• What Pokémon Players Are Actually Trading, By The Numbers

      Thanks to something called "Wonder Trade," Pokémon players regularly put monsters up for trade blindly, without knowing what they'll get in return. Maybe it'll be a garbage Pokémon, or maybe it'll be a legendary. Not knowing what you'll get in exchange for your Pokémon is part of the fun—but even so, hardcore players are compiling data on what people are actually trading through the feature.

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    • What People Google About Sex, According To The Numbers

      People type their deepest, darkest secrets and fears into Google, all in search for answers. Sex, while a taboo subject, is no different. The New York Times took a look at the data behind Google searches, and what they've found is mighty interesting. What do people pair the most with the word "marriage," for example? Sexless marriage, which average 21,090 searches a month.

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  • How Many People Play Destiny Every Day?

    … This weekend Bungie dropped some interesting data that suggests that Destiny is more popular than its mixed reception would suggest. While we're still waiting on official Destiny sales figures from Activision, it seems that on average 3.2 million people are playing every day. The average player has also logged in 20 times in the month since…

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