• Evo 2015 Trailer Debuting on UltraChen TV Tonight

      It feels like just yesterday that we saw Evo 2014 wrap up in Las Vegas, but the organizers behind the largest fighting game tournament in the world are set to begin the latest round of hype-building for the next installment. According to Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, the first official Evo 2015 teaser will be unveiled later tonight during UltraChen TV.

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    • Community Effort Orlando 2015 Scheduled for June 26-28

      Ever since its inception five years ago, Community Effort Orlando has grown and grown, and now sits just below Evolution in the hierarchy of fighting game events. While organizer Alex Jebailey and his team have put in a ton of work, support from the community has also played a huge part in making this tournament series what it is today.

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  • Twitch Plays Pokémon Broadcast Tackling Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

    … Smash Bros. for 3DS. Much like previous incarnations, spectators are currently able to use the stream’s chat to interact with the handheld title, forcing popular Nintendo characters to duke it out in rather haphazard battles filled to the brim with…pause screens. Though we doubt this will take away from viewing popular weekly streams like Smash…

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  • Rest in Peace, Terrance “PushaTee88″ Moore

    … Moore (left) and Rincon, image courtesy of Brian “MrGrimmmmz” Rincon It is with heavy hearts that we have to, yet again, report on that a community member has been taken from us much too soon. Terrance Moore, who went by the name PushaTee and represented the Crazy 88 Clan, collapsed while attending The Runback last night and was quickly rushed…

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  • UltraChen TV Streaming Live – How to Approach Key Moments in Fighting Games

    … Yes, you’re reading that right: UltraChen TV is streaming on a Monday! Keeping in line with broadcasts of the past, tonight’s episode will be devoted more to teaching concepts than discussing news. James Chen plans on discussing how to approach key moments in fighting games, specifically the moment after blocking M. Bison’s light scissor kick…

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  • Yoko Shimomura Discusses Her Work on Street Fighter II’s Iconic Soundtrack

    … One of my biggest passions outside of fighting games is music, something I’m sure many of you can say also. No matter your favorite genre, there’s something uniquely special about putting on your favorite record, grabbing a pair of headphones, and floating away for just a minute in the world those sounds create. In the early days of video game…

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  • Lab Notes: How Do I Keep Up with the Competition?

    … when I’m fighting myself as well. How do I keep from falling behind in games? I love this question because there are several different “right” answers, depending on your perspective and intended outcome. Answer #1: Try more harder What would Ryu do? Practice harder, that’s what. The first answer is just “Spend more time in training mode…

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  • How San Francisco’s Fighting Game Community Came Back to Life

    …. According to fighting game players, it’s everything the community needed in the Bay Area. “I love it out here, they have everything,” says Macro Micro Gaming’s Julio Fuentes, who drove over an hour to attend the event. “It’s got drinks, food that actually tastes good, and setups everywhere. It’s literally gaming heaven.” In a span of six to seven months…

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  • Serving New York City a Piece of Humble Pie: The Oral History of Team PIE

    …, Next Level Battle Circuit. But Zeus and Smug’s consistent placings in top three lined up a crash course with former Empire Arcadia member Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly, whose matches against Smug were particularly popular with the fans and consistently attracted upwards of 10,000 viewers. The rivalry was born, setting the stage for The King of New York…

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  • Lab Notes: Why I Want to Be a Pot Monster

    … I had never heard the term “Pot Monster” — basically, slang for the folks who continually enter tournaments knowing damn well they’re not good enough to have a shot at winning — until a few years ago. I think it’s kind of strange that people make fun of pot monsters, because I’ve managed to make it out to a handful of major tournaments this year…

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  • How To Get Better At Fighting Games -- Using Your Brain

    … The plateau. Those are the two worst words for a fighting game player to hear. To plateau means virtual fighting death. It stands for stagnation, a halt in progress, or just plain stuck. The questions then pop up: "Can I be a top player?" "Is this really my potential?" To properly answer these doubts, one must observe the key difference in how…

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  • On the Chain-Link Fence: Seth Killian and Derek Daniels Talk Combo Systems

    … I have a confession to make, Shoryuken readers. As much as I love playing, watching, and analyzing fighting games, I’m really no good at them. I’m mostly a training mode monster, and a poor one at that. (Please find the kindness in your hearts to forgive my fraudulence.) The main wall I still need to climb in my fighting game career is those…

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