The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an American diversified multinational mass media corporation headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. It is the largest media conglomerate in the world in terms of revenue. Disney was founded on October 16, 1923, by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and theme parks. The company also operated under the names Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions.
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    • Polygon Believes Disney Can Save Nintendo

      Polygon writer Steve Bowler has written an interesting article that suggests that an acquisition of Nintendo by Disney could help turn the company’s fortunes around. It should be taken into account that this is an opinion piece by Polygon, but it does raise some interesting questions. Although it’s unlikely to ever happen it makes for a good read. Be sure to check out the article, here.

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    • More Wonderful Chalk Art from Japanese Classrooms

      There's more to do than study at school. For example, you can draw amazing pictures on the chalk board. So, let's have another look at just that. Last fall, Kotaku took a look at some of the terrific chalkboard art found in Japanese classrooms. Some of these drawings were done after school during club activities. Others were done during breaks throughout the day.

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  • Frozen’s Elsa Helps Girls Learn How to Code

    … Code.org announced Wednesday that it had teamed up with Disney Interactive on a tutorial that lets young programmers help Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa make ice fractals and skating patterns using basic coding skills. The tutorial, at www.code.org/frozen, becomes part of the non-profit Code.org’s online learning platform, which is used in more…

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  • Here’s the Latest Trailer for Disney’s Live-action Cinderella

    … Cinderella wasn’t my most favoured Disney movie as a young ‘un, in fact it was one of the few Disney movies I preferred not to watch because girls are icky and this is a silly girl movie, ew ew ew. Anyway, in the not so distant future a new version of the Disney classic is about to hit cinemas, this time it’s not a pretty animated fairytale…

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  • Big Hero 6 Makes for Touching Flipbook Animation

    … Tekken, the Japanese comedian named after the fighting game, is back with another flipbook animation. This time, it's for Disney's Big Hero 6. The spot is part of the movie's promotional campaign. But, like Tekken's other work, it's surprisingly touching and sweet. 『ベイマックス』鉄拳「パラパラ漫画」オリジナルPV [Disney@YouTUbe] To contact the author of this post…

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy comes home for the holidays

    …. Reilly (“Wreck-It Ralph,” “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”) as Corpsman Dey, Glenn Close (TV’s “Damages,” “Tarzan”) as Nova Prime and Benicio Del Toro (“Traffic,” “The Usual Suspects”) as The Collector. Director: James Gunn (“Movie 43,” “Super”) Screenplay: James Gunn (“Dawn of the Dead,” “Scooby Doo”) and Nicole Perlman (“Thor…

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  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions (Blu Ray) Review

    … wondering what I mean by that, it’s pretty simple- when Disney bought Lucasfilm, there were all sorts of licensing issues that popped up and one of them involved The Clone Wars. Basically, it was kind of yanked from the Cartoon Network (where it was regularly broadcast) and that was that. All that happened last year, and before the sixth season…

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  • Disney explores the deep emotion of loss with Big Hero 6 – A Review

    … A superhero film with a lot of heart Yes, Big Hero 6 is a fun animated superhero action movie. It is a Disney film that is loosely based on a Marvel Comic Book, seemingly being the culmination of the joining of these two companies. However, at the heart of this film, it is about loss, and how people cope with that loss. It is this emotional…

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  • Big Hero 6 Is One Of The Year's Best Science Fiction Films, Period

    ….) On the plus side, his superhero outfit, basically a rubber monster suit, is legit awesome. Also on the plus side, Alan Tudyk continues his streak of doing great voicework in every Disney animated movie, playing a sleazy corner-cutting entrepreneur. Big Hero 6 is a heart-warming film whose characters struggle with real loss and sadness, and overcome…

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  • Pixar is Making Toy Story 4 so Grab your Tissues!

    … Pixar have announced that they’re making Toy Story 4! This is absolutely fantastic news for fans of the Toy Story franchise, but I’m not sure how Disney and Pixar are going to top the heart warming end to Toy Story 3. Either way, we’ve got to wait until 2017 to find out. Set to be directed by the original Toy Story director John Lasseter, Toy…

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  • Lucasarts comes to GOG.com with TIE Fighter, X-Wing and more

    … Classic PC game fans rejoice, the Lucasarts catalog is available on GOG.com. “We are very excited to be able to bring these classic interactive titles to our platform; it has been a long-time dream of ours,” said Guillaume Rambourg, Managing Director at GOG.com. “Luckily, Disney Interactive is always looking for new ways to give players access…

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  • Maleficent (Blu Ray) Review

    … Maleficent (Blu Ray) Review The newest take on the classic Disney villain Maleficent comes home to Blu Ray and DVD with a set that’s packing plenty of extras. Maleficent has really gotten around in the last few years, appearing on ABC’s Once Upon a Time as well as the big budget motion picture that we’re talking about here. While the TV show…

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