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  • Pre-order Bonuses Are Worthless: An Author’s Opinion

    … received were amusing, while others were more serious. Take a look below: “What is your opinion on pre-orders…?” “Exclusive camo DLC, thats why.” “If it’s a game I want to play on release day, I pre-order it. If it’s a game I’m not sure about, I wait. However, digital pre-orders are stupid. There usually isn’t a price difference.” “It is a stupid…

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  • Muramasa Rebirth fourth DLC dated for west

    …Muramasa Rebirth‘s fourth downloadable content, officially titled “Hell’s Where the Heart Is” in English, will launch on September 2 in North America and September 3 in Europe, Aksys games announced. Find story and gameplay details below. Story When former monk turned playboy Seikichi accidentally proposes to Rajyaki, the daughter of the Lord of Hell, he […] Read Muramasa Rebirth fourth DLC dated for west in full on Gematsu.…

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  • Muramasa Rebirth fourth DLC hits Japan next week

    …The fourth and final piece of Muramasa Rebirth‘s ‘Genroku Legends’ downloadable content will launch in Japan next Thursday, August 28 for 500 yen, Marvelous announced. Titled “Tsunokakushi Onna Jigoku,” the story follows an axe-wielding demon girl named Rajaki who can transform from child to adult to a great demon. Here’s the official description: Lusty debauchee […] Read Muramasa Rebirth fourth DLC hits Japan next week in full on Gematsu.…

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  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Margaret trailer

    …Atlus has released the debut trailer for Margaret in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. The Velvet Room fighter, who joins sisters Elizabeth and Marie, will be distributed as post-released downloadable content. Watch the trailer below. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is due out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 30 in North America. Read Persona 4 Arena…

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  • Come Die With Me: Don’t Starve Together

    …Don’t Starve Together is the sort of stern instruction that was once delivered by frowning parents to their newly married offspring as they set out to find a partner for life. The ruddy-faced matron wouldn’t tell her son to make sure he wooed a girl who always washed behind the ears, and the cracked lips of an aged farmer would not part to instruct…

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  • Rocksmith 2014 Newest Addition? New DLC!

    …Ubisoft’s “fastest way to learn guitar,” Rocksmith, is similar to games like Rockband and Guitar Hero. The difference? You actually play the guitar or bass, depending on your instrument, instead of following a beat with a controller-esq guitar. With an extensive library, Rocksmith is constantly adding new songs. Take a look at the newest DLC…

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  • Give Your Eyes, Teeth: Surgeon Simulator DLC

    …I couldn’t tell you how many eyeballs I’ve gouged out and teeth I’ve kicked in while playing video games. Lots, certainly (and in the game), but never to help people. New Surgeon Simulator DLC will let us altruistically enjoy sounds of eyeballs squishing and teeth tinkling, adding new operations starring those bodyparts. It’s bringing them over…

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  • History Completing Itself: EU IV And CK II Still Growing

    …I don’t think I’ve mind if Crusader Kings II received fresh DLC for the next twenty years. Judging by the latest announcement, which I witnessed live at a fan gathering/press conference at Gamescom, the greatest medieval strategy RPG-sim of all time might soon be simply the greatest historical RPG-sim of all time. The upcoming Charlemagne…

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  • Rome II Daughters Of Mars DLC Adds Warrior Women

    … While some battle tactics are outstripped by technology, it’s actually gotten quite a lot easier to perform the above strategy thanks to the removal of platemail in modern times. Still equally as effective at causing extreme pain and temporary, floor-based groan-paralysis too. It’s part of the latest Total War: Rome II DLC ‘Daughters of Mars…

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  • Fresh Controversy for the GTA Series.

    … Some people are outraged that fans of the smash hit GTA V are modifying the game to allow players to blow up, control and even ‘rape’ other users. The mod in question is the aptly named ‘Naughty Stuff’ and “very naughty stuff’ mod. Reactions to the mod have been varied, with some citing it as a bit of fun and others expressing outrage…

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