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  • Dead Space: Missing, But Not Dead

    … "Is Dead Space dead?", I asked Steve Papoutsis at the end of an interview about Battlefield: Hardline - the game Visceral is now making in lieu of a Dead Space 4. Here's what Hardline's executive producer said back to me, in what some people call 'an answer': Read more... …

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  • Daft Punk Should Create A Video Game Soundtrack

    … All” or “Robot Rock,” for example? I could imagine Cortana sitting in Master Chief’s implant while singing “Digital Love” to herself; it really wouldn’t surprise me. “Steam Machine” sounds like it could be used for a Dead Space commercial, and I could probably continue making pairs and references all day. Their music simply fits with the sci-fi…

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  • Moar Dead Space? “Absolutely” Promises EA.

    … I'm sure there are many games on peoples lists that certain publishers didn't show or even mention at E3 this year, Dead Space was certainly one of them, but Visceral, the developers behind the space-themed survival horror game, do have a lot on their plates at the moment with Star Wars: Battlefront, and of course, Battlefield Hardline…

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  • More Dead Space Games Are Possible

    … Vice president of EA Studios, Patrick Söderlund has spoke on the future of the Dead Space franchise, which is evidently possible but only under certain conditions. He spoke with Polygon primarily on Battlefield: Hardline, but the focus was eventually put on Dead Space, giving fans hope of a possible future title, as follows: “Do I think that we…

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  • Origin Shoots at Steam With Its Current Sale

    … are some certainly good deals in the Origin sale, going from Kingdoms of Amalur to Dead Space games, let’s check out some of the best deals you can find on the sale: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – £5.99 (was £19.99) Mass Effect 2 – £2.99 (was £9.99) Mass Effect 3 – £2.99 (was £9.99) Dragon Age II – £4.49 (was £14.99) Dragon Age: Origins…

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  • Feature Friday: The 5 best Horror Games of all time

    … horror experience that gave some legitimate shock-scares and even a few creeping ones. Either way, Doom 3 is a must-play and one that’s available for only a few bucks these days depending on which platform you grab it for. 4.) Dead Space – Originally released October 13th, 2008 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 The original and still the best…

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  • EA Origin offers free games with “On The House” Campaign

    … EA have announced “On The House” for Origin, their online games store. All you need to do is sign up and install Origin to avail this offer. Yes, that’s its! You could get the games for exactly $0.00 If this sounds too be too good to be true, then EA have answered some of most […] This post EA Origin offers free games with “On The House…

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  • Daylight Review: Score of 5

    … that is a bit too harsh. Read on to see the full review! I’ll give credit where credit is due: Daylight is full of effective jump scares. In many moments throughout the game, I found myself shriek or shout at the sight of an insidious-looking ghostie. And yet, Daylight still never achieved the jump scare mastery of horror games like Dead…

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