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  • Warframe Coming To Xbox One On September 2nd

    …One of my favorite games this generation is finally coming to the Xbox One. It certainly doesn't mean it's going to be one of my favorite games on the Xbox One, but it does mean that those of you who have an Xbox one will get to enjoy one of the coolest third-person, hack-and-slash, futuristic, space-age shooting games ever made. Digital Extremes…

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  • Space-Ninjas: Warframe Adding Zero-G Combat Mode

    …Sure, running around in power armour blowing things up is great and all, but don’t all mecha big and small truly long to be among the stars? Free-to-play power armour ‘em up Warframe is releasing its mecha from the bonds of the ground and setting them free to frolick in zero-gravity and blow each other to pieces. The free-to-play co-op shooter’s…

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  • Warframe Releasing On Xbox One

    …Warframe has built in popularity since it released on Playstation 4 but at Gamescom, Digital Extremes announced that the fun is coming to Xbox One. During Gamescom the team at Digital Extremes held one of their Tenno video casts live from Gamescom which also served..... The post Warframe Releasing On Xbox One appeared first on Attack of the Fanboy.…

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  • Warframe PC to PS4 Account Migration Now Open

    …If you’ve been waiting to play Warframe on PlayStation 4 until you could transfer your PC account over, the time has come, as Digital Extremes opened the account migration today, giving you until Friday, August 1 at 11AM PT/2PM PT to perform the transfer. There are some very important things to keep in mind before doing the migration though…

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