The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an American diversified multinational mass media corporation headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. It is the largest media conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue. Disney was founded on October 16, 1923, by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and theme parks. The company also operated under the names Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions.
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    • Cosplayer Is a Perfect Hiro from Big Hero 6

      If you are wondering what a live-action Big Hero 6 would look like, my guess is this. Cosplayer Jin does an incredible job of bringing Hiro to life, right down to his facial expressions. It's as though she was born to cosplay this character. Here is Jin's take via her Tumblr: I usually disagree when people tell me I resemble this or that character, but for some odd reason I ...

      Brian Ashcraft/ Kotaku- 5 readers -
    • Disney Artist Pays Homage to Studio Ghibli

      Jin Kim, Character Design Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, drew this Big Hero 6 piece to express his gratitude to Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki. Of course, Miyazaki is famous for creating anime like My Neighbor Totoro, which Kim's wonderful tribute references. The drawing was first posted online last November, but it's been recently c ...

      Brian Ashcraft/ Kotaku- 8 readers -
    • The 12 Best Villain Voices Of All Time

      Whenever people discuss the greatest bad guys of all time, they usually go by evil deeds, or powers, or how many spikes are on their outfits. But what about their voices? Would anyone be scared of Voldemort if he sounded like Gilbert Gottfried? Of course not! So let's celebrate the people who make bad sound so good.

      Kotaku- 5 readers -
  • Even More Disney Characters Go To College

    … DeviantArt's Hyung86 has been hard at work on his Disney University series which, as the name implies, depicts Disney characters as members of a real-world university—whether they were originally human or not. There's been a lot of new additions to the DU family since our last look, so let's jump right in. Don't forget to check out Hyung's…

    András Neltz/ Kotaku- 2 readers -

  • Emma Watson to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast

    … too, she’ll pull it off perfectly, I’m sure of that. This version of Beauty and the Beast will be headed by director Bill Condon, who has directed previous movies such as Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One & Two and Dreamgirls. Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos are on as screenwriters and between them have written movies such as Dwayne…

    n3rdabl3- 2 readers -
  • Why Big Hero 6 Is Upsetting Some People in South Korea

    … imagery. Disney also re-titled the movie Big Hero, apparently so South Korean parents won't think it's a sequel. So, Big Hero opens in the country on January 21. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. To contact the author of this post, write to bashcraftATkotaku.com or find him on Twitter @Brian_Ashcraft. …

    Brian Ashcraft/ Kotaku- 11 readers -
  • A Few Thoughts On Walt Disney World’s Prize Redemption Ban

    … A Few Thoughts On Walt Disney World’s Prize Redemption Ban arcadehero January 13, 2015 (Thanks to Nick Lombardo of Arcade Hunters for the link) This has been making the rounds in the arcade trade press for the past couple of days so it is probably worth a mention: Disney ditching claw machines, video-game prizes – Orlando Sentinel I…

    Arcade Heroes- 5 readers -
  • Disney’s Big Hero 6 comes home next month

    … The latest animated blockbuster from Disney is on the way to home video, and should hit stores and digital download services at the top of February. A smash hit in theaters, BIg Hero 6 was a pretty big success for Disney. It also expanded the Marvel line of properties for the company into the ‘kids’ demographic in a terrific way. True, it’s…

    Brutal Gamer- 2 readers -
  • Here’s the New Trailer for Disney’s Cinderella

    … Disney’s latest live action retelling follows Cinderella’s return to the big screen, played by Lily James and with a supporting cast of acting giants such as Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother, Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother and Richard Madden as the Prince. The story follows Ella in the classic tale of the girl who found…

    n3rdabl3- 8 readers -
  • Dota Heroes Illustrated In Disney Style

    … Artist Igor Artyomenko reimagined Crystal Maiden, Traxex the Drow Ranger, Windrunner and Lina the Slayer from Dota 2 and they now actually look like characters with personality. Especially love Windrunner and that piece's color palette. Here they are. I love that these characters, compared to others in similar pieces, have more than 2 or 3 arrows in their quiver. To contact the author of this post, write to: gergovas@kotaku.com …

    Gergo Vas/ Kotaku- 1 readers -
  • Disney Exec Poses with Millennium Falcon

    … Disney is pretty much like every other company. Their goal is to make money and buy stuff, that includes a Millennium Falcon too. Way back in 2005 Disney had hit a rough spot. Issues with Pixar and development issues with sequels and problems in the boardroom left the House of Mouse in turmoil. Enter in the sixth CEO Disney has ever had, Bob…

    Josh Francis/ n3rdabl3- 2 readers -

  • Wall.e Restaurant Staffed With Robots Opens in China

    … Yet another new restaurant with robot servers has opened in China. And the owners seem determined to test Disney's patience with intellectual property laws. Why? The name of the restaurant is apparently Wall.e — just like the cute little robot worker from the 2008 Pixar film. It seems like a new robot restaurant opens in China every month…

    Kotaku- 1 readers -
  • Nintendo of Japan Releases Pixar’s Up on 3DS eShop

    … When the 3DS was first announced, one feature which was hinted at was the ability to view feature-length movies in full 3D on the system, though we never really heard any more information about that… until today that is. In an unexpected surprise though, you can download Disney's Up movie now to your Nintendo 3DS. Uhm… yay? 3240 yen. — Daan…

    Leon Fletcher/ NintyBuzz- 3 readers -
  • How Westwood Made The Lion King, One Of Gaming's Finest Platformers

    *NOTE* This episode begins with a ~12-minute overview of "Aladdin" to help set up the story of production on "The Lion King." To skip directly to The Lion King, please jump ahead to 13:37 (click "Show More" for episode description and series release schedule) Double Fine’s Greg Rice is joined by Louis Castle, co-founder of Westwood Studios, for a full play-through of the belove ...

    Mike Fahey/ Kotaku- 8 readers -
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