Free-to-play (F2P) refers to video games which give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying. There are several kinds of free-to-play games, but the most common is based on the freemium software model. For freemium games, users are granted access to a fully functional game, but must pay microtransactions to access additional content. Free-to-play can be contrasted with pay-to-play, in which payment is required before using a service for the first time.
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  • Beta Buy-In: Heroes Of The Storm Selling Founder’s Pack

    … to remove glitter from carpets. I mean, you could take that 30 quid and buy a Founder’s Pack for Heroes of the Storm, getting instant access to the beta and some wizards and a special mount and jazz, but that won’t help me. As will happen with wizard ‘em ups, Blizzard are now selling beta access to their free-to-play-to-be game. Along…

    Alice O'connor/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 3 readers -

  • League of Heroes Review (3DS eShop) - A League of One

    … realize this, it’s not bad but definitely requires a certain mindset to fully enjoy it. Concept Take a Free to Play title and sell it for $5 on the 3DS eShop where the only online interaction is Miiverse so kids can’t spend too much money (A.K.A. freemium). Graphics and Presentation The graphics are the first hint that League of Heroes might’ve…

    Always Nintendoin Reviews- 3 readers -
  • TESO Drops Six Month Subscriptions, On The Road To F2P?

    … Bethesda has dropped the six month subscription option for The Elder Scrolls Online. It has raised speculation that the game may soon shift to a F2P model. If it happens, a shift to F2P may not necessarily be a bad thing. Many MMOs have done the tradition smoothly, and it’s also possible to keep subscription options along with F2P. Still…

    Ryan Parreno/ Gaming Enthusiast- 2 readers -
  • This Year In The Business: The Best Quotes Of 2014

    …. However, it is more of a business failure than a product failure." - Analyst David Cole of DFC Intelligence, with other analysts, discussing what happened in 2013 and predicting what will happen in 2014. QUOTE | "It's always struck me as a little odd how resentful players are in the F2P business model about paying a couple dollars when they don't…

    Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • Watch Every Panel from PlayStation Experience

    … Surprise and Discovery in Games Inside the Dev Studio Telltale: Then and Now The Last of Us Multiplayer: An Inside Look PixelOpus Generation 8: A New Golden Age! Good vs. Evil in F2P Game Design Greatness for Everyone: Bringing Different POV’s to Gaming Developing the Disney Infinity Art Style Prototype to Product from Santa…

    Ryan Clements/ PlayStation.Blog- 5 readers -
  • This Week In The Business: Warping Reality

    … of the direct-sales digital marketplace... is being forgotten and the stinking arthritic carcass of the old industry is crawling back to truss us up all over again." - Barry Meade of Fireproof, talking about F2P versus premium games and why developers must concentrate on making unique games. STAT | 15% – Amount that the number of viewers…

    Kotaku- 1 readers -
  • Quake Live Update 22 is Out Now

    … A large update for Quake Live has been released. The update is entitled Update 22 and adds nine brand new maps, steam trading cards, one renovated map, a new in-game medal, announcer voice over updates and some UI and code updates. For a full list of what Update 22 brings to Quake Live, check the source link at the bottom of the article…

    Zak Murkin/ The Gamer Headlines- 2 readers -

  • On The Evolution And Development Of Mech Games

    … were often relegated to set-piece gameplay moments in FPS games like Killzone 2 and FEAR 2. Mechs became a novelty. This trend broke in 2012 with two near-simultaneous PC releases: MechWarrior Online and Hawken. Both games releasing as F2P suggested just how far from the core imagination mech games had fallen in the previous decade. I tried…

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun- 5 readers -
  • The Crew Microtransactions For Parts Confirmed

    … or even perk points. I know we had a thread about Ubisoft announcing that the game had microtransactions but seeing this in person is just absolutely disgusting. It’s basically a F2P title they are selling at full price. Ubisoft explained to Videogamer that the microtransactions are intended to help fans get through the game faster, and there is nothing offered for sale that players can’t earn on their own. The post The Crew Microtransactions For Parts Confirmed appeared first on Gaming Enthusiast. …

    Ryan Parreno/ Gaming Enthusiast- 3 readers -
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