Endgame, by Samuel Beckett, is a one-act play with four characters, written in a style associated with the Theatre of the Absurd. It was originally written in French (entitled Fin de partie); as was his custom, Beckett himself translated it into English. The play was first performed in a French-language production at the Royal Court Theatre in London, opening on 3 April 1957. It is commonly considered, along with such works as Waiting for Godot, to be among Beckett's most important works.
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    • Destiny – Watch One Player Solo Crota’s End With No Land Beyond

      Tweet Pin It Tried the Crota’s End raid in Destiny? If you have then you know the trial is no piece of cake, each section offering a different challenge that has you ripping your hair from its roots. If you’re experienced you can complete the raid solo, however, if you’re masterful you can complete it with the worst weapon in the game.

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  • Destiny Review – Life Beyond Level 20(Part Two)

    We’re well and truly into our Destiny experience after picking up the game last month, starting our journey from the outskirts of Earth’s Old Russia, making it right into the midst of level 20 and above and the spoils it brings. If you want to get our views on the first portion of Destiny as we battled through the ranks and story, then check out part one of our Destiny review for the skinny.

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  • Destiny’s Endgame Is Just the Beginning

    … is that the game unfolds and transforms over time,” said Executive Producer Patrick O’Kelley. “In the first hour, it might feel like a familiar shooter. Then, players will start to see other players in the world. They will undertake cooperative and competitive activities without really worrying about it. Or they might keep on a solo journey…

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  • Very Quick Tips: Destiny

    … all other factions and don't have anything generic to switch back to, you're out of luck unless your class vendor has one in stock. If a PVP mode shows up on the left side of your screen, it gives bonus XP. It's randomly assigned based on the weekly demand, and will benefit you greatly if you don't care which mode you want to pick. Endgame: Here's…

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