• Destiny Review – Life Beyond Level 20(Part Two)

    … We’re well and truly into our Destiny experience after picking up the game last month, starting our journey from the outskirts of Earth’s Old Russia, making it right into the midst of level 20 and above and the spoils it brings. If you want to get our views on the first portion of Destiny as we battled through the ranks and story, then check out…

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  • Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid Now Live, What You Need to Know

    …Tweet Pin It If you’ve been playing new shooter Destiny solidly for the last week and got your Guardian to a respectable level then a new challenge awaits you. Yes comrades, the Vault of Glass Raid is now available to those brave enough, and we have everything you need to know about the newly added adventure. The festivities kicked off at 2am EST…

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  • Destiny’s Endgame Is Just the Beginning

    …XBOX News Published on September 14th, 2014 | by CodCom Destiny’s Endgame Is Just the Beginning Bungie’s brand-new Destiny includes quite a bit of content beyond its multi-planet campaign. To wit: Raids are six-player missions that open up when players hit level 20. There are no waypoints to tell you where to go and what to do; they’re also…

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  • Very Quick Tips: Destiny

    … other factions and don't have anything generic to switch back to, you're out of luck unless your class vendor has one in stock. If a PVP mode shows up on the left side of your screen, it gives bonus XP. It's randomly assigned based on the weekly demand, and will benefit you greatly if you don't care which mode you want to pick. Endgame: Here's the deal…

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  • Destiny – Endgame Raids Only Playable With Friends

    … are letting you continue the journey with Raids. These events will ask you to team up with five of your friends and cooperate under difficult conditions to complete tasks in areas you’ve never been before. While speaking to IGN recently, Bungie’s Luke Smith spoke in-depth about raids, saying that the endgame ” begins as soon as you see the way the story…

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