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Far Cry is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek and published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004, for Microsoft Windows. Far Cry sold 730,000 units within four months of release. It received positive reviews upon release. The original game has since spawned a series of sequels and spin-off games.
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  • Ubisoft Removing Far Cry 4 From Players’ Accounts

    … Beginning on Friday, users of Ubisoft’s UPlay service (mandatory if you want to play their recent games, regardless of where you bought it from) noticed that Far Cry 4 was missing from their libraries and attempts to re-add it with their game key resulted in their key being banned and a notification to contact support, which is unavailable during…

    The Gamer Headlines- 2 readers -
  • Far Cry 4's New DLC Forces You to Grind Until You Die For No Good Reason

    … Far Cry 4's post-release stuff kicked off this week with Escape From Durgesh Prison, a new timed challenge mode that's now available for purchase either individually or as part of the game's season pass. Sadly, it doesn't get things off to a great start. The pre-release hype for the Escape from Durgesh Prison—which was released yesterday…

    Yannick Lejacq/ Kotaku- 2 readers -

  • Dude's Entire YouTube Channel Is Just Far Cry 4 Wingsuit Stunts

    … I wouldn't be surprised to see this guy post a video of himself soaring through the eye of a needle next. I used to dream of flying, you know. But now here's Danny Rusk, who flies like he was born in Far Cry 4's wingsuit rather than the lame, earthbound birthday suits the rest of us are stuck with. He pulls off the kinds of stunts…

    Nathan Grayson/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • Why Far Cry 2 And 4 Feel So Different

    …, and how the mechanics changed the kind of narrative each game was telling. It's a great way to get your friend who picked up the series at Far Cry 3 to go back and play what many people argue is the high point of the series. via Game Maker's Toolkit To contact the author of this post, write to chrisperson@kotaku.com or find him on Twitter at @papapishu. …

    Chris Person/ Kotaku- 2 readers -
  • Watch a Beautiful Display of Knife Kills in Far Cry 4

    … There are a lot of satisfying ways to kill the enemy in Far Cry 4, but if you want to take the stealth route, what better way to do it than throwing knives? YouTube user, FrankZappa, shows us exactly how to do that. While conquering a fort, he opts to take the bad guys out by throwing knives and gets the job done in just over two minutes. It’s…

    Zarmena Khan/ PlayStation LifeStyle- 3 readers -

  • Ninja Far Cry 4 Player Kills 24 Dudes In Under Two Minutes

    … Ok, so this video by YouTuber Frank Zappa racing through De Pleur's fortress in Far Cry 4 and stealth-killing baddies like a boss was obviously rehearsed. But man, those long-distance knife throws! It's also fun to imagine that it's actually Frank Zappa ninja-running Far Cry rather than Ajay Ghale. The feat reminds me of the epic combo kills…

    Yannick Lejacq/ Kotaku- 4 readers -
  • Far Cry Could Be A Great Horror Game

    … Far Cry 4 can be a very silly game. It's hard to keep a straight face when playing anything with exploding animals launching every which way. But that's not all Far Cry is. Placed in the right hands, the shooter can be downright terrifying. Thanks to the latest game's robust new level editor (particularly on PC), some Far Cry 4 players have…

    Yannick Lejacq/ Kotaku- 8 readers -
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