• Maplestory 2- An Early Look at Nexon’s Upcoming MMO

    … seeing the art style up close and personal in this new character customization footage, I’m starting to get hyped all over again. Seeing Lith Harbor recreated into a 3D plane with all of the charm it had in the original, as well as the faithfulness to Maplestory’s visual flair and numerous customization options has me all warm, fuzzy, and ready…

    1 readers - Griffin Cost - The Gamer Headlines -
  • More Master Chief Collection Customization!

    …As you might know, PAX Prime was happening just last week, and, 343i was there showing off Halo 2 Anniversary. Some lucky fans were able to capture some more shots of the Master Chief Collection customization options within the game. All images come from reddit’s r/halo. This shows off that each game’s customization is a seperate menu…

    5 readers - Brandon Blicharz - The Gamer Headlines -
  • The best free download browsers – Google Chrome

    … Chrome has a wide variety of plugins and customization options, so the tools are at your disposal, free of cost. Themes, backgrounds, Page Ranking viewers and many more can be added to make browsing a fresh and enjoyable experience, so why limit yourself to a slow and unfriendly browser? There’s really no downside to using Chrome. The only worthy…

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