• Rest in Peace, Terrance “PushaTee88″ Moore

    …Moore (left) and Rincon, image courtesy of Brian “MrGrimmmmz” Rincon It is with heavy hearts that we have to, yet again, report on that a community member has been taken from us much too soon. Terrance Moore, who went by the name PushaTee and represented the Crazy 88 Clan, collapsed while attending The Runback last night and was quickly rushed…

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  • UltraChen TV Streaming Live – How to Approach Key Moments in Fighting Games

    … Yes, you’re reading that right: UltraChen TV is streaming on a Monday! Keeping in line with broadcasts of the past, tonight’s episode will be devoted more to teaching concepts than discussing news. James Chen plans on discussing how to approach key moments in fighting games, specifically the moment after blocking M. Bison’s light scissor kick…

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  • Lab Notes: How Do I Keep Up with the Competition?

    … when I’m fighting myself as well. How do I keep from falling behind in games? I love this question because there are several different “right” answers, depending on your perspective and intended outcome. Answer #1: Try more harder What would Ryu do? Practice harder, that’s what. The first answer is just “Spend more time in training mode…

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  • How San Francisco’s Fighting Game Community Came Back to Life

    … for them to come and play.” Showdown holds Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments on Tuesdays and Ultra Street Fighter IV tournaments (known as Churning the Butter) on Thursdays. According to tournament organizer Carolyn Dao, known as “the fighting game community mom of NorCal,” the event’s popularity on Twitch. grows each week. “In our first week…

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  • Lab Notes: Why I Want to Be a Pot Monster

    …, and now I’m convinced that pot monstering is actually the most time-efficient, cost-effective way for anyone to get better at fighting games. That’s why this week’s Lab Notes is dedicated to all the players out there who stay home and watch streams instead of going to tournaments because, “It’s a waste of money, I know I’m not going to win…

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  • How To Get Better At Fighting Games -- Using Your Brain

    …The plateau. Those are the two worst words for a fighting game player to hear. To plateau means virtual fighting death. It stands for stagnation, a halt in progress, or just plain stuck. The questions then pop up: "Can I be a top player?" "Is this really my potential?" To properly answer these doubts, one must observe the key difference in how…

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  • On the Chain-Link Fence: Seth Killian and Derek Daniels Talk Combo Systems

    … so heavily on these kinds of strings. Wouldn’t a more robust chain system work best for a game that’s trying to appeal to a wider audience? What was the point of making combos like this so difficult? I decided to ask veteran players and developers Seth Killian and Derek Daniels – and they took me to school. Suriel Vazquez: From your experience…

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  • Tekken 7 to Act as End of Mishima Saga, Lars Confirmed Playable

    …, guest artists Mari Shimazaki (Bayonetta), Yusuke Yuzaki (Fire Emblem Awakening, No More Heroes), and more will be providing their talents during the character design process. Ninnin, who has worked on properties like Duel Masters and Cardfight!! Vanguard, will be personally redesigning Lars Alexandersson, the very first character to be confirmed…

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