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  • Third Edition of Shooter-Breaking GAMEJAM 7DFPS Announced

    … Receiver Probably Archery Shambles Discoverie Svetovid A Cosmic Forest The following comes directly from the official website: Please help us keep first person shooters interesting. This is our plan: On November 8-15 2014, people from all around the world will make brand new first person shooters. We’ll call it 7DFPS. 7DFPS We’ve done this before…

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  • Halo 2: Anniversary Not Running In 1080p

    … Halo 2: Anniversary Not Running In 1080p By: Jon Christensen on October 7th, 2014 at 2:45 pm And what will surely instigate this stupid fanboy war between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fanboys, executive producer for the game, Dan Ayoub, has confirmed that the Halo: 2 Anniversary won’t run in native 1080p resolution. However, the game…

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  • Bedlam, Classic FPS Adventure Game Lands On Steam’s Early Access

    … that really makes first-person shooters stand out. Nevertheless, the game itself looks pretty outrageous, and the Early Access user reviews have all been positive. I’m not really sure what’s up with the YouTube comments being disabled on the video, but if gamers are giving it fair praise on the Steam page then that means something, right? You can grab a digital copy right now for $19.99 from the Steam store, or you can hold off, bide your time, watch some Let’s Play videos and then make the choice. Related …

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  • Watch the Celebrity Deathmatch in Evolve Gameplay

    … GameSocietyPimps uploaded an amusing video that showcases Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Jerry Seinfeld, Ted Nugent and Arnold Schwarzenegger participating in a deathmatch in Evolve; this first-person shooter has a contains four hunters who are tracking the ferocious beast. Although these celebrities did not actually play this game together…

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  • Orion: Prelude Devs Support #GamerGate, Gives Out 1,000 Free Steam Codes

    …, the first-person, co-op dino hunting game, Prassel makes it known that the media, the press and industry serves the gamer; without the gamer you’ve got nothing… “But who is even better than these guys? The actual gamer. The gamer has to do a sacrificial act, a financial investment / risk. They have much more to lose than a company or press element…

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  • Halo 2: Anniversary Edition PAX Prime Gameplay Videos

    …A series of videos have been made available for Halo 2: Anniversary Edition from the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection, featuring a showdown at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. There are a series of videos posted over at VGN where the competitive showdown in the multiplayer of Halo 2: Anniversary Edition takes place over…

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  • Halo: Master Chief Collection Multiplayer Video Features Halo 2′s Sanctuary

    … match consisting of some pretty big YouTubers, such as the recognized core gamer, Jack Frags. The footage is narrated by Jack Frags and he talks over his experience with the Halo 2: Anniversary Edition on the remastered edition of Sanctuary, a bit of an annoying map that was designed for “snipers in the midst” (an old Halo 2 reference). You can…

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