• Path of Exile Forsaken Masters Expansion Released

    …Path of Exile the online action RPG developed by New Zealand based developers Grinding Gear Games has released its next big content expansion Path of Exile Forsaken Masters. Forsaken Masters adds a bunch of new content to Path of Exile including new master NPCs which will grant you missions and a hideout, these hideouts you are rewarded with can…

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  • Jagex unveils it’s first ever official expansion pack for Runescape

    …Runescape has been knocking around for a long time now, over 13 years in fact, and over that time the game has seen a multitude of update and makeovers that have transformed the game into something altogether very different from its initial release all the way back in 2001. It’s a bit late then, that Jagex have announced their first ever expansion…

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  • Is The Future Of Gaming Free-To-Play?

    … Developers and Publishers have always been looking for new ways to get their content out with as best a profit as possible, now it seems most Triple-A Developers are exploring Free-To-Play game alternatives with premium paid options. The most recent cause of Free-To-Play business expansion appears to be coming from Capcom of all people…

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  • Capcom: Risk Required for Deep Down Since It’s Free-to-Play

    … Early last year, Capcom wowed  gamers when it debuted Deep Down. However, since then, the game has dropped off considerably from the limelight — and the fact that it’s a free-to-play (F2P) game hasn’t exactly helped matters, too. During a recent shareholders meeting, Capcom was asked to comment on the F2P business model — which it’s entering…

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  • Firefall Preps for Launch, Shows Titan Battles in this Trailer

    … flame-based attacks. Although the game is based on a F2P model, there is early access for those willing to pay. FireFall is slated for a July 29, 2014 launch on PC. Feel free to click here for the official site. For purchasing details, click here. The post Firefall Preps for Launch, Shows Titan Battles in this Trailer appeared first on Gaming Enthusiast. …

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  • AirMech Arena closed beta coming soon

    … Ubisoft revealed a free to play real-time strategy called AirMech Arena shortly after the festivities of PAX East being developed by Carbon Games. Starting July 23, interested persons can start playing the closed beta. Need reminding of what AirMech Arena is all about? I admit, PAX East was a while ago, and now that E3 has come and gone…

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  • Deep Down Beta Details Coming Soon

    … With Deep Down, Capcom’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive free-to-play action RPG, getting delayed, interested gamers are no doubt clamoring for any drop of news since the latest trailer of the game from E3. Well, if you’re one of those interested gamers, today is your lucky day! Kazunori Sugiura has updated the game’s official Facebook…

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  • RIFT’s New Expansion: “Nightmare Tide” Announced

    … In his latest letter, RIFT producer, Bill Fisher, announced the game’s newest expansion titled “Nightmare Tide” will be released before the end of the 2014. The new expansion take players beyond the familiar world of  Telara, and into the new Plane of Water. According to Fisher, the Plane of Water is a place where you will “encounter new foes, new…

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  • Crytek’s Trouble Might Be Their Own Doing

    … There’s rumours currently circulating around the internet that Crytek might not be in such a hot position. You know the usual lines of an over-abundance of people, projects and games just failing to capture any momentum - critical or commercial - and an engine that is seemingly underused. Read more of Crytek’s Trouble Might Be Their Own…

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  • Dreadnought Revealed

    … Yager, developers of Spec Ops: The Line, has released a teaser trailer (see below), effectively revealing their new title; Dreadnought – a free to play action game in which players control gigantic battleships in an attempt to win over the opponent. The ships must be well maintained through managing the crew members, gear, subsystems, and so forth…

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  • SoulCalibur- Lost Swords resurrects Cervantes

    … Free-to-play title SoulCalibur- Lost Swords is getting an impressive update to its small roster. Despite the fact that the SoulCalibur series features over 50 characters, the f2p title Lost Swords only includes a few. Players have access to three default characters (Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Siegfried) and 7 unlockable characters. It’s a great thing…

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  • Battlecry Might Come To Next Gen

    … Shortly before E3 2014 began, Zenimax Media announced that Battlecry Studios has been working on a Free-To-Play multiplayer action combat game titled just like its studio – Battlecry. It’s set in an alternate vision of history where gun powder gets banned after a catastrophic World War in the early 20th Century; all conflicts get settled by fights…

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  • Loadout Coming To PS4

    … Edge of Reality’s creative director, Mark Nau, has revealed their free-to-play title; Loadout, will be making its way to PS4, but no mention of a release date was said. Loadout is a third person multiplayer shooter with an emphasis on weapon combinations, arcade-styled gameplay, and tons of gore. Originally released back in January for PC, it has…

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