Fatshark is an independent video game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio is located in Stockholm close to the Globe Arena. Fatshark acted as a subcontractor for several AAA titles for consoles and PC, and the studio also develops its own games. The company's current name is a direct translation from Swedish slang meaning "to understand" or "to get it".
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    • Escape Dead Island – Review

      Although not overly fond of the first two Dead Island games, we’re still willing to admit that they had their virtues. Namely, the weapon crafting and the ability to slay zombies with others online. This spin-off does away with these (debatably) redeeming features to allow for a slower paced single-player adventure. It’s an incredibly unstable payoff that only benefits developer Fatshark.

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  • Escape Dead Island (Xbox 360) Review

    … can pick at a bit- but just a bit. It’s definitely not the most exciting thing in the world and borders on boring at times. The thing to remember here though, is that EDI isn’t Dead Island, and the game is more story based rather than combat based. So I’m honestly fine with how developer Fatshark went about it here. The majority of zombie kills…

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  • Review: Escape Dead Island

    … or identity. It is a cruel reminder of the shovelware that plagued the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and the Wii and behind its generic facade hides a malnourished newborn of a game starved for nutrition and attention. THE VERDICT - Escape Dead Island Reviewed by Brittany Vincent 4 /10 Below Average: Has some high points, but they soon give way to glaring faults. Not the worst games, but are difficult to recommend. Check out more reviews or the Destructoid score guide. …

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  • Escape Dead Island Review – Get Me Out Of Here

    … As far as survival horror zombie games go, it takes a lot to get me excited these days. We’ve seen it done a hundred times a hundred different ways, so when a studio like Fatshark is handed the reins to expand the franchise, it had better have something up their sleeve if it’s going to attract my attention for longer than it takes the kettle…

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  • Escape Dead Island Review

    … Escape Dead Island is a major deviation from the series’ past offerings. First-person is traded in for third-person; survival adventure has taken the place of action-RPG; and cel-shaded visuals replace the previous realistic style. Fatshark, the team behind it all, have clearly tried to make their entry stand out in this universe and provide…

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  • Escape Dead Island Review – Mediocrity in Madness (PS3)

    … everyone knows the zombie genre is far from dead. In fact, Dead Island’s claim to fame could possibly be the bright world of a beach paradise that has become a dark, blood spattered utopia. Escape Dead Island follows this trend using cel shading to accentuate the already vibrant world. The mixture of these two features is quite fun when it comes…

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  • Dead Island 2 and Escape From Dead Island Preview

    … issues placating the release of the first game, and an underwhelming release of a standalone expansion in Dead Island Riptide, can a new developer (Yager for DI2 and Fatshark for Escape) and engine bring the franchise back from the dead (as it were)? Without any certainty, I am hoping it will. At PAX Prime, I got hands on with both DI2 and Escape…

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  • Escape Dead Island for a Dead Island 2 Beta Invite

    … infesting the island. While Escape Dead Island is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for a fall 2014 launch, gamers who buy the game through GameStop will receive a guaranteed invite to the beta for Dead Island 2, which launches in 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Escape Dead Island is being developed by Fatshark, the studio behind games like Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Krater, Lead and Gold, War of the Roses and War of the Vikings. …

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  • Last-Gen Exclusive Escape Dead Island Announced

    … adequate armaments. Click here to view the embedded video. Deep Silver has handed the reigns for this game over to Swedish developer Fatshark, creators of Lead and Gold. It is clear that Fatshark is taking the focus off fighting, as they plan to make the game much more story-driven, even creating the game as single-player only. You’ll follow Cato…

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  • Ladies’ Might: War Of The Vikings Add Shieldmaidens

    … Tch! So much for realism. Those silly sausages at Fatshark have only gone dragged their historical man-murdering simulator War of the Vikings into the realms of folklore and mythology by adding fe-male warriors. See, most accounts of Viking ‘shieldmaidens’ come from folklore and legend, with scant few historical records of them, so I don’t even…

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  • War of the Vikings Review – Not so deadly

    War of the Vikings can be considered as the “sequel” to 2012′s War of the Roses; a medieval multiplayer action game which was overshadowed by Chivalry: Medieval Warfare , a similar game (albeit in first person) that launched around the same time. Unfortunately for War of the Roses, the game was quickly forgotten and servers became a ghost town within mere months.

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