gen would look like as a goat? You got it. Want to deck your Poison in some fancy peacock feathers? No problem. Wish Hakan had a ton of creepy tentacles to go along with his oily fighting style? Uh, sure, that’s here too, I guess.

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  • Soulcalibur V, Sabrewulf’s Retro Costume in Killer Instinct on Xbox Live

    … trying it out, it can now be purchased for only $3.74, a 75% discount from its normal $14.99 price. Additionally, if you’re still rocking either the free-to-play or Combo Breaker versions of Killer Instinct on Xbox One, the folks over at Microsoft have discounted Sabrewulf’s retro costume by 60%. Got another $3.99 and want to make your Sabrewulf look…

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  • Ultra Street Fighter IV Costume Trailer Released

    … Capcom is encouraging potential buyers to purchase the retail version of Ultra Street Fighter IV by showcasing the 100+ costumes they’ll get with it. These costumes were all made available during Super Street Fighter IV as DLC that you could buy in packs, so by making them all free with the retail version of USFIV they are giving you a good deal…

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