• EGX 2014: Calvino Noir

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    The 1001-Up.com team had the pleasure of attending this year’s EGX event at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London last weekend. It wasn’t all about the big-name AAA releases though: there were plenty of creative indie titles to experience and some lovely developers to chat to. We’ll be running a series of previews on those we enjoyed the most, and first up is Calvino Noir by Dan Walters.

  • EGX 2014: Mortal Kombat X

    Published at 1001-Up - 8 readers

    You’ve probably been able to tell from my other articles on Mortal Kombat X that I’m really quite excited for it. That was before I had a chance to get my hands on a build of the game so was making my judgement on the various videos and other promos floating around the web. That all changed at EGX where I was not only able to spend a decent amount of time with the game but al ...

  • Best of EGX 2014: too much!

    1001-Up - - 5 readers - EGX was good this year, despite the ground floor feeling like a glorified theme park for the most part. The games on show were excellent and developers (where available) engaging and willing to discuss their projects. It makes the task of choosing a ‘best of’ particularly difficult as there were so many stand out moments during my time there that narrowing it down to just one a real challenge.
  • Best of EGX 2014: Cosplay

    1001-Up - - 6 readers - As is tradition after the 1001-Up.com team visit a gaming event we each reveal our ‘best of‘ where we talk about our favourite aspect. Today it’s my turn to reveal my favourite part of EGX 2014 which is the fantastic cosplay we snapped during our three days at the expo. While I enjoyed playing the latest video game offerings, especially The Evil Within, not even the highly antic ...
  • Close-Up: Afro Samurai 2

    1001-Up - - 3 readers - Following on from our article on Afro Samurai 2 earlier in the year, we were given the opportunity to pose a few questions Redacted Studios. Who were we to turn down a chance with the ‘undisputed leader in dynamic dismemberment’ when it presented itself? The original Afro Samurai title was met with a mixed response with most commentators saying that while it looked great, it was ...
  • EGX 2014: Congo: The Game

    1001-Up - - 7 readers - Congo: The Game caught me off-guard a little. It was the last game I played at EGX 2014 and I’m glad I stumbled on it. The premise is relatively simple: the players (up to a maximum of four) are stranded in the Congo and must scavenge what they can to stay alive. This is because the jungle is swarming with killer beasts lurking in the darkness just waiting to feast on your bones.

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  • Arrow Season 1-2 Combo (DVD) Review

    Arrow Season 1-2 Combo (DVD) Review “You have failed this city” Playboy by day, vigilante by night Oliver Queen comes home to be a form of justice in the first two seasons of Arrow. In the first season we’re introduced to Oliver Queen, former trust fund playboy as he is discovered as the lone survivor on a deserted island five years after his family’s yacht sank.

    3 readers - Ted Stokes - Brutal Gamer -
  • The 100 Season One (DVD) Review

    … The 100 Season One (DVD) Review Our planet may not be as dead as they think in this complete first season release. Earth is uninhabitable for many years and with those on the ground dead the surviving humans are left orbiting the planet on the ‘Ark’. A refuge in space made up of all the space stations and technology up there today joined…

    2 readers - Ted Stokes - Brutal Gamer -
  • EGX 2014: NFTS Games

    … the course: Check out our video interviews below with the NFTS Games students that have been busy creating their own video games, which were available to play at EGX 2014. 11 Days to Save the World 11 days to find her in New York City. 11 days until the world ends. 11 days which will change your life forever. Hindsight Hindsight is a surreal…

    2 readers - 1001-Up -
  • EGX 2014: LA Cops

    … – and grab yourself a copy of the Early Access version. Like this: Like Loading... Related Tags: close-up, EGX 2014, entertainment, game, gameplay, gaming, indie, LA Cops, shooter, video, video game…

    2 readers - 1001-Up - LA Cops -

  • Close-Up: Never Alone

    … hands on it once it is released next month. A big thank you to Stu from Dead Good Media, and the teams from E-Line Media and Upper One Games, for taking the time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions. How was the Upper One Games team formed and what made them decide to start making Never Alone? “The original idea for a video game…

    3 readers - 1001-Up - Never Alone -
  • Close-Up: Afro Samurai 2

    …. Although existing fans of the franchise were very forgiving about this, newer fans, gaming fans, were not so forgiving and as a fan myself I knew that it should have and could have been a better overall experience. This is why, when the opportunity arose to develop another game, a game that would also extend the Afro Samurai story further, I became…

    3 readers - 1001-Up -
  • EGX 2014: Congo: The Game

    …Congo: The Game caught me off-guard a little. It was the last game I played at EGX 2014 and I’m glad I stumbled on it. The premise is relatively simple: the players (up to a maximum of four) are stranded in the Congo and must scavenge what they can to stay alive. This is because the jungle is swarming with killer beasts lurking in the darkness…

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  • EGX 2014: Monstrum

    …Continuing on from our series of EGX 2014 interviews we spoke with Jaime Cross of Team Junkfish once again about survival horror Monstrum. Earlier this year at the Rezzed 2014 indie gaming expo I got my hands on this ambitious title and Kevin followed up with his own first experiences shortly after. Monstrum is an impressive first-person survival…

    1 readers - 1001-Up - Monstrum -
  • EGX 2014: Beyond Eyes

    … the tiger beanie was a brain that clearly knew it had come up with something special. This game is something special. As we discussed the game, in which the player has to guide a blind girl as they search for her missing cat, the cleverness of the concept and how she had translated it into a gameplay experience shone through. This was in part down…

    3 readers - 1001-Up -
  • EGX 2014: BAFTA Young Game Designers

    … further by making them cats that are skilled in parkour – I think I’ve been outdone here. Jo talked about how game design skills such as art, animation and coding are transferable to many other industries making a career in creating video games a beneficial path to take. UKIE aims to reach more people from diverse backgrounds as games reflect real-life…

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  • EGX 2014: Assassin’s Creed: Unity

    …Lazy. That’s the word I would use to sum up Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity offering at EGX 2014, especially when compared to their other stands. Far Cry 4? Playable. Assassin’s Creed: Rogue? Playable. Trials Fusion? Playable and running a competition. Assassin’s Creed: Unity? Hands-off gameplay demo. First there was a queue, where a Ubisoft’s…

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  • Close-Up: Toryansé

    … Over the past ten days we’ve been sharing our experiences of this year’s EGX and have been bringing you details of the games we had the opportunity to play. One that stood out for me was lovely point-and-click adventure Toryansé, and creator Nick Preston has answered some of our questions about the title. According to the official website…

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  • EGX 2014: Life is Strange

    … with what we saw. Episode one of the five-part series is due to be released in early 2015 and will also come with a season pass. Expect it to be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Like this: Like Loading... Related…

    2 readers - 1001-Up - Life Is Strange -
  • Best of EGX 2014: too much!

    … between the last console generation and this one. NetherRealm have managed to combine the excellent weight and pacing of the reboot with much more fluid movement and motion. Throw in the viciousness top of the range graphics bring to the x-ray attacks and fatalities and all in all it’s coming together to make for a most bloody battle on release. You…

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  • 1 Year, 8 Months-Up

    … The dark nights are now drawing in and the weather is getting colder… so what better excuse to stay inside and play some video games? Join us as we reveal what we’ve been up to over the past month, and what we have coming up over the next few weeks. We’ll start off as we usually do by saying a massive thank you to everyone out there who has…

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