• GameSpot’s Dead Rising 3 Review Justifies Why We Need #GamerGate

    Published at One Angry Gamer - 20 readers

    It’s really happening, folks… reviews in the games industry are now trying to push agendas harder than ever before. Imagine the shock, surprise and horror when a game that was previously scored with a ’7′ at GameSpot received a ’3′ when it landed on another platform with better graphics, more content and a higher resolution (at a cheaper price to boot). Shock. And. Horror.

  • My Journey Into ‘Destiny’ – First Impressions of Bungie’s New Epic

    Published at Game Rant - 14 readers

    Activision and developer Bungie offered a welcome end to the summer video game lull with the release of what may be the most-talked-about new game of the year: Destiny. It released Tuesday in a very unusual way from an industry perspective, and even two days later there are barely any reviews of the game.

  • Review in Progress: Destiny

    destructoid - - 11 readers - [Since a large part of Destiny is found within the raid system upon reaching max level, we'll be performing a Review in Progress of the game over the course of a few weeks. Here is our initial experience with the live version.] Bungie has a lot to prove coming off of Halo.
  • Destiny: Guide to Level 20 & Beyond

    Attack of the Fanboy - - 23 readers - Destiny just released and already players are reaching the higher tiers of levels through either Crucible play or story and Strikes with their friends. The upcoming release of The Vault of Glass, the very first Raid on September 16th leaves many players wanting to level up beyond the soft level cap of 20.
  • A Wild Theory About Destiny's Story

    Kotaku - - 18 readers - Many people seem to think that Destiny's story is, well, lackluster. But what if most people are missing one big key thing about the story? Buckle up, because it's time for a bonkers theory about a video game.
  • The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/16/2014

    PlayStation.Blog - - 9 readers - Explore strange worlds, fight legendary ninjas, and collect ancient weapons. Yes, it’s another week of new games launching on PlayStation — and it’s quite the varied lineup! In the spotlight this week is Murasaki Baby, which launches exclusively on PS Vita. In it, guide a homesick little girl through nightmarish worlds using only front and rear touch controls.

The latest about Earth

  • EA Sports FIFA Available Now in North America

    …. . To view a series of videos on new features please visit here. FIFA 15 is launching with a creative campaign that shows fans how they will Feel The Game. Created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, the two minute TV commercial puts FIFA 15fans center stage in the greatest drama on Earth and depicts how they are so close to the action they can feel…

    9 readers - Gaming Cypher -
  • Smugglers 5: Invasion Standalone Expansion Announced

    … where the original game ended. After years of civil war, the Federation finally emerged victorious, crushing all rebel activity. The galaxy looked forward to a period of peace, a chance to repair the damage of a long and bitter war. Then came the Jalkath, a new alien race. To the humans, they looked much like the tigers of Old Earth, and they soon…

    1 readers - Gaming Cypher - Invasion -
  • Destiny’s The Queen’s Wrath Now Live, Details

    … Restoration on Earth LAST DAYS OF WINTER | +100 QF +5000xp | Defeat Draksis in the Scourge of Winter on Venu And here is the vendor items list: Weapons Her Right Hand Merciless Vesta Noblese Her Eyes Payment VI Techeun Force The Dreamwaker The Majestic Wolves’ Bane Class items Bond of the Queen’s Guard Cloak of the Sixth Reign Mark of the Queen’s Guard…

    6 readers - Gaming Cypher -

  • Anomaly 2 Review – So Much Thinking (PS4)

    …When Anomaly: Warzone Earth first came out back in 2011, it threw tower defense games on their heads by putting players in the shoes of the mobs instead of having them build towers. Anomaly 2 on the PlayStation 4 follows in that same vein, but adds in some new features that helps keep the game fresh. The biggest change, and the one that 11 Bit…

    4 readers - PlayStation LifeStyle - Anomaly 2 - Anomaly -
  • WKRP in Cincinnati boxset music update

    … Carlton The Cars Gene Chandler Ray Charles Chic Chicago Eric Clapton The Coasters Joe Cocker Elvis Costello Creedence Clearwater Revival Crosby, Stills Nash & Young Christopher Cross Derek And The Dominos Detective Bo Diddley The Doors Dr. John Gene Dunlap The Durocs Bob Dylan Earth, Wind & Fire Flying Foreigner Marvin Gaye The Go-Gos Grateful…

    3 readers - Inside Pulse -
  • Destiny – Review

    … somewhat. We can only speculate as to why. Perhaps Activision felt that a fully fledged MMO wouldn’t appeal to the mass market? Trion’s Defiance flopped, after all. Or maybe the presence of last-gen versions prevented Bungie from realising that potentially glorious combination? This would at least explain why the hub – set inside the last city on Earth…

    1 readers - Games Asylum - Destiny -
  • The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/23/2014

    … game. Slender: The Arrival PS3 — Digital You’re on your own. No one to come for you. No one to help you. No one to hear you scream. Slender: The Arrival is the official videogame adaptation of Slender Man, re-created from Mark Hadley’s original nerve-shattering sensation. WALL-E PS2 Classic — Digital After 700 years alone on Earth, WALL-E has found…

    16 readers - PlayStation.Blog -
  • Supergirl Returns to TV

    … on the big screen when Clark Kent encounters an open space pod in 2013’s Man of Steel. Supergirl the cousin of Superman and was actually a teenager when she left Krypton in a rocket ship like her cousin arrived a lot later to Earth because of number of different reasons explained other the years. Time dilation fields, slower rocket and cyanogenic. P.S. no one should bring up the 1980’s Supergirl movie. A renowned comic book movie disaster..…

    1 readers - n3rdabl3 -

  • Weekend PC download deals: Talk Like A Pirate Day Edition

    …: The Downward Struggle, Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, FATE: Undiscovered Realms, The Night of the Rabbit, Solar Flux, Stick RPG 2: Director's Cut, Majesty Gold HD, and Third Eye Crime. These activate on Steam. Or pay $2.49 for Akane the Kunoichi, They Breathe, Mini Motor Racing EVO, Ichi, Rhythm Destruction, Oozi: Earth Adventure, Oknytt, Hammerfight…

    1 readers - Shacknews - Pirates! -
  • Destiny: A Guide to Public Events

    … notification pops up. Earth/Cosmodrome Defend The Warsat Locations: Mothyards, Forgotten Shore, and Skywatch When this event occurs players are to defend a Warsat once it goes online by activating a Ghost to it. The data is relayed and the more players helping out and defending it from Fallen the better and faster it goes. Enemies will continue to come…

    5 readers - Attack of the Fanboy - Destiny -

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