• The Evolution of the Xbox Dashboard

      This post is a refreshed version of a post we created in 2012, also taking a look back at the dashboards of the Xbox 360. So we’ve properly entered into the next generation of gaming. It’s likely that this year will see many AAA publishers ditching the Xbox 360 for good with a keen focus on the “next-generation of gaming,” and thought that’s all well and good, we can’t just ...

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  • The Xbox Dashboard Has Come A Long Way Since 2001

    … Oh for the days before Microsoft's torrid love affair with stacked rectangles, back when curves were the order of the day, and orange seemed like a great idea. Inspired by a Reddit post from couchpotato9099 with images borrowed from Redditor eiketsujinketsu's super-smooth "non-potato" version of the animated GIF, this image is a monument…

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