• Destiny – Collector’s Edition, What Will You Get?

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    Many await the release of Destiny, a game from the creators of Halo and by the company that brought us Call of Duty. And with good reason. Playing as the Guardian of the last city on Earth, you will be able to explore planets while reclaiming everything in the name of Eart...

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  • Homefront: The Revolution Gets Picked Up By Deep Silver

    …One of the big questions surrounding the current financial struggle of Crytek was: what’s going to happen to Homefront: The Revolution if all the key management staff are jumping off the boat like the Titanic sinking in the ocean? Well, the property won’t be sinking to the bottom of the development floor because Deep Silver…

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  • New Trailer for COD: Advanced Warfare; Special Editions Revealed

    … Here we go again. Another year has gone by, which means another Call of Duty. But unlike the last 2,000 sequels that have been released, this one is being built on next generation hardware. If that doesn’t get you pumped, you’re probably a normal person. Today, Activision has revealed a new trailer, and we have it after the jump, which…

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  • EA Offers Netflix-Style Subscription Service For Xbox One

    … Electronic Arts has announced a subscription-based service called EA Access. The Netflix-style service will launch in a few weeks for the Xbox One, but a beta has started today. EA has yet to reveal if the service will be on Sony systems in the future. When the general public has the ability to subscribe to the service, it will cost $4.99…

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  • One Shot, One Kill, One Gears of War Execution Update

    …-play. Additionally, more players may join the battle and compete during these changing phases, which means that first person shooters who own these two titles should return and inspect as well. Therefore, go back and enjoy chainsawing the heck out of your opponent this weekend, but don’t forget that the furniture can get holy! For more information…

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  • Control VR: a 250,000 dollars Success at KickStarter

    … progress and bring more awareness to this project with everyone. Meaning, this versatile object can be used not just for gaming but other environments like the medical or educational fields, but my main concerns focus on how this unique creation will correspond to first-person shooters like Halo, Call of Duty, etc. and other genres like finding…

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  • Destiny’s Beta Access Now Open To All PlayStation, Xbox Gamers

    …Don’t have a pre-order receipt and a beta code to login to the Destiny beta this week? No problem. Bungie has announced on their official website that the beta is now open to everyone… well, sort of. Bungie’s blog post details how anyone with a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able…

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  • Bungie Releases Video Showing Destiny At 1080p On Xbox One

    …-Sniff- …. what’s that smell? -Sniff- -sniff- Do you smell that? -Sniff- -sniff -sniff- … do you know what that is? That’s the ripe smell of panic being cooked on a barbecue grill of desperation, and Bungie is a chef that has Microsoft as a co-cook, working tirelessly as they attempt to salvage a fanboy…

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