• YouTube Rolls Out Support for 60 FPS Video Playback

      Video enthusiasts, rejoice! Today, YouTube has followed through on their plans to add support for 60 frames-per-second footage to their hugely popular platform. While this is obviously great for anyone using or planning to use the service, who cares about cute cats and skydiving videos when there’s fighting games to be watched? (Full disclosure: I’m still very much intereste ...

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    • Destiny: Bungie left future DLC on-disc due to people’s bad internet

      Harold Ryan, the president of Destiny developer, Bungie, is apparently well aware of many of the criticisms thrown at Destiny since its release in September. Much of the game’s criticism came from its story, or lack thereof. Furthermore, a number of players discovered that they could glitch into various areas presumably reserved for future DLC, which sparked a relatively larg ...

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    • Destiny: Bungie sends truly Exotic gun to post-brain surgery patient

      According to a post on Destiny‘s subreddit, a man who had recently had several brain surgeries was recommended, by his physician, Bungie’s Destiny to use as a form of physical therapy. In response, Destiny’s online community was reportedly overwhelmingly positive – with a large number of raid groups organized for the aforementioned man, in order to better help him out in Destiny.

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  • Destiny ‘The Dark Below’ prologue trailer

    … Activision and Bungie have released the official prologue video to Destiny‘s December 9-due ‘The Dark Below’ expansion. “Beneath the surface of the Moon, a long-forgotten enemy wakes,” the description reads. “Invade the Hellmouth. Stop a dark army from invading Earth.” Watch the video below. Read Destiny ‘The Dark Below’ prologue trailer in full on Gematsu. …

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  • Freeware Garden: ESC Ape

    … three, themed worlds (Prison, Freezer and Hell?) is accompanied by jolly chiptunes and sneakily flanking enemies. And, to cut what would have been a pointlessly long story short, I openly admit that though I haven’t managed to play a FPS for more than an hour in over ten years, this one was too silly and simple for me to put down. I even finished the thing. …

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  • 20 minutes of PlanetSide 2 PS4 gameplay

    … Beta release date to be announced at PlayStation Experience. Sony Online Entertainment showcased 20 minutes of new gameplay from the PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2 during the PlanetSide 2 Anniversary live stream on Twitch today. Additionally, the developer confirmed a release date for the beta will arrive at next month’s PlayStation…

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  • Elevator Horror Now Available For Oculus Rift

    … and not so pleasing sounds piercing your ear drums. Of course, anything like this requires a decent headset to fully immerse yourself and to experience the full effect of such a game. It’s not the longest game in the world, in fact it’s very short, but it stands as a good example of what the Oculus Rift is capable of – safe to say we can expect…

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  • Evolve’s scientist-healer Caira detailed

    … The smartest person on the Hunter team. 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have detailed Caira Diaz, the scientist amongst the Hunters and the third Medic character in the upcoming Evolve. The smartest person on the team and the only hunter from Earth, Caira Diaz is also the only person on Shear with any hope of figuring out what the Monsters…

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  • Titanfall Deluxe Edition announced

    … $40 gets you the base game and three DLC packs. A digital-only “Deluxe Edition” of Titanfall is now available on Origin for PC and will launch next week via the Xbox Games Store on Xbox One, Electronic Arts announced. The Deluxe Edition includes the base game, as well as all three downloadable content packs—“Expedition,” “Frontier’s Edge,” and “IMC Rising”—adding nine maps. It costs $39.99. Watch a new ‘features’ video below. …

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  • Evolve’s Hunter leader Cabot detailed

    … Only one man could lead the rescue of the remaining colonists. 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have detailed William Cabot, leader of the Hunters and the third support character in the upcoming Evolve. Only one man could lead the desperate attempt to rescue the last of the remaining colonists from Shear: William Cabot. Long retired from planet…

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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

    …. In the single player mode, the PlayStation 4 version has occasional frame drops, but during multiplayer it’s consistently around 60FPS. If you have a powerful PC, though, you can safely get it there – Sledgehammer reportedly did a great job on this port. The article Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review belongs to Worlds Factory. …

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  • First footage of Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer

    … Plus, some mega ginormous screenshots. Microsoft shared first footage and details of Halo 5: Guardians‘ multiplayer component at HaloFest this evening. Spartans are soldiers of speed and total destruction, and 343 is bringing that into the gameplay of Halo 5‘s multiplayer with a new set of Spartan abilities. These include: Thruster Pack - You…

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  • Blizzard unveils Overwatch, a team based FPS at Blizzcon

    … life characters, much like popular free to play titles like Team Fortress 2 and Loadout. Check it out in the trailer below: Looking pretty fine, no? Not to dwell too much on the more obvious thing shown, the more eagle eyed viewers out there will spot that the game has more than a few nods to Vavle’s rival shooter. You’ve got your engineers…

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