• MLG teams up with X Games in Austin

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    Remember X Games? They seemed to be a big deal before eSports, didn’t they? Well, now they’re reaching out to us, as they have announced plans to host MLG competitions in their X Games event in Austin, TX this June. Aside from Call of Duty (of course), gamers will be ...

  • EA Sport’s Cover Athlete Showdowns

    The Gamer Headlines - - Well it looks like the voting for both the Madden 15 and NHL 15 cover athlete is in its final stages. The yearly games have made their cover selection a spectacle over the recent years, so it is no surprise that the very popul...
  • DOTA 2 International 2014 will broadcast by ESPN

    Gaming Enthusiast - - 5 readers - Valve has revealed that the entire four day event, the International 2014, will be broadcast on ESPN’s channels. The competition itself will be shown on ESPN3, with an exclusive preview of the final match to be shown on ESPN...

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  • Some Sports Fans Upset ESPN Is Airing Video Game Tournaments

    … This weekend, ESPN2 aired a preview for the grand finals of Dota 2's The International, the 10 million-dollar tournament for the very popular video game. The move is kind of a big deal—arguably, it grants competitive gaming more mainstream legitimacy. But not everyone was happy to see Dota 2 on ESPN. Read more... …

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  • DOTA 2 International 2014 will broadcast by ESPN

    … means it can be seen on smartphones and tablets, Xbox, AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Even if you’re not a fan of DOTA 2, it’s a big step forward for eSports, and gaming, as a whole. The post DOTA 2 International 2014 will broadcast by ESPN appeared first on Gaming Enthusiast. …

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  • EA Sport’s Cover Athlete Showdowns

    … live, which is at 4 P.M. EDT on ESPN. Again, if you want to vote, view the athlete that is trending, or read the official views visit ESPN’s Internet coverage. After the two finalists get selected, they will both go to the special Los Angeles event on June 6: where one will be crowned the Madden 15 cover athlete. The latest edition of Madden…

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  • MLG teams up with X Games in Austin

    … in the making, and will presumably be featured on ESPN, aside from coverage on If this event turns out well, the two may work on future events, so let’s hope this one is a resounding success. …

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