• #GamerGate: AAA Dev Says Most People Know Game Journo Sites Are Corrupt

      Amazon.com Widgets You know what’s sad? When people know that the gatekeepers that inform consumers about the products in an $86 billion dollar industry are corrupt. What’s even more sad is when developers and gamer alike recognize that the corruption that’s seeded deep in the very veins of the journalists that control the news, preview and review ring of gaming are the status quo.

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    • #GamerGate: Wikipedia’s Factual Inaccuracies Of GamerGate

      Amazon.com Widgets This #GamerGate Wikipedia article is a poorly written, factually inaccurate, politically influenced piece of typed-out propaganda. There are very few facts present in the article and it is a prime example showcasing why Wikipedia cannot be trusted as a neutral source for any topic, especially if the articles can be allowed to purposefully mislead and misrep ...

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  • PAX South 2015 Day 3 Impressions

    … The final day of PAX South has come to a close and it has definitely been an adventure. I’ve met some great new gaming friends and played a lot of games. Today I want to cover a few more gems that will be a blast to play once they are released later this year. But first, in case you missed them, go back and check out my reports from Day 1 and Day…

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  • Smark Rants For 1988 Thru 2014 WWE Royal Rumbles!

    … Scott Keith has been doing rants on the Royal Rumble for decades! Check out the full listing of Smark Rants for the Royal Rumble, from 1998 up through last year’s 2014 edition! 1988 Royal Rumble 1989 Royal Rumble 1990 Royal Rumble 1991 Royal Rumble 1992 Royal Rumble 1993 Royal Rumble 1994 Royal Rumble 1995 Royal Rumble 1995…

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  • PAX South 2015 Day 2 Impressions

    … will be able to handle multiplayer co-op, which should make the game even more robust. Next I visited the Devolver Digital booth to spend some time with three titles: Ronin, Noct, and Enter the Gungeon. Ronin is a ninja game that plays similarly to Gunpoint, only with a turn-based mechanic to movement and attacks which adds a nice strategic element…

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  • The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bytes Of A Feather

    … features a host of excellent if aged titles, including S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl and Year Walk. I haven’t played Pixel Piracy myself but I’ve heard rather excellent things about it. Similarly, Kraven Manor seems interesting if you’re the type who relishes unsettling architecture and Fate: The Cursed King looks adorable to no end. (Tiny, stumpy…

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  • PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: January 27th 2015

    … PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: January 27th 2015 Posted by Curtis H on January 22nd, 2015 | 0 Comments | Tags: Sneak Peek Be sure to check out our Upcoming Games list for all the latest release dates on PSN content. Also, remember this list is for the North American PlayStation Store and is subject to change. If you are looking for PlayStation…

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  • Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Celebrity Apprentice‘s Shawn Johnson

    … Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Celebrity Apprentice‘s Shawn Johnson On Monday’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, the teams were asked to create a mobile boutique in support of Ivanka Trump Shoes and Nordstrom’s with a specific focus on appealing to millennial women. When Shawn Johnson declined the opportunity to lead Team…

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  • 25 Years of Technology, Oh how Things have Changed.

    …. As computers found their ways into more peoples homes and the Internet started to roll-out globally, this era was the start of something that 1980s kids would probably never dream of. To celebrate the past 25 years of history, Markel direct has released an interactive visualisation that dives into the history between 1989 and 2014, showing just how…

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  • We Don’t Need The Last Guardian

    … The Last Guardian has become a white whale for PlayStation fans and a black spot on Sony’s record. It’s now 2015 (eight years since development started), and the PlayStation 4 is selling a lot faster than any hotcake that has ever existed. Despite (or, perhaps, due to) Sony’s repeated confirmation that The Last Guardian has not been cancelled, I…

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  • Top 8 Game Changing Moments

    … Every so often, you’ll come across a moment in a game where everything changes. Those game changing moments can be disastrous, or they can provide a new perspective that elevates a game to another level, as our list of the most striking examples amply demonstrates. 8. Mirror’s Edge What made Mirror’s Edge interesting was that it was so…

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  • Polygon’s Matt Leone speaks to Yu Suzuki in new interview

    …-themed Dreamcast console and a tile Ys Net sign sitting on a desk built into the wall.” Can I get that mug, please? Suzuki is currently in what he describes as a “creation phase”. During this creation phase, Suzuki spends his time thinking of concepts for new games as well as building a portfolio so he could pitch his ideas to potential publishers…

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