• Smash Bros.' Most Famous Moment, Explained

      Six years ago, a clip of a Smash Bros. match titled "WOMBO COMBO!!!!" was uploaded to YouTube. It showed three Fox characters against one Captain Falcon in Melee—nothing that sounds out of the ordinary. Except the clip has been watched over five million times. Watching it, even if you don't know what's going on, it's easy to understand why this video would go viral.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving from Shoryuken!

      Thanksgiving had to be my favorite holiday growing up. Aside from the mountains of delicious food my humongous family would cook up every year, it also gave me the opportunity to meet up with cousins I hadn’t seen at all throughout the year, laugh it up, and beat their asses in video games. While fighters weren’t always on the docket (Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, and Mario Lem ...

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  • Watch The Capcom Cup 2014 Right Here

    … Amazon.com Widgets Capcom’s FGC finale of 2014 is the Capcom Cup 2014. The tournament will finish the year strong with Ultra Street Fighter IV. At this rate, we can probably expect Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: Turbo Championship Edition at the Capcom Cup 2016. In the meantime, the company is cashing in on their latest re-release of the popular…

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  • No Humans Are Allowed In This Smash Bros. Tournament

    … amiibos are skilled in many forms of martial arts, including wavedashing, boost-grabbing, ledge-cancelling, boomerang superjumps and other combat tactics. Neat, right? Best part is, not only can you watch tournaments happen live on Twitch... ...you can also bet on matches using Twitch chat. Every minute you watch, you earn five coins for use…

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  • Street Fighter V: Things To Look Forward To

    … series like BlazBlue, you visit many anime inspired environments that take place in a fantasy world much unlike the real world, and the stages reflect this. In SFV, we could see more of the same or we might have more fantasy-like stages, but this is all dependent on the lore of the game. Other factors such as music and visual style may play a huge…

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  • Hold Back to Block’s Fighting Game Community Documentary Coming in June

    … At Northeast Championships XV, Hold Back to Block’s Esteban Martinez got the chance to show off the latest trailer for his upcoming documentary, FGC: Rise of the Fighting Game Community. The film aims to answer questions about our scene in a format that’s accessible to audiences outside of it. The trailer featurs excerpts from interviews…

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  • Community Effort Orlando 2015 Scheduled for June 26-28

    … Ever since its inception five years ago, Community Effort Orlando has grown and grown, and now sits just below Evolution in the hierarchy of fighting game events. While organizer Alex Jebailey and his team have put in a ton of work, support from the community has also played a huge part in making this tournament series what it is today. That’s…

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  • Evo 2015 Trailer Debuting on UltraChen TV Tonight

    … It feels like just yesterday that we saw Evo 2014 wrap up in Las Vegas, but the organizers behind the largest fighting game tournament in the world are set to begin the latest round of hype-building for the next installment. According to Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, the first official Evo 2015 teaser will be unveiled later tonight during…

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  • Twitch Plays Pokémon Broadcast Tackling Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

    … battles. When Twitch Plays Pokémon first appeared, copycats (and copycats of copycats) quickly sprung into existence trying to garner the same amount of fame with similar concepts. We previously featured one such mimic, Fish Plays Street Fighter, a few months back, but now the channel that started it all has jumped into the fighting arena with Super…

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  • Rest in Peace, Terrance “PushaTee88″ Moore

    … Moore (left) and Rincon, image courtesy of Brian “MrGrimmmmz” Rincon It is with heavy hearts that we have to, yet again, report on that a community member has been taken from us much too soon. Terrance Moore, who went by the name PushaTee and represented the Crazy 88 Clan, collapsed while attending The Runback last night and was quickly rushed…

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  • UltraChen TV Streaming Live – How to Approach Key Moments in Fighting Games

    … Yes, you’re reading that right: UltraChen TV is streaming on a Monday! Keeping in line with broadcasts of the past, tonight’s episode will be devoted more to teaching concepts than discussing news. James Chen plans on discussing how to approach key moments in fighting games, specifically the moment after blocking M. Bison’s light scissor kick…

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  • Yoko Shimomura Discusses Her Work on Street Fighter II’s Iconic Soundtrack

    … the majority of Street Fighter II’s soundtrack. Looking back, it would be hard to argue that she didn’t live up to the task, but it wasn’t always a smooth ride. Over the past few weeks, Red Bull Music Academy has been releasing a fantastic series of videos that take a look back at some of the most influential video game music to come out of Japan…

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